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Saturday, October 31, 2009

shoes for sale on ebay

This is the link to the shoes I am currently selling on ebay. CLICK HERE.
If you are interested, make an offer, or spread the word among your friends.
I really need to sell these! All of my friends are either a size 5 or 7!

they are brand new shoes!


Friday, October 30, 2009


I was wearing the jade green sweater I bought in London, so I wanted to match my makeup without overdoing.

Of course, as usual my camera has a very bad white balance, so this does not look exactly like the real shades.

I tried to balance the white here, and this looks a little bit closer to what it was

Same here...

Products used:
Pupa Smart Skin foundation
Lumiere blushing bronzer in Firebrick on the cheeks bones

Sandstone, Plumsmoke, Graphite e/s from the Elizabeth Arden Jewels & Velvet palette
Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil in Bourbon on the upperlashline and over the Graphite e/s
Rimmel Exaggerate eye definer in Emerald Sparkle on the lower lashline
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 82 - Mint Green (THANKS, LOUISE!) over the Rimmel liner
Corolle pastel pour les yeux in Luce Oro on the inner corner
Rimmel Soft Kohl in Pure White on the waterline
Lancome Virtuose Black Carrat Mascara

Gosh Darling over Chanel Infrarouge in Nude

In and out


-My boyfriend writing me a new poem <3
- Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol II
- Gel liners
- a pair of purple ballerina shoes I won on ebay for £2.99! ;)

- my crappy dorm room connection. A snail would be faster than this.
- not having studied in a month...I think I'm having a crisis. But I must study now.
- not having inspiration
- my balance after London LOL
- having to sell my shoes

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shoes from London - this is the last purchase post, I promise!

The shoes I bought when I was in London. Yes, they're all ballerina flats! I'm a huge fan, as I'm a tall girl and I don't really need high heels ( I wear them on veeeery rare occasion).
So from left to right:

Faith @ Topshop warm purple/wine colored flats, they're a little bit glossy, very sturdy, and have a little bow on the ankle.
Unfortunately for me, someone misplaced the sticker on these shoes, so I read size 8, and got them without trying them on, as I had tried the others first...well when I came back to Italy I found out the shoes are size 6 and will never fit me. So I'm selling them on ebay! I will send you the link as soon as they're available. (so pissed off!!!) Shoes at Topshop aren't cheap, so this mistake cost me quite a bit!

Office black patent leather ballerina flats with big bow.
I found them at an Office store near the hostel for £ 10,00 so I thought these will be my "clubbing shoes": the ones you will not cry for when you see they're all worn out, that people spilt their drinks on, or passed on your foot :S, or that you just don't know what has happened to them because you were too drunk to remember...LOL

Topshop black Manny Stud Bow ballerina flats:
LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT with these shoes!
Although they're 100% textile fabric, they're sturdy, and they have this double bow with gold stud and little swarowski crystals... <3 <3 <3 !!! ihihi So that's it for my London purchases. And that's it for my purchases for the whole year ahah...my account is crying! Well, I'm off to take a shower and study, girls. I will post an eotd (of the evening actually) later on today. xoxo!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleek news!

Hello angels,
I think you're well aware that Sleek put out a new palette called Sunset. I saw it when I was in London, although it was already sold out at Superdrug, and I could only swatch the tester.

Also, they released a new LE palette called Graphite, which consists of a wide range of blacks, greys, and purple/blue greys, plus 2 highlighting colors. Graphite is hitting all Superdrug stores TODAY!
So sad I'm not in the UK anymore! Don't miss this one, girls!

Lastly, they said their online store will be up and running shortly. Probably by November, and all LE palettes will be up for grabs when the site starts running. Stay tuned! ;)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

are you freaking kidding me?

Reading one of lipgloss86's tweets I typed my own email address on google search to see if everything was ok.
Well everything was not ok. This site changed my whole review in a rude and certainly unauthorized way and also felt free to give off my email address. THis is what I've found: click here

I really want to report those motherf......, this really has pissed me off! How can I report them?

Anyone has any idea?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My holiday in London (picture heavy!)

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

London purchases: clothes and accessories

Round two of my London purchases.
I apologize for the headless picture ahah...I don't have a big mirror in my room in the dorm, so I had to take it in front of my bathroom mirror.
I just wanted you to see how lovely the dress is, because you can't really see it when it's on the bed!

Blue dress from Primark

Bangles, whoop earrings, flower earrings, and flower ring from Primark
Pearl and flower necklace from Accessorize
(I could not find the flower necklace, nor the flower brooch! Disappointment!)

