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Friday, May 28, 2010

Soft and wearable Indian inspired makeup...

...although these pictures don't really do it justice.
You can't really see the indian inspiration, because you can't see blending very well, and not even the liner. I guess it is really difficult to photograph pinks, peaches, and browns with a regular digital camera, and it all seem golden. :(

What it really was: Indian makeup inspired look, with sunset colors (peach, gold, brown blended on the lid and corners, matte pink to soften and blend above the crease, and a highliter colour), medium-thick eyeliner, with a long wing, and corner lashes.

it looks completely different here!!!



KIKO Sunproof Cream Foundation
Essence Cover Stick Concealer
Sleek Creme to Powder Foundation (above concealer)
MEMEME Shimmy Shimmer brick (lightest shades as highlighter on my cheekbones, darkest for contouring)
KIKO Sun Bronzing Trio in Bonne Mine Pink (blusher)

UD Half Baked on the lid, with the exception of inner corner
UD Twice Baked on the outer corner, blended in with a Sigma SS 275 to create a visible angle
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 03 (Pink Gold/peachy colour) on the inner corner
KIKO Coloursphere Matte in 209 (matte pink) to soften blending above the crease
UD Sellout as my highlighter
Shiseido black cream liner (medium-thick, and elongated in the inner and outer corner, and also very lightly on the lower lashline)
KIKO lash booster mascara
NYX corner lashes in Elite

A rimmel peachy lipliner
Barry M 147 (Pinky Peach) lip paint lipstick (it is drying, you want to put lipbalm underneath!)

And that's it...hope you like it, eventhough it's not really that good in photos

Lyd xx

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My experience with Cambree.de

I apologize for this very shaky picture, but I am not in my best state today. I'm sick!

A week ago, I ordered a Sigma Eyes Kit and some false lashes from Cambree.de, a German site that stocks Sigma, and NYX for their distribution in Europe. The site also has a wide selection of false eyelashes by both NYX and Red Cherry (I ordered one type from both brands).

I had heard so many positive things about this site from my friends, that I was persuaded to make my order from them, nevertheless the €11,00 of shipping fees.
Now I do understand why they charge so much: their service is excellent. Takes just one week to get to Italy, and provides you with brands no one else distributes in Europe. You don't have to wait for weeks anymore, without knowing whether your package is going to arrive or will be held up at customs. They ship with DHL, and give you a direct link to their track&trace service as soon as the package is dispatched.
Plus, they always reply if you have any question. Two thumbs up for German precision!

I can't wait to use my new brushes, especially the eyeliner one (although I need to say my new 224 is HUGE, what's up with Sigma?....I guess I will use that for highlighters and concealers, I have 2x 217 and another 224 anyway), and obviously the false eyelashes. The Red Cherry ones are so dramatic, but so beautiful!
I will definitely do something creative soon ;)

Have you ever ordered anything from Cambree.de? If so, was your experience positive too?
What would you order from the site?

PS: the site has a German, an English and an Italian (this one not being so accurate) translation!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

1st anniversary FOTD, an update, and Project New Home for Makeup swap

Yersterday was mine and my boyfriend's first anniversary. To celebrate it, he brought me to a chic restaurant in the "old town", which served the most delicious Sardinian and Sicilian traditional food. Not only was the food excellent (everything was homemade, and even the olive oil came from the cook's private company in Sicily, and it was amazing, trust me), but the service was also impeccable.
We ate so much that we felt the urge to go home and put more comfortable clothes, ahah.

The picture above shows my makeup for the evening. I didn't know what the restaurant was like, so I went for "a compromise" that was classy, but not overdone. The only thing I dared with was the bright pink lipstick (it was a little brighter than what pictured).

On to the products used:

Diorskin Nude foundation
Sleek Creme to Powder foundation in Calico as a concealer (works great!) **
KIKO Sun bronzing Trio in Bonne Mine Pink (blush)*
Some of the lightest shades in the MeMeMe Shimmy Shimmers compact in Gold Shimmer** as a highlighter on my cheekbones.

UDPP as a base
UD Mushroom e/s (taupe) on 2/3 of my lid, and blended into the crease
UD YDK e/s inner half of my lid
Hard Candy Chica Loner e/s to soften colors in the crease**
UD Sellout to highlight my browbone
Elizabeth Arden e/s in graphite on the outer corner and slightly blended into the crease
Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner pen
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara
e.l.f. Studio Brow kit
KIKO Urban look black kohl.*

KIKO Red Emotion Sheer lipstick in Hot Pink Kiss*

I wore a grey shirt with beads on the collar and ruffle short sleeves I got in London, an H&M black stretch skirt, and Topshop bow and studs ballerinas, also got in London.
Earrings were a Christmas gift from my brother, and he got them in Olbia. If you happen to be in Sardinia and want to check out the store, email me, and I will tell you the name and where it is.

