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Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Sunday Shoutout 29-11-09

Italian Beauty Blog

Could I start my Sunday Shoutouts series any differently?
Of course not!

Anna is another Italian blogger who decided to embark her beauty mission in English, and she does it in a lovely way!

Her writing style is precise, clear and coincise. Her English is perfect.
Her hauls are to die for, her reviews very informative!
To top it all, she really is a lovely, kind, and smart girl with the cutest eyes.

Need I add more?
visit her blog, you'll love it!

November favorites


Elizabeth Arden Indigo e/s
Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil in Bourbon
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara in Intense black

MeMeMe Poppy Tint (a-m-a-z-i-n-g!)

Gosh Darling lipstick


Sleeveless cardigans (love my new Tezenis one, you can see it here, I have it in grey)

Primark puffball navy blue skirt (high waist)
H&M black skirt I got in London (can be worn high or low on your waist, depending on the style you want)

Lumberjack dark brown horse-rider's boots
Topshop Manny stud bow pumps in black (like these ones)

What are your faves?

Friday, November 27, 2009


Welcome to my blog sale.
I know many of you will hesitate because they have no familiarity whatsoever with some brands, but I guarantee Pupa is a very good quality brand (even Stephanie, from The Lip Print reviewed Pupa, and she loves it. Knowing that the brand is ridiculously expensive outside Italy, I'm giving you a chance to grab it for a very small price!).

Reasons why I am selling this stuff:
-long story short is
1. My auntie was diagnosed with a brain tumor so
2. I do not really want to ask my family money because I think they need to save it for this situation, however
3. I have to write my MA thesis, which requires a big effort in terms of research and therefore I MUST BUY LOTS OF BOOKS
4. those books are very rare, therefore very expensive, and
5. bureaucracy is preventing my regional institution for educational rights to release our scholarships, so I don't know when I am going to see my money, money I need, and by the way
6. it's not really a big amount either.

So this is why I am selling my "extra stuff". I will collect more items when I go back to my parents' house if this sale goes well.
I will also sale shoes and clothes on ebay, but I will do a separate post on that.
Please, if you are not interested in the items at least help me spread the word.
Clearly, my situation at the moment is not one of the brightest, eventhough I try to keep a smile on my face and have positive thoughts, and focus on my studies.


1. Each item is labelled with its name and information, and has a "price tag" underneath.
Photos can all be enlarged if you click on them.

2. P&P to Italy is € 1,90 per item (30 - 50 grams), of course, combined shipping is offered, but the amount depends on the weight also. I will calculate it and let you know by the time I send you the invoice;

2. P&P to the rest of Europe is €3,20 per item. Again combined shipping is offered, and I will calculate it and let you know by the time I send the invoice;

3. Leave a comment with the item number, where you are from, and your paypal address, so that I can send you the invoice;

4. Paypal is the only method of payment accepted;

5. First come, first served, but if items aren't paid for in 12 hours (bear with me, I'm a first timer), it will go the next person who asked, so leave a message anyway, eventhough someone else wanted it.

6. Only European addresses please. I don't really want to go through customs right now. I don't need other worries in my life eeheh....

All items are barely used, unless differently stated, and they have been sanitized well.
However, if you want further sanitanization, that is up to you.

Sorry, I own no MAC things, so this is not the usual sale you're used to, but at least you'll have original items (always look at the bright side!).
Prices are all in euros, which means that if you're buying from the UK the rate exchange is extremely favorable to you! (Bargain alert!)

Thanks for coping with the boring bureaucratic stuff, now on to the fun stuff:

1. Pupa La Pochette make-up kit:
contains 4 shimmery eyeshadows, 1 shimmery translucent powder (lovely highlighter too), 3 lipglosses, 1 little comb, 1 mini black eyeliner pencil, 2 sponge applicators ( I didn't realize one was not pictured) - only lipglosses show slight usage (through a brush, so I will sanitize them)
retailed for € 18,oo - selling it for € 5,00!

