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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review: Japanesque Heated Mini Eyelash Curler, Pointed foundation brush, Eye Smudger and Make-up Removing Wipes

I was sent these goodies from Japonesque back in September, so shame on me for not having posted on these sooner. Although, an alternative way of looking at this is that I have now given them enough rounds to know all about them.

These clothes are very soft and  instantly dissolve and gently remove all types of makeup (including waterproof makeup), while hydrating the skin with Vitamin E. These nourishing cloths are incredibly refreshing, alcohol-free, and made of biodegradable materials. Each wipe is individually packaged for on-the-go use. I think this is really professional. One box includes 20 wipes, and retails for $ 12,00 which I find quite expensive, as my usual Johnson's one are less than $3,00.
Probably my only gripe with the product is the price.

This brush is very versatile and it is perfect for smudging edges, softening lines, and blending out color in the outer edge. I mainly use it to create lines at the outer corner of the eye, but you can also create soft lines in the eye crease, or along the lash line. One of my uses of preference is also smudging a black eyeliner to create a smokey eye or a thick Audrey Hepburn-styled line.
Made with natural bristles, this brush retails for $ 14,00

Designed for foundation and concealer (it also mentions powder on the box, but I prefer my kabuki brush for that) this small but thick synthetic bristles brush allows you to blend products in the most difficult areas of your face, such as the inner corner of the eyes, around your nose and the temples (tricky if you have baby hair on the sides, like I do).
The bristles are very soft, yet allow good control and blending. This brush is especially good if you only need good coverage on certain parts of your face, or with new cream-to-powder formulae.
Easy to wash, dries quickly, fits in every purse; the brush retails for $28, but is worth every cent.
Professional indeed.
*I find this perfect for the application of my new Madina Milano Sublime Touch foundation, which I will review soon*

Where has this been all of my life? The heated curler is so much better than normal curlers! No breaking, no pinching...just natural and lovely curls that last. And trust me, mine last for few days after I use this.
You just need to place it carefully near the roots of your lashes and gently sweep it upwards, remembering to twist your curler a bit at the tips of your lashes, so that you can have the most amazing and long curls.
*The battery was provided in the package. It lasts for ages, because you only need 15 seconds to warm it up and 2 seconds per eye to curl*
The retail price is $ 16,00 which I find a very good price for such product.

Overall, I think Japonesque is a super professional brand, and I do like the wide selection of products they have, brushes and accessories. I also think that they are not at all expensive for the value that you get.
I have to thank the lovely people at Japonesque for giving me the opportunity to try these products for free and review them for you. It was much appreciated.

For all my Italian followers, I think the best place you can go to find these brushes is the internet, as only some online stores carry Japonesque


  1. The Travel point brush looks a lot like the zoeva new one (111?). Ho do you use it? like a stippling brush or more like the regular foundation brush?
    I don't understand how it works, sorry.. =)

  2. I've seen the new Zoeva one, but I have never tried Zoeva brushes. That one is so colored, it creeps the hell out of me.
    I use it in circular motions all around my face, and in some areas like a stippling brush :)
    I found it works better with cream products than with liquid foundations ;)

  3. Il pennello da fondotinta sembra stupendo!! sarei curiosissima di provarlo!! :)