Disclaimer: items marked with *have been provided by PR for reviewing purposes, no monetary compensation was earned. Items marked with ** are from a swap

Now, update: I have created a facebook fan page for my blog. I don't really like to call it a fan page, but it is not a business page either, is it? Anyway, just check out the sidebar on the left hand side, and "like me" (how vain is that?). I did that because I was getting too many requests from people I don't know on my private page.

Lastly, for what I like to call my Project New Home for Make-up... Louise and I decided to do a swap with some things new, and some things that were laying unloved on our stash. What was the point in keeping all that stuff if we didn't use it? Products were good, and mostly brand new, but just didn't work for us!
I highly suggest you try this kind of swap, it is fun and useful! Lou was incredibly generous (she has also included some English chocolate, which I am indulging in at the moment), and I need to say THANK YOU, HONEY!

So on to what I got:

L-R: Hard Candy Eye Gloss, Miss Sporty Eye Illuminator Shadow, Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Spandex, Boots N 7 Extreme Lenght mascara, Collection 2000Fast Stroke e/l , NYC dramatic lashes, Barry M Dazzle Dust in 3, Hard Candy Chica Loner e/s, Bys jumbo pencil, Natural Collection e/s in Aqua Shimmer, and NYC Color Wheel in Purple rain, plus a sample of Boots eye cream, and UDPP

Some skin care from Liz Earle (love the mask for the dry parts of my face), and from N 7. Hair Mask my Schwarzkopf (hope I spelt it correctly, my German is very poor)

Tonnes of lip products from Korres, Barry M, By Lauren Luke, Smashbox, Elizabeth Arden, NYX, Lancome, BeneFit, e.l.f. , Jelly Pong Pong, MAC, Laura Geller, Stila (forgot to add in the pic, I probably had it beside me), and a Sleek Pout Polish in Electro Peach that was in my purse, and I forgot to include in the pic.
Also, a Bobbi Brown e/s duo in Champagne and Espresso

Now for the face: Sleek Creme to Powder foundation tester kit in light (not bad this foundation, I will review it), MeMeMe Shimmy Shimmer in Golden Shimmers, NYC Color Wheel in Pink Cheek Glow, Barry M blusher, and Laura Geller bronzer, plus some samples including my beloved Flora by Gucci.

Have you ever seen so much makeup in one envelope? LOL I was amazed! Thank you again, Lou, it was so much fun swapping with you!

OK I really need to go study now, take care lovelies,


PS I have just realized I forgot to picture the Body Shop Clutch, which I think was beside me...it's a cute summery clutch and holds both makeup and brushes ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today's FOTD featuring false eyelashes (first time I use them)

Just so you know, I broke the falsies an hour ago, when I was cleaning them... :S crazy huh?!
Well I'll try to do something for them, but I have two pairs coming with my Cambree.de order so, I feel less idiotic! LOL
Eyelure lashes are so delicate! And I am as delicate as an elephant, so... :S

Now colours don't show up very well on camera, browns are really hard to catch.


KIKO Sunproof Cream Foundation in very light*
KIKO Hyaluronic Bronzer in beige*
Rimmel Hide it concealer
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream
Bourjois blusher in cendre de rose brune*

UD YDK all over the lid
UD Mushroom outer corner and crease
A brown/taupy colour from the Sleek Safari palette on the crease*
UD Sellout highliter on the brow bone
Very light beige/golden e/s from the Sleek Safari palette on the inner corner*
Black shadow from the Safari palette as a liner*
Eyelure false eyelashes in extra lenght

Debby lipliner in 06
Gosh lipstick in Darling
KIKO unlimited lipgloss in Rose*

Hope you liked this, I wanted to give false eyelashes a go, now that I can put them on LOL

Disclaimer: items marked with * are either sent by PR for reviewing purposes (KIKO), or won in a contest (Sleek), or got in a swap (Bourjois). I did not earn any monetary compensation.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday night's makeup - Peacock fever...

It literally took me ages to upload these pictures! I hate my connection!!! Anyway, this is the look I sported last night: dinner out with a friend, and then I chilled with my boyfriend!