2. Revlon Quad with neutrals and browns
Lovely, especially the first two shades. Colors go a long way.
80% left of every shadow. Will sanitize brush fully well.
€ 5,00

3. Pupa Limited Edition Eyelash Primer
used three times! Great primer, but I'm now using a lash serum, so I don't need it
retailed for € 24,00 - selling it for € 10,00

4. Pupa Diva's Lashes black mascara
volumizing. 80% left.
€ 5,00

see details below

5. Pupa Limited Edition matte eyeshadow.
Lovely navy shade (see my first UD inspired post to see it in action)
Lovely matte eyeshadow, which incredibly never seems to crease. But I have dupes, as usual
Will sanitize the applicator, which I only tried for swatching.
Used three times (you can see it's almost new)
Retailed for € 15,00 - selling it for € 6,00

see details below

6. Pupa Polvere di Luce pigment in Copper.
LOVELY!!! unfortunately the original package broke, so I had to place it into this no name thingy.
For this reason, eventhough its price was € 16,00 I am selling it for € 4, 50

7. Clinique Stay-True makeup oil-free foundation shade: staysable (medium tone)
95% left
this foundation is for oily, very oily or oily to combination skins!
(you've been warned, so if you're a dry skin and buy this, don't blame it on me ahah)
Retails for € 27,00 - selling it for € 15,00!

see details below

8. Valentina D pure pigment
The swatch does not really do it justice. it's a lovely light soft gold/yellow
€ 4,00

9. Valentina D pure pigment
lovely lilac pigment. so full of sparkles!
€ 4,00

swatch with my crappy camera

thanks for looking/buying
have fun!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a little update on life.

Hello lovelies,
hope you're all doing fine.
This month has been kind of aweful for me. Struggling with the last exams, trying to start my thesis, and then a sad news arrived.
Some weeks ago my aunt had a cerebral haemorrhage and went into a coma for some days.
She has now awaken from her coma, but she has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and we are still waiting for the results of the biopsy, to know if it can be removed or in the worst case scenario it is a deadly one (I don't want to sound cynical, I just have the "bad habit" to call things what they are - I am actually very worried about this situation).

If I haven't posted anything last week, it is because I went to Cagliari, to the hospital where she is (in the neuro-surgery department now) to visit her, and talk to her.
I won't deny that it took me 10 minutes to get near her without feeling like bursting into tears. It's not a happy sight, but at least she was awake and she spoke to me (not more than 4 words in a row, but she understood everything I said) and she recognized everyone.
Sure, she does mistake one word for another, or she does not remember some things, but it takes time, and she's surely better than when she was in the intensive care department.
It won't be a nice Christmas this year, without her and her family at my grandmother's house, and I am sure my grandparents will think about her all the time and be worried...I wish I could help any way.

That being said, I have decided I will sell some shoes and clothes on ebay, and some unloved makeup here on my blog, to help me buy the FREAKING EXPENSIVE rare books I need to write my final thesis (geez, my aunt even remembered that...crap! Now I feel guilty if I don't live up to the expectations LOL), because I don't want to ask my family for money.
I think they'd rather spend the money to solve this situation which is way more important then me.
I don't know when my scholarship will be paid, probably not soon, but I need to buy my books now to start working on my project. Either way, it's really a small amount (Italian scholarships are very poor, but at least we have them!).
So I will be selling things, for small prices, because even 5 euros help right now. So if you see soemthing you'd like and want to help, buy...or simply spread the word about the sale so that someone will eventually buy something.

No, I'm not asking you for donations (LOL...we all know what I think about it. Vex in the City's post about that epitomizes my thought). I just thought this was a nice idea to finance my research, because I have way too much stuff anyway, and I don't want to waste it.
I really don't want to ask my mother for money, because of this situation (the auntie is her sister!), because she has my brothers still at home and in school to take care of, and because we're not exactly rich anyway.

I will do a post soon...when the time comes, please help me spread the word about it (the sale, not my aunt's situation LOL). That's all I ask.
Thank you.

Sarah's Christmas giveaway

The lovely and super-informative Sarah @ I Heart Cosmetics is hosting a Christmas giveaway.
There are two prizes for this competition, and winners will be selected via random.com.

If you want to know more about this, and enter, click here.

As usual, good luck everyone! ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

L'Orèal lash serum, week 1

Since I don't want to be seeing things with this, I want to ask you:
Do you see any change?
Am I crazy of my lashes seem sparser?

on skincare.

If you have dry to combination skin like me, you're probably always in search for the right products to stop those sudden breakouts, or hide those visible pores, and at the same time not to make the rest of your face flacky.

