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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

quick question!

Hello everyone,
just a very quick question: has anybody else had a terrible experience with Eyeko customer service? I am getting quite fed up...

*EDIT: I'm less impressed then ever! After having emailed them 1,000 times to get my tracking number, and not having had a reply, I had to leave tons of negative feedbacks and tell what happened in public, on their Facebook page. Eventually, but not soon, they have replied. Guess what? No tracking number! They don't have it. There has probably been a mistake and my order was not dispatched with a signed for shipping, therefore I cannot control where my order is, and neither do I know where it is going to be here! NOT FUNNY!
But hey, at least they are refunding the shipping fee! Improvement, anyone?


  1. Aww that's too bad. I've never ordered from them, but don't know. Good for you for leaving the negative feedback; they finally got the hint and got back to you!

  2. thats really disappointing to hear. i hate it when I am not satisfied with the services of these companies, i haven't ordered from them and i don't think i will from what you have said.
    thanks for the word!

    your blog is really beautiful btw.
    your header is full of the most stunning products!!


  3. This is really good news! I hate it when i receive poor customer service it can really put you off