I have recently purchase two headbands, as I am regaining my title as the headbands queen (if you want to see my collection, just tell me) - Could I leave this unique peacocky cuteness in the store? Hell no! If you can't see it properly, it has a huge white feather, a smaller peacock feather, and a crochet flower.

The weather was gloomy, cold, and rainy, so I have decided to go for dark teal (I'm not really into grey makeup) - bright, but dark at the same time.

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay foundation
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream
KIKO Sun Bronzing Trio in Highlighting Coral (love!!!)

KIKO Sun Mousse e/s in Sea Green as a base
Dark teal e/s from the Sleek Jewels palette all over the lid and blended into the crease
Very light blue e/s from the Jewels palette on the inner corner
Light and bright teal e/s from the Sleek Curious palette
Teal and gold fine glitters (although my camera failed to pick them!) from the KIKO Coloursphere duo in 211
Matte teal e/s from the KIKO Coloursphere duo in 211 blended into the crease over the shimmery Sleek teal
Vanilla e/s from the Sleek Curious palette as a highlighter
Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner pen in black
KIKO lash boost treatment mascara
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Soap&Glory Arch de Triumph on my brows

MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick (love!!!)

Gosh, I hadn't realize I used so many products before! LOL

Hope you like it...what did you wear, and what did you do last night?
What do you think of peacock accessories?

PS I know I should have completed the look with a black kohl on my waterline and maybe false lashes, but I was in a rush.
And yes, I finally got the hang of how to put false eyelashes on, and I really hope I can master the art and post some pics of makeup with false lashes on soon ;)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Book review: About Face, by Scott Barnes (pic heavy!)

A while ago I have ordered this book from Amazon, as I subscribed to Scott Barnes youtube channel, and found him great!
When I found out he is Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist, I thought this book was going to be worth every penny. Yes, Scott is responsible for the infamous "JLo glow", and also for those supersexy smokey eyes on gorgeous Hillary Duff! He has worked on many celebrities (many girls' favourite, Kim Kardashian amongst others), and this book explain the basic techniques he always uses on them. You can change the colours, you can change the styles, but the Scott Barnes technique is all there.

This post will be picture heavy, as I wanted to give you a good insight of the book, and also show the wonderful Jess from Ooh...pretty! that she can opens up her eyes a lot, and have a complete transformation without having to worry about her Asian-shaped eyes (which, by the way, I have always found intriguing). All you need to do is dare, honey!

The first thing I have noticed about this book, is that Scott is clearly an educated man. No, I'm not talking about make-up education, I am talking about general culture. In fact, the book opens up with a quote from Soren Kierkegaard (in case you're not familiar with his name, he was a Danish philosopher, theologian, and psychologist who lived in the first half of the 1800's) on possibility:
"What wine is so sparkling, so fragrant, so intoxicating as possibility?" ...that is the outlook Barnes has in life, and in his work, and he transferred that onto his book. It is not just about beauty, makeup, appearence...to him, makeup is about the possibility of transforming your own self into the inner beauty that you are. The possibility of revealing your beauty to yourself, not merely to others! And that is the true power each one of us has within!

That's not the only wise quote he inserted: along with the Danish philosopher, you will find quotes from Nelson Mandela, and one of the greatest writers ever, Edgar Allan Poe! And if you are not persuaded yet, there is a wonderful photographic quote from the Neo-classicism art movement:

Doesn't it remind you of a painting, and many statues from that period?

Now, on to the acutal content of the book: About Face is divided in 3 chapters, essentially. Each one of them has a different range of transformations, alongside with useful information on tips from Scott.
The Scott Barnes approach is a bit different from other makeup artists': he thinks in terms of light, so he works on the skin, and on the way lights hit it. This is why the main feature of his technique, reflected in all transformation, is skin: highlighting and contouring! You will see from the pictures below.

The first transformation - and most amazing one, in my opinion - I am going to post is for Jess:

Basically you have to make sure you have a good highlighting concealer, and a dark (bronzer-dark) cream foundation. You have to blend the concealer where you think light hits your face around the eyes, on the nose, on the forhead and on the chin.
Then you have to contour your face, drawing thick lines with your dark foundation. Only after this step you can put on your regular foundation, making sure you blend it in with the other two creams very well! Click on the picture above and you will see what the result is.