I have been trying out things for years, believe me. Nothing worked amazingly for me.
Now, I think I found the right product!

I have been testing out the Clinique's 3-steps routine for a while now, and I have decided that I hate their moisturizer. That Dramatically Different Lotion ruins everything the first two products do! It's way too oily, and makes my pores visible again, or even break me out!

The cleanser, however, is excellent.
The toner is a very good product too. My only problem with it, it's the smell: too alcohol-like.

The key product for my skincare routine, though, is moisturizer: Vichy's Normaderm.
This is the best moisturizer ever, and I will keep on repurchasing it! It does not makes my skin flacky, but it helps minimizing those pores from first application (believe me!), and it helps you get rid of those little imperfections that you hate. I had tiny hard pimples on my chin that I couldn't fight with any product...and Normaderm took them off completely!
Also, it evens out your skin color, so if you have red spots on your cheeks or anywhere else, you'd notice the change when you apply the moisturizer.

It is great!!! I'd say that any other product can change, and that I can also use a minimal routine composed of a cleanser (it can also be the cheap Nivea Oxygen one!) and Normaderm, and you still get the results!

There is also a version of this moisturizer for oily skins, and a serum that helps you fight spots if you have acne, so you can make it suitable for your skin needs.

I definitely recommend you try Vichy's Normaderm if you have my same type of skin.
It is also an excellent base for your makeup, as it turns your face into a smooth canvas to work on, and I also love its soft smell.

Of course, this may not work on you as well as it worked on me, because skins respond to ingredients in different ways, but if your skin is exactly like mine, I'm convinced it will work.

Have a nice day, beauties!


Monday, November 23, 2009

on love.

It's official. I am in love with him. Yes, I do love my boyfriend. He is the most intriguing, intelligent, romantic, and handsome man I have ever met. Oooh, and he's highly educated (I'm a sucker for mind challange) and a talented poet and songwriter.

Did I praise him enough?

I know I sound like a stupid teenager with this post, but I thought I wanted to share my love with the whole world.


Sorry everyone, I had to say this!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good girl gone bad

I did it again. I entered a beauty store to get my moisturizer and my labello (or nivea, however you call it in your country) lip balm.
I got out with a Rimmel lipstick in Coral Chic, its lipliner, my new Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara in intense black this time, and the L'Orèal lash serum. Will this work?
Let's start the challange.
I will post an update picture each week. It is supposed to work in 4 weeks.

I should be stopped.

The serum works overnight. You have to use the point of the applicator to put it carefully on the root of your lashes and then work the way up to the tip.
It appears to be sticky at first, but then it dries out and you won't even feel it.

Hopefully it won't have side effects on my lashes :S

Has anyone tried this product? If so, what are your opinions?

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's all about me tag

Now I haven't been tagged for this, but I wanted to post something else and I couldn't, as my connection today is UTTER CRAP, and does not allow me to use picnik.com to crop pics etc.
So I found this on abbzzw's blog and thought I would give it a go:

Vital Statistics
Me: Lydia (although I am forced to be Lidia on documents, as the registry office clerk was a big ignorant and "Italianized" the name when I was born)
Nicknames: Li' for Italians, Lyd for my foreign friends.
Birthday: January, 10th
Place of Birth: Ozieri, SS - I know you have no idea where that is. I was only born there, and only been there for my brother's birth. Never ever again in my life. It's tiny.
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, if you believe in such things
Male or Female: What do you think?! -_-
Occupation: post-grad student, free-lance translator, EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher in the summer.
Residence: Sardinia, the island where you can find sun, pristine beaches and wild nature, hella good food, friendly people and the gene of longevity (no kidding, it is scientifically proven!)
Screen Name: Alice in Wonderland on msn

Hair Colour: Brunette (not so dark though, I was a blondie as a baby)
Hair Length: Way past my shoulders
Eye colour: Bluish-greysh-green eyes...they are weird, and change every day.
Best Feature: Eyes maybe?
Height: 5'6'' I think...1,74 in meters.
Braces?: Not anymore, but I should wear them again!
Glasses?: Defo! I'm both short sighted and astigmatic (in other words I can even see past my nose) I wear contacts to go out though.
Piercing: regular in ears, and nose.
Tattoos: I do not like tattoos
Righty or Lefty: Righty!

