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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Horror, The Horror! - my view on the MAC-Rodarte case

Unless you have been living under a rock, like I did until a week ago, you know about the MAC-Rodarte case.
A lot has been said about it, and I won't bore you with details you know already, so I will link you to one of the best posts I have read about it, written by the clever Mizz Worthy: click here

Now, I just want to give my contribution and tell you what I think about the most controvertial collaboration in the beauty industry.
Despite the fact that both MAC and Rodarte apologized, and that MAC is even going to donate part of the profits to some organization in Juarez, I still am skeptical about this all.

I simply don't buy it: so what if they will change the names of the products and will donate PART of their profits? The collection wasn't designed to focus attention on the issue of femicides in Juarez in the first place. If no one had complaint, they would have glamourized a real situation and got away with it.
What is really up with folks at MAC? Do they think we're blind, thinking that they have been inspired by the landscapes, while their ads show ghostly faces? Ghost= death, and death, connected to Juarez equals femicides. So, really: do you think we're that stupid?

Personally (and I mean personally), I would skip the entire collection because it is simply not fair to apologize and donate after the buzz. If they really wanted to make things change in Juarez, if they were really interested in what goes on there, I think that, with all the money, power, and credibility they have in the makeup industry, they should have tried to buy a maquilladora factory and hire people with decent shifts and salaries!
Their donation to an organization won't make things change AT ALL. Simply because the Mexican government won't care enough to allow the organization to spend that money correctly, and because that money won't change the damage that has been done and will be done.

What do you think? Let me know...


  1. Well said. I won't boycott MAC altogether because I do love their products, but I'm skipping this collection altogether unless ALL the profits are donated. xx


  2. Good point! I agree with you on the Mexican government! They will probably take the donation money from the organization or the organization will spend it incorrectly :(

  3. Concordo con te in toto, c'è solo da dire, per quanto mi riguarda, che se non fosse uscito questo caso sarei rimasta nell'ignoranza più completa a riguardo... ciò non toglie che sia stata un'uscita decisamente infelice.

  4. Lydia hai letto le ultime novità?