Then, to create the illusion of a larger eye, you need to get a black eyepencil and elongate your shape IN BOTH DIRECTIONS, so inner and outer corner. Start from the lower lashline, because that way, you will define a precise wing, following your natural (imaginary) line.
Second step is applying your eyeshadow. Now, he uses a black eyeshadow here, but you can really use this technique with other colours. What you need to do is, building it while blending repeatedly to create width and depht. Do go above your crease! Dare!
Now this will have opened your eyes a lot, but to open them a lot more, use false lashes. Half-lashes would do the trick too!
Please, click on the image and zoom in, you should be able to read all the steps too!

...And now that you are thinking "that woman is smoking hot"...look what she looked like before her transformation:
...amazing what that technique has done, huh?

More transformations:

(my fave)

How to turn pale skin into a natural sun kissed face!

And for all black beauties out there:

Yellow concealer will make your skin look amazing!!!!

So overall, I really loved reading this book, and I encourage you to read it too, and of course to watch Scott Barnes' videos on youtube. You will see the different approach he has on smokey eyes as well. I have tried his technique once, and I was so different!!!

I'll give this book a 4.5/5 just because I would have liked more eye makeup tricks! ;)

hope you girls found this useful, and if you need anything, just let me know!

yesteray's makeup

Please excuse my lack of posts lately, I am super busy with my thesis.
Anyway, yesterday's makeup was just a purple matte smokey eye, with a little bit of sheer lipstick and pink blush. The first picture was taken after my boyfriend covered me with kisses (aaawww) so you can't really see the blush. Anyway, the main feature was the smokey eye:

Colours were more vibrant in person. Anyway, list of the products used:

Revlon Colorstay foundation
Sleek Blush in Flamingo**
(yes, that's it! I was in a rush LOL)

e.l.f. eyelid primer
KIKO coloursphere matte in 203 (both shades)*
Vibrant hot purple shade from the Sleek Bohemian palette**
Black-purple shade from the Sleek Graphite palette**
Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner pen
KIKO lash extension mascara*
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara
Soap&Glory Arch de Triumph on my brows and brow bone*

Blistex lip balm
KIKO Red Emotion Sheer Lipstick in Quartz Rose*

* provided by PR for reviewing purposes - no monetary compensation was earned

** items won in contests

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

tag post in Italian: la cura dei capelli

*UPDATE: ieri notte prima di postare mi sono addormentata ahah...dunque ora devo cambiare un po' di risposte perché non mi ero accorta di aver lasciato quelle che c'erano prima :S*

Per questo post sono stata taggata dalla mia amica Olivia, del blog Confessions of a Makeupholic - questa tag sta girando un po' per tutti i blog Italiani, e non potevo di certo sottrarmi...resterete deluse?!

Di che colore sono i tuoi capelli?


Come sono i tuoi capelli? (texture, lunghezza)

Non si capisce più se siano mossi o lisci ora, e sono lunghi fino a più di metà schiena

Quante volte alla settimana lavi i capelli?

In genere 2, ma da quando vado in palestra mi capita di lavarli anche 3 volte alla settimana.

Fai un impacco pre-shampoo?

No, mai fatto...

Con cosa lavi i tuoi capelli? Qualche raccomandazione?

Garnier Ultradolce alla vaniglia per capelli lunghi

Usi il balsamo? Qualche raccomandazione?

Sì, lo stesso dello shampoo

Pettini i capelli in doccia, da bagnati?

No, in doccia no, ma li pettino prima e dopo, quando sono ancora bagnati

Usi una maschera a risciacquo? Qual è la tua preferita?

Ne ho usate un bel po', negli ultimi tempi da segnalare sono: Fiale Mineralizzanti Struttura, Hair Supply di Soap & Glory, e la maschera per capelli della Anatomicals, che è davvero buona!

Usi il phon o li lasci asciugare all'aria?

Phon! Li lascio asciugare all'aria solo d'estate, ma generalmente li lego in una treccia o in una cipolla.

Quali prodotti usi per lo styling?

Nada, che styling? Sono negata, oltre al fatto che i miei capelli son così fini che non restano in piega, se non piastrati

Quali marchingegni sofisticatissimi (:D) usi per lo styling?

Piastra Bellissima di Imetec

Qual è la cosa che più detesti dei tuoi capelli? :(

L'attaccatura sulla fronte, il fatto che non siano voluminosi, e che sembrino sempre elettrizzati perché sono TROPPO FINI...e sempre parlando di attaccatura, gli orribili ciuffi ai lati che non si possono ne tagliare, e ne si allungano e mi fanno sembrare sempre la figlia illegittima di Einstein (da piccola mi sembravano corna, pensate un po')

Qual è la cosa che più ti piace dei tuoi capelli? :)

Il colore, penso...