Blue dress and grey short sleeves shirt from Primark

Close-up of the pattern of the skirt, from H&M. I love this skirt, because it's versatile!

Green sweater from Primark, stripes sweater from H&M, skirt from H&M.

I meant to shop some more, because I wanted to find some nice skirts to wear with colorful stockings and leggings, but I was the only girl of the group...you can imagine!

I basically just shopped the first simple things that caught my attention.
I'll do a shoes post soon!


Friday, October 23, 2009

eotd: pin-up classic eye with a blue twist

Eotd using some of the products I've bought in London.
Classic pin-up eye with blue lower lashline. Unfortunately you can't see the eyeliner flick.
I also wanted to try my new Sigma Makeup Brushes (review to come soon). It actually took 2 mins to blend the eyeshadow! :O It's so much better when you have proper brushes!

Products used:
The two brown matte shadows from the Sleek Storm palette. The lighter one all over the lid and on my browbone, the darker one blended on the crease;
Sleek Ink Pot in Espresso;
Bourjois Regard Effet Métallisé in Bleu Cliniquant on the lower lashline;
Elizabeth Arden Indigo e/s on the Bourjois pencil;
Lancome Virtuose Black Carat mascara;
Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac

(sorry photos were taken in a rush, while I was heading at a friend's house for lunch...hence the leather jacket and all that fur you spot eheh)

PS please, do not cringe when you see those bags under my eyes. I spent the night at the airport, and even if the hostel was fine for its price, its pillows weren't really ideal for getting a long sleep on.

London purchases: Make-up and related.

Hello lovelies!
Long time, no blog, huh?! Well, I'm back from my little vacation in London, and I want you to see what I've got from there. I will do separate posts from mak-up, clothes and shoes.
And of course, when I gather all the pics from my brothers cameras too, I will select a few to tell you about my trip. It might take a little while, you know how slow this connection is.

I apologize in advance for the bad pictures, it's a rainy day today, so the light was aweful!

So, from Superdrug: Sleek Make-up products!
for those of you who are wondering what tourists-convenient Superdrug stores stock Sleek:
Victoria Tube Station --> when you are opposite the main entrance look right, you will see a secondary entrance.
Next to that you'll find a small Superdrug store. You can't go wrong, you'll see the black and white sign with the star.
Oxford Street --> there's a big Superdrug store, 10 mins walk from Primark, but on the other side of the road.
Camden Town --> you can't go wrong, it's right in front of the tube station!

i-Divine Palette in "Storm": a must-have! It has all you need to make a perfect neutral make-up, or a more sultry brown toned one, or even a smokey eye for evenings and nights out. I was lucky to grab the last one in the store. They seem to be selling out everywhere!;
Pout Polish - tinted lip balm - in Pink Cadillac: I love it, from its color to its cocoa butter smell (eventhough my boyfriend hates it!);
Ink Pots in Espresso (brown) and Dominatrix (black). They're smudge-proof...I've been wearing them all day long. They come with a rather useless and gimmicky brush, which has been trashed immediately.

I confirm my love and addiction to Sleek products! I'm your #1 Italian fan, Sleek Make-up! ;)

Collective (I'm too lazy to re-order pics, ahah!)

(L - R, and T - B)
Sleek i-Divine Storm palette, Sleek Ink Pots in Espresso and Dominatrix, Boots Gorgeous Feet (sensationally smooth foot scrub), L'Occitane hand cream (freebie from a magazine, which went right inside the garbage can, cos I hate fashion mags!), Rimmel London Nail Pro lycra nail polish in Beige Style (I noticed that nude polishes are rather hard to find there too! I visited 3 Boots store before I found this!), Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol. II, Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac, MeMeMe Poppy Tint for cheeks and lips, Jemma Kidd lipgloss mini tube (took advantage of the Bodyform offer!) in...a shade that has no name but it's perfect for me! its smell is also amazing, think it's grapefruit, Witch Natural Beauty blemish stick (contains witch hazel and is the best spot fight stick I've ever used), Bourjois Regard Effet Métallisé eyeliner in 54 - Bleu Cliniquant, Rimmel London Soft Kohl kajal eye liner pencil in 071 - Pure White, and last but not least the infamous Gosh Darling lipstick! ( I so love its texture!)
Not displayed in the picture: Soap&Glory's The Fab Pore mask. (review to come soon)

From Boots: Urban Decay!

For those of you who are wondering which tourist-convenient Boots store stocks Urban Decay (only larger stores stock UD): go to Piccadilly Circus. If you cross the road right in front of the statue, there's a large Boots that sells Urban Decay.
I know House of Frazer and Debenhams in Oxford Street have Urban Decay too.

