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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Hello lovelies,
since I'm going to have dinner with my family at my grandparents' house, I won't have access to the net to tell you girls later, but I wanted to say:

May you have prosperity, peace and happiness today. And of course, some gifts.

I foolishly burnt the bottom of my quiches (as usual when I cook for somebody else on a special occasion, I am the most unlucky person in the world), and now I'm mad, because they taste great but look horrible. I had to cut them into little squares to scratch the burnt part away.
They have become appetizers now. As usual, no one helped me cooking and this is why it ended up this way. I hope my family won't judge the books by their covers.
But I am seriously irritated because I always look dumb on that. My cousin prepares the most wonderful sweets and cakes, my aunties the most beautiful dishes....and mine always look crappy.

Well anyway enough rambling.

Happy Christmas my darlings!

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