Di norma li tieni sciolti o in elaboratissime acconciature?

No...sciolti, oppure coi cerchietti, oppure se si stanno sporcando cipolla o coda.

Possiedi molti accessori per capelli? (cerchietti, elastici, mollettine...)

Ho un'infinita collezione di cerchietti, ora qualche fascetta e poi qualche forcina a forma di fiore e due elastici carini...

Pettini i capelli ogni giorno?

Sììì anche più volte al giorno

Assecondi la loro texture naturale o sei in eterna lotta? (perché le ricce li vogliono lisci e le lisce li vogliono ricci! :D:D)

Eterna lotta. Più che altro perché non riesco nè ad ottenere un bel liscio, nè un bel mosso (e con bel mosso io intendo che deve essere voluminoso anche alla radice, mentre io li ho voluminosi solo da dopo le orecchie... bleah)

Usi prodotti per capelli ogni giorno (lacca, spray fissante, spray illuminante, siero, spuma, oli...) per mantenerli in piega?

Niente...sono negata!!!!

Tingi/Hai mai tinto (o decolorato, meshato, hennato) i tuoi capelli?

Non ci penso nemmeno finché non avrò i capelli bianchi

Soddisfatta del risultato?



Lunghi o corti?

Lunghi, anche se corti non mi stavano male

Lisci o ricci?

Non importa, basta siano belli

Biondo, Nero, Castano, Rosso o Multicolour :P?

Castano, Rosso e Bruno/nero

Ci fai vedere una foto dei tuoi capelli?

controllate le mie foto...ovviamente non li piastro quasi mai, quindi faranno pena

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some random looks

Purple smokey eye. Excuse the bad lighting, colours were much prettier in real life.
The weather has been crazy these days, so I can't really have good lighting.

Products used:
UD AC/DC all over the lid (mid-dark shade)
UD Ecstasy on the inner corner and slightly blended into the crease (light shade)
Sleek Royal Purple (I'll start calling the last shade in the Graphite palette Royal Purple from now on) on the outer corner and crease (dark shade)
UD Sellout as a highlighter
KIKO 30 days treatment mascara
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara

On the other hand, yesterday's look was pretty much neutral, and on the peachy side:

Photo taken at the end of the day. Foundation was completely gone (courtesy of my boyfriend's kisses LOL), and the rest of the makeup was a little messy.

My aim with this was just to show you that the Sleek Chaos palette is not so bad afterall.
Chaos is one of the most under-rated palettes. I agree the colours in that palette are not as buttery soft as those in the Bohemian palette, but there are some nice ones nevertheless.
I used the e.l.f. eyelid primer underneath and it lasted all day!

Products used:
e.l.f. eyelid primer
Matte beige shade in the Safari palette (all over the lid)
Orange e/s from the Chaos palette (outer corner and crease)
Cappuccino (hot mid-tone brown) in the Chaos palette (outer corner)
Light yellow shade from the Chaos palette (inner corner and highlighter)
Black e/s in the Chaos palette as my eyeliner (that is a little faded in the picture)

KIKO Sunproof Stylo SPF 15 in Rich Orange and Sheer Nude on top (see the glossiness?)
This is one of my new fave lip combo's!

Hope you liked these hideous pictures of me, ahah...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's going to be hot summer part II: KIKO Sun Essentials cream foundation and blushers

So in my previous post I said that the main feature of the summer collection by KIKO are their face products. I am going to review 3 of them now: Sunproof Cream Foundation, and two of their Sun Bronzing Trio's.
The first thing I've noticed about them was the divine packaging. If you click on the image below and zoom in, you'll understand why:

I heart it: it looks so summery and expensive!

Now on to the actual products, you may have noticed that I have been using my Sunproof Cream Foundation (my shade right now is 00 Very Light, and it's the most exact match I have ever got!!!) everyday since I've received it.
Normally, I'd use a liquid foundation, and I am also very picky with it, as my skin is normal to combination, and no many formula suit me.
I pleasantly found out this cream foundation works well on my skin, and it's a perfect product for your spring-to-summer-transition!
It's very light on your skin, and you won't even feel you have it on, plus it's smooth and moisturizing! Yay. Its coverage is light, so this won't suit problem skins, or people who suffer from rosacea. However, if your skin is normal to combination, like mine, it's enough to cover discoloration patches, small blemishes, and even pores. If you want a proof of that, just look at my last FOTD's :)
Also, since it's a cream it will leave your skin glowy, rather than matte, which is something I like during spring/summer. Another + for this product is that it has an SPF 15 (medium) - just for comparison, Revlon Colorstay has SPF 6 (low), and DiorSkin Nude has SPF 10 (low to medium).