Your 'Firsts'
First best friend: Dario and Alberto. Yes, that's two males. I was a tomboy
First Award: I was 2nd for pole-vault at the youths athletic games in my elementary school
First Sport You Joined: Gymnastics. I was forced by my father as usual. I wanted to dance.
First Real Vacation: I think it was in Corsica (a French island)
First Concert: local band called Tazenda. They were huge over hear and made it to be big in the rest of Italy. I was only a kid
First Love: I erased my past loves when I met my current boyfriend, but I'll mention I thought I was in love with some kid name Marco when I was in elementary school.

Movie: I love too many. Most of them are ghetto/mafia stories, or thrillers, or sad things
TV Show: too many again! Lost, Prison Break, Weeds (eventhough the last season really lost its mojo), Gossip Girl, The secret life of the American teenager, Family Guy is awesome, the Simpsons, House, ER, Criminal Minds, The Big Bang Theory is hilarious....as you can see I'm a tv series junkie. so much so I am writing my final thesis on the translation of those
Colours: I love them all!
Song: I have too many! Mostly they're all from The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Incubus...but I really have too many!
Candy: not a big candy fan. I love chocolate though.
Restaurant: I do not eat in fast food restaurant, I boycott them.
Store: Max&Co.
School: you mean university, by now, don't you? ahaha
Book: I have three: Se questo è un uomo (if this is a man) by Primo Levi, Il fu Mattia Pascal (the late Mattia Pascal) by Luigi Pirandello and Wait until spring Bandini, by John Fante
Magazine: I don't read magazines. I only read newspapers, and not even everyday.
ballerina shoes!

Feeling: Loved by my boyfriend
Single or Taken: Taken (happily)
Eating: nothing
Typing: what do you think?
Online: again...
Listening To: the silence (or my fingers pressing on the keyboard's buttons)
Thinking About: Domenico ♥
Wanting: to speed up my studies
Watching: nothing really
Wearing: PJ's . I am inside my bed

Want Children?: I think so, eventhough I'm scared
Want to be Married: Eventhough I do not believe in the church, I do believe in it as an institution so yes, marriage for me one day.
Careers in Mind: I won't say it until I come close to it.
Where do you want to live?: I don't know. Sardinia is a good place to live your life, but I can't see myself not travelling often to escape the routiny life.

Have you ever..
Kissed a Stranger: every teenager has kissed a stranger. well everyone who had sense of adventure.
Had Alcohol: ahahhahahahahahahah...far too many times
Smoked: Never ever and I am proud of that
Ran Away From Home: Contemplated it a lot of times, but never really did

Broken a bone: Yes!
Got an X-ray: plenty at the dentist!
Broken Someone's Heart: Love is like that
Broke Up With Someone: I am glad I did!
Cried When Someone Died: Of course.
Cried At School: Not really glad I did.

Do You Believe In..
God: I am an agnostic (going to atheism slowly), however I respect the concept of God more than any church, and I do respect people's beliefs.
Miracles: No. Just in good unexpected news.
Love At First sight: mhm don't know. maybe intense attraction at first sight
Ghosts: No
Aliens: don't know. if they exist they're not the mosters they show on tv
Soul Mates: Yes
Heaven: agnostic, remember? "Above us only sky" (John Lennon)
Hell: "no hell below us" (John Lennon)
Kissing on The First Date: If it feels right, but I think it's worth waiting. My boyfriend had to wait until the tenth date to steal a kiss from me. ahahah it was well worth it though!
Yourself: sometimes

Saturday, November 14, 2009

new e.l.f. studio range

Has anybody ordered things from the new additions to the e.l.f. studio range?

I'm very curious about the lip stain, the mineral face primer, and the brush cleansers.

So if you have tried those products, how are they?

I should be in a make-up ban, I know. I've been good until now. I'm just curious...(I know you're thinking it's a lie, and that I want to buy some bits. ahah...that is half-true, but I really am serious).

And for those of you who do not know yet, e.l.f. is having free shipping until midnight today:
UK orders use code 20KFANSUK ;
European Orders use code 20KFANSEU


Thursday, November 12, 2009

a Barbie doll look...

Products used:

- Pupa Smart Skin in 04
- Lumiere Firebrick blush

- UD Sellout all over the lid and as highlight
- the fuschia e/s from the Sleek Acid palette
- the blackish blue (or bluish black, don't know) from the Sleek Storm palette on the V corner and as liner
- Sleek Ink Pot in Dominatrix
- Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara (what's left of it!)

