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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Blogging in Italy: a case of potential censorship.

Hello my international subscribers,
I just want to steal a minute of your precious time to address your attention to the new banner I placed on my page (right below my posts, because my sidebars weren't the right size to host it):
Source and creator: Laura @ non solo Kawaii

Some of you may not know this, but Italy has one of the lowest levels of press freedom and freedom of speech and expression of all Europe. Quite possibly, of the whole - so called - Western World.
This happens for several reasons, and it keeps perpetuating in our history ever since the Kingdom Era and Fascism.

Currently, our government is discussing (for the umpteenth time, and with a strong possibility to pass it) the "DDL Intercettazioni" - the Wiretapping Bill. Its 29th paragraph would
empower anyone who believes themselves to have been offended by the content of a web site to enforce publication of a reply, uneditable and uncommented, on the same web site, within 48 hours and without any prior evaluation of the claim by a judge or to face a €12,000 fine. Some see it as an attempt by government to censor bloggers
(source: wikipedia) 

This Bill has been sarcastically called the "Gag Law" because it will basically put a gag on our freedom of speech, thought, and expression, and also on our democracy. That's what the banner says: "No to the Gag Law".

Luckly for me this blog of mine has contents that will not be of interest for this Bill, but I do have a slightly more "political" blog about life in Italy (it's in Italian), and that can be closed, or I even worse I can risk my entire yearly salary for expressing my sarcastic opinion on some of our Prime Minister's acts.

If you think this is ridiculously unfair censorship, please support us by sharing this article, and spreading the word about our situation.
You can either refer to the English Wikipedia page about Censorship in Italy, which you can find here:
Thank you!

Please, note that even the Italian version of Wikipedia is in danger for simply stating facts! In fact, their pages are currently hidden and blocked by its administrators as a sign of protest against the Wiretapping Bill.


  1. I can't believe they would even think of enforcing such ridiculous legislation!

  2. Ridiculous to say the least, huh? That's our Prime Minster and his "posse" for you! -.-"

    OMG your blog is so cute! You are such a doll. I'm following! ;)

  3. Wow I can't believe that, I just assumed that because Italy is in Western Europe that it would have a high level of freesom in the press etc! x

  4. Emma, we have freedom here, but not when it comes to press (and also some ridiculous OLD laws about our customs). Our current government (call it "current", but it keeps alternating itself ever since 1994) has given the citizens so much discontent that journalists and bloggers started writing to awake the conscienses of a brainwashed population.
    Now, since many of our politicians are involved in scandals, trials (so that means they did something against the law!) that can be very unconvenient to them.
    Hence this ridiculous bill.

    Now, if I think about it, my blog still has content of interest for this bill.
    Imagine I review a product and say that I don't like it for many reasons. The company does not like my post and says it finds it offensive etc.
    They are free to ask me to put the post down, and publish an apology full of lies, or to even ask me for 12.000 euros.

    I am speechless, seriously.

    @Michelle: ahah you though B's craziness would stop at customs laws? Ahah, think again!

  5. a leggere i commenti increduli delle altre persone, quasi ci sto più male...