L-R: Sunproof Cream Foundation in 00-Very light (€ 13,50), Sun Bronzing Trio 01-in Bonne Mine Pink, Sun Bronzing Trio in 02-Highlighting Coral (€ 13,50)

The other two products I have been using religiously, and I couldn't wait to try, are the Sun Bronzing Trio's. I have 01 Bonne Mine Pink, and 02 Highlighting Coral.
I use them as blushers, and I love the fact that you can mix the three stripes to obtain a different shade each use! also, the lightest colours can also be used as highlighters.
These Sun Bronzing Trio's are slightly shimmery (slightly! Not like the MAC MSF, which turn you into a discoball sometimes) and will provide the most beautiful glow! Yes, I hereby declare my love for these two products! :)
The swatches don't really do them justice, as it's hard to swirl the shades together with your fingers, but you get a hint. Also, they are brighter in real life!

So all in all, I highly recommend these 3 products, and I am sure you won't be disappointed in them too!

PS: the foundation lasted me all afternoon and evening, with no touch-ups. And trust me, when I walk around the town to reach places, I run and sweat (yuck) in the Sardinian heat!

Italian version:
Nel mio post precedente vi ho detto che la caratteristica principale della collezione Sun Essentials di KIKO sono i prodotti viso, ebbene ora farò la recensione di tre di questi prodotti: il Sunproof Cream Foundation (fondotinta in crema!), e due dei Sun Bronzing Trio.
La prima cosa che ho notato di questi prodotti è stata la confezione, e capirete andando a cliccare sulla prima foto per ingrandirla. La adoro, sembra così estiva e costosa!
Ora, per quanto riguarda i prodotti, avrete certamente notato che ho usato il Sunproof Cream Foundation in tutti i miei FOTD's da quando mi è arrivato.
Io normalmente uso dei fondotinta liquidi, e sono anche molto selettiva perché visto che la mia pelle è da normale a mista, non ci sono tante formule che mi vanno bene.
Questa invece è stata una piacevole sorpresa, finalmente un fondotinta in crema che vada bene per la mia pelle, e che è anche il fondotinta perfetto per il periodo di transizione dalla primavera all'estate.
E' molto leggero sulla pelle, tanto che non lo sentirete praticamente per niente, ed in più ha un finish liscio ed è anche idratante! Evviva! La coprenza è leggera, quindi questo prodotto non è adatto alle pelli con problemi, o alle persone che soffrono di rosacea. Tuttavia, se la vostra pelle è come la mia, cioè da normale a mista, è abbastanza per coprire aree con discolorazioni, o piccole imperfezioni, ed addirittura mascherare i pori! Se ne volete una prova, date un'occhiata ai miei ultimi FOTD's.
Inoltre, visto che è un fondotinta in crema, lascia la pelle radiosa, piuttosto che opaca, il che a me personalmente piace molto durante la primavera e l'estate.
Un altro pro di questo prodotto è il fattore di protezione solare 15 (medio) - per fare un po' di paragoni, il Revlon Colorstay ha un SPF 6(basso), ed il DiorSkin Nude ha un SPF 10(da basso a medio).

Gli altri due prodotti che sto usando quasi quotidianamente, e che non vedevo l'ora di provare, sono i Sun Bronzing Trio. Io ho lo 01-Bonne Mine Pink, e lo 02-Highlighting Coral.
Li uso come fard, e adoro il fatto che si possano mischiare le tre strisce di colore per creare delle tonalità differenti ad ogni uso! Inoltre la parte più chiara si può usare come illuminante.
Questi Sun Bronzing Trio sono un po' brillantinati (ma poco! Non come gli MSF di MAC, che possono dare l'effetto "circo" a volte) e quindi vi garantiranno un aspetto radioso! Sì, dichiaro apertamente il mio amore per questi due prodotti!
E gli swatches non gli rendono giustizia, perché è difficile mischiare le strisce di colore con le dita, però almeno ve ne fate un'idea. Sono molto più intensi dal vivo!