No flash. Bad photo. Anyhoo, it contains 16 eyeshadows, including 8 exclusive to the set, which are:
AC/DC (deep eggplant shimmer), Mushroom (taupey - gunmental), Sphynx (pink shimmer with glitters), Jinx (bright blue shimmer), Homegrown (bright green shimmer - genius name!), Misdemeanor (they describe this as deep teal sparkle, I think it's more of a "military" green shimmer), and Perversion (a matt black).
The others are best selling shades, and I can understand why. They are lovely. Personally, I don't get all this Midnight Cowboy Rides Again rant: try to mix it over Perversion, and you will see how wonderful it is!
It also has two mini 24/7 eye pencil in Zero and Bourbon (I fell in love with the consinstency of these!!!) and a travel size Primer Potion.
Its value is certainly more than what they charge you with! It's "bargaineous", if you buy it in the UK!

with flash! Still not a proper photo. I will do a separate post with swatches on this palette, because I have to do it justice!
I forgot to mention that when you open the lid that has the mirror you will see two "doors" on a peacock feathers pattern design, which open to reveal an inspirational look book. I am showing my favorite one in this picture, but all of them are great.
I will take pics of them and share them with you soon.

Some prices for my girls' information:
Urban Decay Book of Shadows vol II: £ 27,00 (bargain alert!)
Sleek Palette(s): £ 4,87 (bargain alert!)
MeMeMe Poppy Tint: £ 3,38
Sleek Ink Pots: £ 3,91

I haven't had the chance to properly browse the Barry M stand in Superdrug and Topshop, as I was the only woman in the group, so I was forced to rush on my purchases (and paradoxically the guys spent hours and hours in their stores!)

I will blog again with my clothes purchases and an eotd

Saturday, October 17, 2009

going on holiday

Bye everyone,
I will be in London by tomorrow morning, so no blogging until I get back.
Have fun in the meantime, and don't unsubscribe!

I will be back next week with some nice things to show you ;)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've got a make-up crush on...

I often play with bright colors for fun, but I rarely wear them.
Mostly I apply them to my friends when they ask me to do their make-up, or I wear them when I go clubbing, or there is a special occasion.

I'm usually more neutral, or sultry, and maybe go smokey a little bit.
I do love red lips!

So this is why my make-up crush is:

Hayden Panettiere
(which means "baker" in Italian, by the way)

all images via Google search.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A penny for your thoughts

Recently, the most famous Italian make-up artist on youtube (ClioMakeUp) was invited to a (lousy) TV show.
I will not dwell on with the disappointment of seeing her treated like a piece of meat, as they didn't even ask her to talk about her experience with makeup and that she has recently published a book and so on (they just told her to do a green look on some random girl, I think is some kind of tv prostitute, and had the other guests talk ish about makeup. They really didn't know what they were saying, they do not know the art behind makeup).

The point is that a psychologist who was there came up with the following sentence:

"Make-up make us look all the same"

Obviously, I do not agree with her for so many good reasons, but I am really curious to know what you think about this statement.

Monday, October 12, 2009

eofn: Urban Decay Inspired series, part II

For my inspiration picture, click here, although I am sure you all know where it comes from by now.
U.D. does not sell in Italy, so no, I did not use any U.D. product for this look...

...and that reminds me that I don't really need it, because I can have the same effect with other things I already have,
but since I can find U.D. in London I'm going to buy a palette nevertheless - ahah...I call it investment. Or being spoilt.
This look was actually pretty easy and fast. Cropping the pictures and uploading them was not, on the other hand.
The connection in my dorm SUCKS!
The flash captured pigments so much that it looks wet. It is not. And my skin's not oily, but I'm wearing no foundation.
I was just bored and only did 1 eye to try it out ehehe...
So the products I used are:

e.l.f. eye primer;
the "lightest" bright blue in the Sleek Acid palette;
blended in with the very light glittery baby blue in my Pupa Precious gold palette;
an orang-y shimmery e/s blended in the crease from a Pupa palette;
Yellow/gold glittery e/s from my Pupa Precious gold palette highlighting the browbone, and on the inner corner;
black kajal pencil in the waterline, upperlashline and in the crease (yep!);
Pupa Diva's lashes mascara (ran out of my Sexy Curves today, and didn't want to use the Lancome one for a trial)

I guess this prooves us all that we don't need every single eyeshadow that is released, we just want them.
At least, I do, and I often give in...