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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Review: Cargo High Intensity lipgloss, The Reverse lipliner, and One Base

Excuse me for being so absent lately, but my graduation is (hopefully) getting very close, so I really don't have that much time for blogging.

Anyway, here comes another review of Cargo products, which I remind you will be part of my 1st anniversary contest prizes, starting by July, 4th.

One Base is described as a product that is "specially designed for women who prefer to use foundation only in certain parts of the face, such as nose, chin, and forhead". It also claims to eliminate imperfections, redness, or darkness.

I have been using this ever since I got it, as summer here is really hot, and wearing full face foundation is not that pleasant after all. Plus, this is supposed to be a foundation+concealer in one product!
I mainly use this under my eyes to try and conceal (or reduce) dark circles, and on my chin, because it has red spots here and there from time to time. Sometimes I would use it near the apples of my cheeks too, just because all my discoloration (red patches) focuses there, because of past acne history.
Overall, it does a good job in hiding the circles, red patches, and little spots. However, if your spots are big, this product won't really do much to them. It is, in fact, a very light formula with essential oils. It is suitable for every skin type really!
I do recommend this product to people who live in places that can get very hot, and want to look naturally polished, without the fuss of wearing foundation all over your face!

Price: $26; or €24 for European people who can purchase it in Sephora stores!
(One base comes in 6 different shades; two of them are mid-tones)


This is a skin coloured lip pencil you can use to line your lips in a "reverse" way. Basically, you have to line your lips on the outside, and blend. This will create fullness very softly (or an illusion of fullness ;) ) and it will help you cleaning the lip line. After that, any lipgloss or bright lipstick will stay in place for hours and hours ;) Nice, huh?
Pluse, the pencil is so soft you can also use it on the inner corners of your eyes, or on the waterlines, to brighten your look a bit!
I highly recommend this product, for any lipgloss lover or people who - like me - don't have very full upper lips ;)

The Reverse lipliner costs $16, or €14
(The Reverse Lipliner comes in 2 shades: light, and medium/dark - so you can adapt it to your skintone)


Glossiness and pigmentation in one product! Not a super shiny lipgloss, but it is more of a glossy pigmented lipstick. I like its non-sticky formulation, the very light smell, the matte shades!
The one I've been sent is Indonesia, which is described by CARGO as a muted natural rose, and I think it's the closest description this colour can get.
It is so unusual, yet it conveys elegance and grace. Well, at least in my opinion.
The packaging of this product is once again minimal, but very functional. It is one of those dial-up pens with a built-in brush. I'm usually not a fan of those brushes, but this one has long bristles, and it is dense enough to do a good job, so you can take it anywhere with you, without having to worry about your purse becoming a pinky mess!

High Intensity Lipgloss comes in 4 shades, and retails for $22.

Here are two pictures (not my best ones, I know) were you can see the products in action:

The Reverse Lipliner + High Intensity Lipgloss in Indonesia

One Base under eyes, and on chin, The Reverse Lipliner, High Intensity Lipgloss in Indonesia

(I am also wearing the CARGO Lash Activator Mascara, and an NYC blush in this picture)

I once again remind you that all these products will be part of the prizes for my 1st blog anniversary contest, so watch this space, if you want an opportunity to win top quality makeup that even celebrities wear!!!

Again, thanks Megan and CARGO for sending me these products to review, and for sponsoring my contest.

Have you tried these products yet? Let me know your experience with them!


  1. Wow i LOVE the sound of the first two! I really need a nice, light foundation for the summer and while i've used one of those wax lipliners which are meant to stop lipstick bleeding the skin coloured one sounds great.

  2. interessante il reverse lip liner!
    ma la one base funziona anche come primer per gli ombretti?

  3. il One base farebbe proprio al caso mio! *-* non metto mai il fondotinta perchè dovrei applicarlo solo sul mento e attorno al naso, ma uso il ocrrettore e poi la cipria per fissarlo...questo sarebbe perfetto! *-*
    anche il gloss è moolto carino! =)

  4. beautiful! I have been wanting to try the one base. Guess I should get on with it already.