In conclusione, vi raccomando vivamente questi 3 prodotti, e sono sicura che non ne rimarrete deluse!

Disclaimer: these products were sent to me by KIKO for reviewing purposes. I didn't gain any monetary compensation for my HONEST review.

Monday, May 3, 2010

It's going to be a hot summer part I: KIKO Sun Essentials review - eyes and lips products

Some weeks ago, I was sent the whole Sun Essentials collection from the lovely Alice, over KIKO Makeup Milano, for reviewing purposes.

The collection's main feature are face products, obviously, but they have also thrown in some waterproof mousse eyeshadows, waterproof shimmery eyeliners, and lipsticks with SPF 15.
I am going to review these eyes and lips products now, and review foundations and blushers in a second post, and leave bronzers to a third, with the hope I will have a little bit of a tan by then ;) (instead of faking a tan for your eyes pleasure LOL).

Sun Mousse Eyeshadow and Shimmering Eyeliner:
1. Packaging

Liners: L - R 01 Sparkle black, 02 Sparkle Gold
Retail Price: € 7,90 (bit pricey, but worth it!!!)

E/S: l - r 01 Beige Doré, 02 Violet, 03 Bronze, 04 Light Green, 05 Sea Green, 06 Black

Retail price: € 6,90 (for 6 ml of product)

The eyeliners come in a plastic tube, which does not look great as the rest of the collection. However, they do their job, and the actual brush is great. It's long, and a bit flimpsy, but not too fine. I don't like fine brushes for my eyeliners.

The mousse eyeshadows come in a little glass pot, with a golden cap, which looks really cute and reminds me of Estee Lauder's double wear e/s.
The only downside to this can be that you have to be very careful not to drop them, but other than that, I love the glass packaging.

close up of the colours, natural light

and the highly anticipated swatches:

top row, l -r: beige doré, violet, bronze, light green, sea green, black
bottom row, swatches of the eyeliners: sparkle black, sparkle gold.
Click on the image to enlarge it.


I read many posts on Facebook, and other blogs saying that they were disappointed, as the mousse e/s are really sheer. I think there is a clear explanation for that, though. These eyeshadows are meant to be wearable when you go to the beach or if you're by a pool. Can you imagine yourself wearing bright blue or black eyeshadows when you're into the water? (not that I imagine myself wearing ANY makeup at the beach, actually) So these eyeshadows are meant to be sheer.
I have to say, though, that I am not a big fan of them. I think they are the products I liked the least in the whole collection (which doesn't mean I don't like them, though). Some colours are really pretty, but a black? Seriously?!
I used Beige Doré the other day, as a base, and it works great to keep gold/yellow e/s on. I guess that's my favourite of them. Violet is very nice too, and so is Sea Green, which can be used as a lovely teal eyeliner. What I like about them is that they are not packed with glitters (apart from Black!) and the consistency is that of a soft cream, which makes them smooth to apply. I still need to work their best usage though. I suppose they will be nice in those hot, hot summer nights, because they have a slight iridescence.

The eyeliners are lovely! I love the consistency, I love the colours, I love the brush. How bright is that gold eyeliner? Awesome...I can see myself wearing it a lot this summer! They are waterproof, and I think the golden one resists more than the black one...

Overall, I think the liners are more worth buying than the shadows, although Violet and Sea Green are irresistible. Light Green will look awesome on dark eyes and darker skintones.

Sunproof Stylo SPF 15

1. Packaging

l - r: 02 sheer nude, 03 rich orange, 04 bright fuchsia, 05 soft red, 06 glossy berry
Retail Price: € 7,50

Packaged in a golden tube, these lipsticks look really posh. I am not sure if that is metal or plastic, as they are very very light.
Nevertheless, I like the packaging!


These lipsticks are scary in the tube, but are sheer on the lips. They are glossy, and less hydrating than the Red Emotion lipsticks, but still, very good ones!
Swatches don't do them justice! Soft Red is so lovely! You can see it on my first Sleek Bohemian look.
Rich Orange is really peachy when dubbed onto the lips with your fingers, or with Sheer Nude on it.
Bright Fuchsia is actually lovely, and soft. Along with Soft Red, it's definitely my fave.
I didn't receive Shimmer Beige, sorry if you were waiting for swatches of it.

So in conclusion, I highly recommend the eyeliners, and some of the lipsticks. The eyeshadows are nice for their iridescence, but I can't say that I am IMPRESSED by them. They're worth swatching at least, though, as your opinion may differe due to your tastes. The product itself is very good, and nicely packed!