- Lips
- Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac.

And of course, I once more hate my camera. Pics really doesn't do justice to the Barbie look (I didn't do that on purpose!).

fun mix of question tag

the lovely xshakespeareandstilettosx has started a tag, and I am giving my answers.

1. if you could only keep two of your 5 senses (sight, hearing,touch,smell and taste) which would you keep?
Definitely my sight, and then I'd be undecided between my hearing (I love music just too much), and touch (I couldn't live without my boyfriend's cuddles)

2. which celebrity's wardobe would you love to inherit?
I detest celebrities gossips so I have no idea of what they have in their closet...
However, I'd love to have all of those amazing clothes on Gossip Girl

3.have you ever lost your credit/debit/bank card?
pheeeew no, never!

4.favourite food/cuisine?
Of course, ITALIAN (face it, it's the best!). However I love Mexican and Greek food too.
I absolutely cannot force myself to like Chinese food or Japanese (because I don't eat fish or seafood). I am sorry, Chinese or Japanese people. I love you, nevertheless!!!

5.big nights out or chilled nights in?
Because I am more likely to have chilled nights in, I'd choose big nights out! ;)
Sometimes I do enjoy those "one too many drinks" and "shaking what mama gave me" :P


When I first bought Urban Decay's Book of Shadows vol II, I thought "misdemeanor" was a weird shade.
Compared to others, I thought it was opaque, and I didn't know how to use it because it is sort of a greysh green shade, with green sparkles, and grey does not exactly make my eyes...stand out (I've always found the expression "to make one's eyes pop" is ambiguous ahah).
It is not the usual shade of green. And, it is almost the same color as my eyes.

I gave it a try yesterday evening, only to find it makes your look very elegant and sultry! Love it!
I believe it suits every skin tone too. Those who purchased the BOS II, give it a try and let me know.
I really look forward to see if it really suits every skin tone.

On to the proof:

(yes, that's a blanket on me, as a low forbids usage heating systems until Nov, 15th here!)

Products used:

-Pupa Smart Skin foundation in shade 4,
- A L'Orèal blush. it's kind of old, so the name faded eheeh

- UD Misdemeanor all over the lid, and blended a little on the crease, and on the lower lashline (very lightly),
- the dark green shade in the Sleek Storm palette as a liner on the upper lashline,
- Elizabeth Arden Sandstone as a highlighter
- Lancome Virtuose Black Carat mascara

- light brown lip liner from L'Orèal (again, it's old and discontinued)
- Gosh Darling lipstick.

Monday, November 9, 2009

little update

I am finally done with my Arabic exam! What a relief! I tried to take it 3 times, this has never happened in my entire academic career! I usually make it quick and painless, but this...has been my nightmare!
Mainly because the only Italian-Arabic grammar is from 1936, so you can picture what's in there. Useless phrases. Plus the excercises were written in very very small characters that makes it hard to distinguish Arabic letters one from the other.
However, I did learn wonderful things about Islàm, culture in Muslim countries, about the life of the Prophet (Muhammad), and about the literature.
Now I can think about my last exam, before start working on the thesis for my MA in Euroamerican Languages and Literatures (I know you're saying, and where do Arabic fits in that Euroamerican? hell if I know. "My" languages are really English, French and Spanish...)

I have recently took a look at my bank account, and decided to start a Project 10 Pan or something. I really have to stop with this make-up addiction!
Have you ever had dreams where make-up was somehow involved? I have, lately, and this is where I start to draw a line. I think I am seriously addicted.
I try to steer clear of make-up stores. I have a huge collection anyway, I really do not need anything. Really! The only things I have ever finished are shampoos, bottles of foundation, and mascaras. Oh and black eye pencils and labello lipbalm. That's it. I have never seen a hole on my eyeshadows.
Probably on lipglosses when I was a teenager. When I had no money to buy make-up and I had to wait for Christmas or my birthday to get some of it.
I need to stop. I need to finish some things. I think I have enough colors to cover the entire wheel of colors!!! ahah...
This is the reason why I started a "Monthly spends" section at the bottom of the page. It may help me.

