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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Preview: Clarins Skin Illusion spf 10 foundation

 What do women dream of?

All women share the same dream… a flawless, radiant complexion, provided by an “invisible” foundation that enhances their beauty simply and naturally, with a comfortable texture that cares for their skin.
Clarins, the skin care specialist, has created the illusion of perfect skin.
Using all their skin care expertise and knowledge of nature, Clarins Laboratories have created Skin Illusion SPF10, the mineral and botanically based foundation with a lightweight feel, formulated with skin care benefits
taken directly from nature.

Its secret?

• A unique, imperceptible texture which naturally enhances the complexion with a lightweight, barely-there feel.
• An innovative formula, rich in trace elements, which continuously hydrates the skin, to ensure unrivalled comfort.
Day after day, the complexion is perfectly even and reveals a healthy-looking glow with a natural finish.

Patent pending anti-pollution and antioxidant protection

Our skin is subjected to pollution and other environmental effects every day which harm its balance and well-being. To stay beautiful, it must be protected from these damaging effects, which can cause dehydration and speed up skin ageing.
Clarins Laboratories has created an anti-pollution and antioxidant complex. Composed of white tea extract, rich in flavonoids, and succory dock-cress extract that help support skin’s natural defences, this complex
reinforces the skin care action while neutralizing free radicals.

At the heart of the formula is a unique combination of minerals and botanicals, exclusive to Clarins make-up: pink opal powder, a mineral silicon, and pink algae extract, a plant silicon, to deliver a complementary action.

Extracted in Brazil, pink opal is a powerful radiance-booster. It is made of perfectly spherical, smooth microbeads of equal size, recognized for their capacity to diffract light. On the skin surface, pink opal powder creates a luminous optical phenomenon called opalescence, which evens the complexion and gives it unrivalled radiance. It is extremely fine in texture and able to fill in wrinkles and fine lines, to minimize their appearance. The complexion is smoothed, even and looks incredibly beautiful.

Harvested in Ouessant, in a protected zone in France, pink algae was selected by Clarins Laboratories for its content of biologically active silicon.
This plant-based silicon was identified by Clarins Research as having a powerful capacity to help skin stay younger-looking for longer while enhancing its healthy appearance.
So the pink algae extract included in the formula of Skin Illusion SPF10, has an energizing and stimulating effect on the skin. This stimulation of skin cells also provides hydrating and softening effects. The skin is progressively toned, supple and comfortable. It appears more beautiful every day.

Skin Illusion SPF 10 comes in an elegant, rectangular, crystal pump-bottle with a light gold cap stamped with a stylized leaf delicately etched with the signature C. The inside of the cap is red, and it comes in 11 shades to accomodate the needs of most skintones (please, note that not every shade may be available in your country).

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