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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Christmas gift from Madina Milano

I came home last night to find a very nice pink envelope on my desk. It was a Christmas gift from Madina Milano. How thoughtful of them to send a customized gift to some of their favorite bloggers?

The product that you see in the pictures is called Customizing Powder, which is Madina's lovely gift idea. You can personalize a powder with your phrase of preference, they chose "Madina Loves Alice in a new Wonderland", how cute is that?
The powder that has been sent to me is number 057, which is a hot peach shimmer color suitable for both cheeks and eyes.

I have really appreciated this and I am very thankful to Mrs. Madina Ferrari (who attached a personal message) and the super lovely and professional Antonella and Anna - who are part of the staff from Madina.
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I was delighted to get this in such a period in my life. That's some cheering up! :)

If you think (and I do) this is a super cute idea for Christmas or any other special occasion, just know Madina will customize your powder for € 12,90 -  visit this page for all information.

And remember: Alice in a new Wonderland loves Madina :)


  1. Davvero un pensiero dolce <3 ed è anche un bellissimo colore!

  2. Son stati troppo carini!! *-* io la mia non l'ho ancora vista! xD
    W Madina!!!
    un bacio!

  3. Wow how gorgeous, you won't want to use it though. How thoughtful of them xx