That being said, I have started revisiting my make-up stash, and today I re-discovered my Clarins Nature Temptation palette. I had my exam so I did not want to have extra shimmer on my eyes, and I needed something subtle, yet elegant and glowing. Mission accomplished with the light colors in this palette and the wine color blended from the crease up. Lovely. I have been wearing this make-up for more than 12 hourse, and only after that it has started to crease.
So do I really need more make-up? Again, no!
But I do suggest you try some Clarins products, especially the eyeshadows, if you can spend some money. They are gorgeous. Absolutely elegant and perfect! I do not regret buying that palette!

Also, I will soon post my review of a Soap and Glory product I got in London: The Fab Pore mask. I know there are some reviews already, but I wanted to share my thoughts on that with you. Also having more opinions to check before you buy, always helps! :) No spoilers for now eheeh..

Well I'm off to some bed-time reading!
Goodnight everyone!

The Monday Poll

Stolen from Vex in the City ahah..

1. Mood - Happy. Finally done with my Arabic exam!

Have you broken any bones? the same twice :S last toe on my right foot.

3. Do you have any piercings?
ears and nose

4. Breakfast? Yogurt and cereal

5. Eyes/lips/cheeks: the neutral and wine colors from the Clarins palette (nice subtle smokey that my camera did not get right!!!), UD glide-on in Bourbon and Lancome mascara/ nothing at all/ some L'Oréal blush

6. Name of your first pet? never had a pet. I can consider the turtles in my ex back yard though. and that was Gichy. Don't ask me why. I was 3

7. Current favourite cream blush?
I do not use cream blushes

9. Journey - cool, cheesy (or both)?
what the hell does this mean? and I don't even think this is a language barrier impeding me to understand it.....

9. Outfit? Purple long Max&Co shirt, black pullover (it was my mom's. didn't even look at the brand) and ...pj's bottoms! ahahaha

10. Weekly goals? study for my French exam. funny huh?

Giveaway Alert! Fab, fab, fab!

Hello everyone, just a quick post to tell you that the beautiful xshakespeare.and.stilettosx is hosting her first giveaway and she has an amazing prize for it, which includes the LE Graphite palette, the new Pink Flamingo blush both from Sleek, Eyeko and Barry M nail varnishes (great choice of colors, I must add!) and the last Rimmel mascara!
Fabulous giveaway, ain't this?

to earn your chance of winning, click here!

Good luck everyone!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

2 variations of smokey eye

I apologize in advance if all of these pictures look different. My camera has a very bad white balance so it picks up every little light particle and reflects light. Horrible. I can never get a decent picture as I always use shimmery colors.
Ironically it seem not to pick up glitters, or rather, to uniform them all in a big light :S

Anyhoo...the first set of pictures is from the brown smokey eye made entirely with Sleek products (apart from mascara), and the second one is a black/glittery smokey eye using UD BOSvolII

Ok so for this look, I used:
Sleek Storm palette
- 1st color on the left, top row all over the lid;
- the matte brown on the bottom row on the outer V corner;
- the 1st color on the bottom row blended on the upperlashline, on the crease and lower lashline;
- the 3rd color on the bottom row on the lower lashline, and blended on the outer corner slightly;
- the matte black smudged on the eyeliner;
- the 2nd color on the top row on the inner corner and on the brow bone for highlighting.

Sleek Ink for Eyes gel liner in Dominatrix (black)

Pupa Diva's Lashes mascara

e.l.f. brow kit in medium (oh by the way, I can't seem to control my eyebrows and lashes these days, it's a curse. Please bear with me.)

Now for the black smokey look

The first one is the only picture where you can actually see a little bit of the glitters! Grr I hate my camera!!! Can anyone buy me a decent camera for Christmas? LOL

Products I used:
From the Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol II:
- Perversion (matte black) all over the lid and following the shape of my eye on the crease;
I took a blending brush (Sigma SS224) and blended the color on the crease, going upwards but not too much;
- Midnight Cowboy Rides Again all over the eye and as the highlighter. It softened the black color, and put on pretty sparkles and glitters all over the eye. Eventhough you can't see it :(

OK, sorry for this long and picture heavy post :)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tag - I hit pan

I have been tagged by the lovely Sarah at I heart Cosmetics to do this tag, that she started:

Basically the 'rules' are

  1. List 6 items that you have either 'hit pan' or finished the tub/tube bottle of etc. and have or plan to repurchase for even and ever! This can be makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare or scent
  2. Tag 6 people that you want to know their repurchases
  3. Let those 6 people know by leaving a comment on their blog with a link so they know what to do
So here are my 6

1. Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara

2. Struttura Mineralize Oil (haircare) - the packaging is so retro!
It is cheap and effective!!!

3. Pupa Smart Skin foundation - best foundation ever for my skin

4. Anatomicals Not another rough day please - body moisturizer. I loved it.
I'm so sad I hit the tube!

5. Labello lipbalm in Cherry

6. Garnier Ultra Dolce Vanilla shampoo - best shampoo ever for long and fine hair!

I know I should tag 6 people to do this, but I hate to go back and forth to get all the url's, so I tag whoever hasn't done this yet. Remember, the tag started from Sarah, so please mention her...her blog is lovely, by the way!!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Smokey green eye: fall has officially started.

My attempt to a look I love from the Urban Decay Book of Shadows II look book.
It will get better with practice. I did this in 10 mins ahah...

I used:
UD Homegrown all over the lid,
UD Misdemeanor on the lower lashline and on the crease
UD Twice Baked on the crease and blended a little on the outer corner with Homegrown
UD 24/7 glide-on pencil in Zero on the lowerlashline
Lancome Virtuose Black Carat mascara

I will do better the next time... :S

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sigma Makeup brushes review

These are my new babies! Yes, some weeks ago, I finally decided to jump the bandwagon and order some brushes from Sigma Makeup.
I wondered for months and months whether I should invest on them or not, watching video after video, reading the reviews I could find on some blogs, then I made up my mind!
I have to say, I am so glad I did! Make-up becomes so much better when you have the proper brushes!

I got the "Face and Eye Kit", which contains 6 brushes + a travel size one as a gift.
Three of the brushes are face brushes and they are the first three in the picture:

1. SS182 --> it's a kabuki brush, with natural bristles (poor animals, I know!) ideal for the application of mineral foundation or any pressed or loose powder. It is lovely for buffering and blending blush. It is super soft! I swear, it is the softest thing ever! I love it. All of my friends want to steal this brush just to "massage" their faces! LOL

2. SS187 --> the so-called "duo fiber" brush. A blend of natural and synthetic bristles. It is designed to give an "airbrushed" effect, and to be used with liquid foundations (or even those cheek tints that have a liquid formulation). Does it really gives the airbrushed effect? Well, I don't know, my skin is not perfect, but I do notice that my foundation is impeccable when I use the brush. And the feeling you get is lovely because this brush too is supersoft!
Sigma says that you can use this brush for blushers and highlighters too, although I haven't tried it yet as I think its shape will provide that "strong thick blush line" effect that is so 80's and is definitely not for every make-up. I will go wild with that for carnival, or when I feel like doing some creative fotd's! The only downside for this brush is that at the first 2 usages it sheaded like crazy! But I guess that is my fault because I had forgotten to wash it before the first use!

3. SS150 --> powder brush with natural bristles. Again, the brush is supersoft! I use it for blush every day and it feels great. it is very very dense and has a rounded top! I don't use translucent powders, but I think this would be great for that, and for bronzers! It blends very very well.

The rest of the brushes are all eyeshadow brushes, and I love them a lot, because I am an eyeshadow junkie!

4. SS239 --> rounded top eyeshadow brush, ideal for patting the color intensely on the lid. It is soft yet stiff enough to grab a lot of eyeshadow. Comparing it to my previous brush, I can say that you don't need to put incredible amounts of color on the lid to obtain a intense finish.

5. SS219 --> pencil brush, made with natural bristles. Ideal for the crease or to use on the lower lashline.

6. SS224 --> blending brush with natural bristles. It has a rounded and tappered top, and it is supersoft. It allows you to blend like crazy on the eyes! I love this brush, it is a must-have, even when you have to blend one only color!

7. SS217 --> this is another blending eyeshadow brush. The shape of this brush is a little different from the previous one, but this is also a great brush! Plus it's a travel size and I can bring it everywhere with me!

In case you haven't noticed, the Sigma brushes have the same numbers as the MAC ones.
However, they are much cheaper! I got this kit for $49,00, so they are a great value for the money!
They are high quality brushes, not only for their bristles (they are all oh so soft!) but also for the ferrules and the wood handles, which are very sturdy and have the right circumference to balance the weight of the brush for a perfect application!