PS: mi dispiace non avere incluso una versione Italiana di questa recensione ora, ma non ho il tempo di tradurre, sono troppo impegnata con la tesi! Scusatemi!

new launches: KIKO solar range and Soap and Glory

Hey girls,
just a quick post to tell you about some new launches.

For my Italian followers:

Nei giorni scorsi la KIKO ha lanciato la nuova gamma di Solari, composta da 15 prodotti con formule protettive e alcuni prodotti doposole.
I solari, divisi in base al fattore di protezione basso - medio - alto, variano a seconda delle esigenze del fototipo.
Ad esempio i solari a protezione bassa, fattore di protezione 6 - 10, consistono in: Olio Secco (SPF 6), Latte Spray (SPF 6), Lozione Spray SPF 10, e ovviamente la crema (SPF 10).
Per fototipi che necessitano di protezione media: Crema (SPF 15), Lozione Spray (SPF 20), Gloss Labbra (SPF 20).
Mentre per i fototipi che necessitano di protezione alta i prodotti sono: Crema (SPF 30), Crema (SPF 50), Stick Zone Sensibili (SPF 50).

La linea doposole ha prodotti altrettanto importanti, quali: Fluido Idratante e Lenitivo, Balsamo Riparatore, e maschere viso anti-rossori (nelle versioni da 1 e 5 pezzi - che fa risparmiare). Mi raccomando, non sottovalutate l'importanza dei prodotti doposole! Fidatevi di chi vive in un posto - meraviglioso - in cui d'estate le temperature superano anche i 40 gradi!

Una cosa che mi ha colpita molto è l'idea delle Salviettine sciogli-sale detergenti e rinfrescanti per viso e corpo! Buona idea, a me capita spesso di andare in diverse spiagge, dove varia anche il livello di salsedine. Non è molto carino l'effetto "squama".

I solari KIKO sono già disponibili sul loro sito: www.kikocosmetics.com

Non siete sicure del vostro fototipo? Cliccate qui per individuarlo!

Avete già acquistato qualcuno di questi prodotti? Cosa ne pensate?

For my international followers:

Soap and Glory released a new product, called Sit Tight, that is described as a "sit-activated lower body firming formula". Their press release says: "An entirely new kind of slimmer, our triple action pressure-activated firming formula battles lower body bulge whilst you simply SIT TIGHT. Created for figure conscious desk jockeys who spend hours every day balanced on their bottoms, Sit Tight employs a special pressure-plus-heat-activated leg firming blend that works at maximum when you - quite simply - sit on it".

The blend is composed of their new patent, Pressocapsular-firm-system, which is loaded with caffeine, known for its firming and draining actions. The friction/heat generated by the act of sitting down should increase movement of the product in "problem areas". Their other new ingredient, called Detoxyboost, should stimulate fluids circulation through a massage, while their third new component, that is Puffdrain 82 should help eliminate excess fluids.
As usual, beside quirky names, this Soap & Glory product is packed with natural ingredients, which I am sure give it a lovely smell. Amongst them are eucalyptus, rosemary, ylang, blood orange, amyris, petitgrain, geranium, palmarosa, rose, sandalwood, lemongrass, and lime oils.

Of course, this will not be an alternative to excercise, and its best results will show only if you work out already, and if you have proper eating habits (at least, this is what my experience with firming products suggests), but I'd be very curious to try this one, especially when summer is coming, and I am forced to sit most of my day(s) to write my final thesis, so despite going to the gym three times a week, and occasional walks (etc.) with my boyfriend, I don't move a lot.

Are you going to try this one? If so, please let me know how you get on with it! Soap & Glory has always kept its word for now, so I'm really curious!



Sunday, May 2, 2010

a yellow Saturday FOTD

Products used:

KIKO Sunproof Cream Foundation in 00 very light
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream
KIKO Sunproof Hyaluronic Bronzer in 01 - beige (contouring)
KIKO Sun Bronzing Trio in 02 - highlighting coral (blush)


KIKO Sun Mousse eyeshadow in 1 beige doré (as a base)
Yellow and beige e/s from the Sleek Curious palette
KIKO Shimmering e/l in black
KIKO 30 days treatment mascara
Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph for my brows


KIKO Red Emotion Sheer lipstick in Rich Red

I like yellow e/s, never thought I would!

Disclaimer: all KIKO products sent to me for consideration; Sleek palette was a win in a contest