I encourage you to invest in these brushes. Getting a kit makes you save more money, then buying the single brushes. Shipping was very fast also (the company is based in the US), and they always reply any mail enquiry even about the shipping!

Great company, I can't wait until their makeup line will be available (the ads are so nice!!!).

Have you tried these brushes? What do you think of them? Do you have any special tips?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Seeking for advice

Goodmorning angels,
my Sigma brushes (review coming very very soon) had their first shower last night. I washed them with a very hydrating and conditioning shampoo, and it seemed to have worked just fine.
However, as the recommended product for cleaning them is a brush cleanser, I searched for a MAC brush cleanser on ebay. I only found one bottle, and the user did not provide international shipping.
I went on the MAC site (American and British), but (like most of the good brands) they do not ship to Italy, and we do not have an Italian MAC site.
I have no access to MAC counters. I remember seeing MAC at La Rinascente in Genoa, and it's probably in other bigger cities, but I have no access to it.

So, can you suggest some other good brush cleansers?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol. II - review and swatches

[image courtesy of Google search ahah]

If you are on a make-up ban and wondering if you should or shouldn't buy this baby, I'll answer for you:
you NEED this baby!
I got this in London, and as soon as I swatched those lovely colors I knew that it was one of the most intelligent purchases of all time (make-up-wise).
These eyeshadows are so creamy and long lasting, even when you don't use a primer underneath!!!
Some of them are matte colors, but the vast majority are shimmer, which everyone loves. Some of the shimmery ones are also glittery (like Gunmental, Sphynx, Nylon, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again...)
All of them are lovely, and you can really choose a wide range of colors for your looks.
You can either wear one shade alone, or mix and match them. The result will always be stunning, as the color payoff is fantastic!
Plus, the palette comes with 2 travel size 24/7 glide-on pencils in Zero (Black) and Bourbon (brown) and a little travel size Primer Potion. And a lovely inspirational look book!
You are all familiar with these last three items by now, so I didn't need to swatch. I will just add that I was impressed by the softness of the eye pencils, and the fact that they did not smudge for 24 hours (I was also wearing UDPP) on my last day the UK (I had to sleep at the airport).
The eyeshadows did not crease for 24 hours with Primer Potion underneath.

And, if you're not yet convinced, I will say this:
it retails for £ 27,00, and is a GREAT value for the money!
You will be covered for ages with this palette, so those 27 pounds will be more than justified!
Come on, for 16 eyeshadows, two pencils and a UDPP it is "cheap"!
I paid a little more than 27 on an Elizabeth Arden palette which only contained 5 eyeshadows!!! (and I really didn't need it, although it's lovely)

No, Urban Decay didn't hire me or paid me to say all these good things ahah...
It's just that the Book of Shadows II is my new love!

Guys (rather, girls!) at Urban Decay, if you read this: PLEASE START SHIPPING TO ITALY!

Now, on to the swatches:

Perversion (matte - exclusive), Gunmental (shimmer with glitters), Ecstasy(Shimmer) , AC/DC(shimmer - exclusive), Nylon (shimmer with sparkles - exclusive), Sellout (shimmer - I love it!), Mushroom (shimmer - exclusive), Sphynx (shimmer with colorful glitters - exclusive)

Half Baked (shimmer), Twice Baked (kind of matte, but very pigmented), Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (this is kind of a chunky glittery one. Everyone tends to hate it, I don't. Applied on its own it's weird, like I said...chunk of glitters. However, if you apply it over other shades, it makes everything wonderful. I tried it over Perversion and you can get a wonderful glittery smokey eye for a clubbing night like that!!! I'll do a an EOTN post on that), YDK (shimmery), Jinx (shimmer - exclusive), Flipside (shimmer), Homegrown (shimmer - exclusive - lovely!), Misdemeanor (this is kind of a matte with sparkles, I know it sounds weird. The color itself is. But it's nice. However, I find that PP changes its color!)

I know this review has been long, but I wanted to be accurate. Most of it is pictures anyways.
Has anybody else got this palette? What do you think of it?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lauren Loves' Competition

The beautiful Lauren is hosting another competion, in collaboration with Asos.com!
Click here to see the prizes and the rules, and good luck!