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Friday, July 31, 2009

Review: the "crave and rave" of Sleek i-Divine Acid Palette

Hello lovely followers,
as the constant readers of this blog know already, the lovely Leon from Sleek MakeUP became aware of my search for the limited edition Acid 570 i-Divine palette, and decided to send it to me as a way of wish me luck with my blog. What a lovely gesture!
My anticipation started to grow in big proportion, and when I came back home for the holidays yesterday, and found the package on my desk, I felt like a child on a Christmas day.
I imagined in my mind these palettes were bigger, but I'm actually quite happy with the real dimension. You can fit the palette in your purse - even in the smallest one - to bring it with you for touch-ups. Isn't that great?

Now, on to the real review. The first thing I have to say about this, is that the colors are vibrant and groundbreaking. The twelve eyeshadows in the palette range from matt to shimmery, and from dramatic to...neon colors!
Scared already?! Aaah, it is definitely not something for the faint-hearted, but with those pretty neon colors, you can DARE, DARE, DARE. If you are still skeptical about them, and need to get used to the "acid" in the palette, Sleek has a white highlighter that allows you to tone them down, or a matt black that enables you to blend them (or you can use it as an eyeliner).
I have tried the neon pink and the neon orange today, but I haven't taken pictures of my look, because it was just an experiment.

The other colors are: an uber-cute shimmery fuchsia, a lovely matt purple which is "warmer" the the usual purple you find in stores, a shimmery green that I fell in love with immediately, and three ultra-shimmery colors such as a silvery grey, and two blue shades. Here are my swatches. First one with flash, second one without flash:

I didn't put much of eyeshadow on my finger for the swatches, because I wanted to test the real intensity of the colors, and I was extremely surprised! How lovely are these colors?

As far as the color pay-off is concerned, I am impressed: the colors you see in the pots are exactly what they look on your eyes! These eyeshadows are really velvety to the touch, which allows you to blend them effortlessly. For some reason, I have found the acid pink to be the one that "writes the most" amongst the neon shades. The shimmery colors are surprising: so pigmented, so visible, so easy to blend.
I still have to test how much these colors last, but I am pretty sure the shimmery colors will last long.

In conclusion, Sleek is one of those brands that you crave, and then rave about when you get your hands on it! The colors are vibrant, groundbreaking, pigmented, velvet to the touch, fun to play with. The staff is amazingly kind (I mean, who else would see your blog and offer to send a palette to wish you good luck with it?! They're awesome!), the prices are totally affordable, which allows you to buy a nice amount of stuff (and possibly become addicted to it, because you know you can buy more, and more, and more...)...what more can I say? I LOVE IT!
The only downside is that they only sell in the UK at the moment, but their site will soon have an online store section, and they will ship worldwide!!! I am kind of afraid of it, just because I know there will be lots of us beauty bloggers whose addiction will develop strongly and fast, but I will definitely be their client.
I encourage beauty addicts worldwide to visit the Sleek MakeUP website to check out for all the products, and keep track of the online stores updates.

In the next days, I am going to get creative with the palette, and do different looks using every color, just to "tickle your fancy"...


Another AMAZING giveaway!

Good morning Angels ;) ,

Patience, at "The Virtues of Beauty" is doing a wonderful giveaway for her followers. You can SUBSCRIBE TO HER BLOG, THEN ENTER HERE. She's a lovely blogger, and she is giving away all of those colorful, cute British makeup things that everyone outside the UK craves.

Good luck everyone,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Awsome giveaway

Hello lovelies,
Sara, aka The Makeup Snob is having an amazing, big giveaway for her 100-followers. You can enter it here. Please when you fill in the form, type in Alice in a New Wonderland as the person you're "referred by", that would be much appreciated and fair!

Good luck, ladies ;)


Friday, July 24, 2009

Deadly fires in Sardinia: my lovely island is experiencing some kind of divine vengeance.

The island where I live, Sardinia, is right above Africa, and below Corsica. This means we are right in the middle of the western side of the Mediterranean sea, and our climate is usually warm, and scorching hot in the summer. This summer, however, the heat is striking. As far as I can recall, this is the hottest weather I have ever experienced, even on this island. We have reached 45 CELSIUS DEGREES, the kind of heat they get in Africa.

Due to the heat stroke, every year we get hectars and hectars of our forests and landscapes burnt in fires, be them wildfires or man-made.
You may be wondering why the inhabitants of this natural paradise want to start fires in their on land; the answer is always the most obvious one: money! Some people here are so evil that they start fires in order to get governamental money for natural disasters. Pyromaniacs are the one of the worst human species (I do distinguish human in sub-species, we are not all equal eheh) ever. Greedy vultures!!!

Since this morning Firemen, the Civil Defense, with trucks and planes filled with water have already been dealing with the SEVEN fires that started yesterday. Of course the alert will increase in the afternoon, with temperatures rising to 46°C .

Fires are all over the island, especially near Sassari (where I am located for univ), Olbia (my hometown), and Loiri (where my mom works, luckly she finished working before the fire hit her workplace). Two people died: one was intoxicated, the other one died for the heat stroke. Many kids and elder people are fainting, and are taken at the Emergency rooms in hospitals. This is a disaster.
I saw on tv that some Mistral wind (wind that comes from North West) will be blowing on the next days, and although the temperature will cool down a little bit -which is a good thing- it is not going to decrease the allarm level here. Mistral blows hard on this island, and it's only going to create more fire occasion, mixed with the heat.
It's sad, I am desperately waiting for mid-August to come...at least the situation will improve. September will be heaven! wee..

OK, now, on a brighter note...my mom told me the package from Sleek makeUP has arrived home, so I'm gonna review (and enjoy) the palette next week. What's more, I'm being sent some other packages with samples from new companies, so I promise this summer will be full of posts and reviews ;) Intriguing.
Ok, I'm off to take a cool shower now...
Lyd from Hell

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm finally done with my semester exam...2 more in sept and I will be free to work on my thesis!
I am so, so, so happy! And now..............BEACH TIME!!! weee!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Google's acting weird...

Is anybody being signed out everytime they disconnect their computer? And if so, is anybody also getting a message saying to "enter the correct password" each time they try to log on again? I have been changing my password since saturday, every freaking day, possibly even twice a day.
Is it just my google or what? It's annoying...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

L'Oréal Resist and Shine Titanium nail polish review

This was the biggest disappointment of all the nail polishes I've bought from January til now. The L'Oréal Resist&Shine Titanium seems to be as resistant as it claims to (although it really claims one week...so I'll tell you more next weekend), but overall it really sucks. Why? Well, I think the picture is pretty self-esplanatory: the formula is so dense that it is almost impossible to get an even coat on the nail.
Now I know I have huge nails, but even on my pinky you can see where the brush was. And there is no way to fix it! I had to give it two coats to make it a little less messy!!!
Such a big "turn off", especially after trying Rimmel's Nail Pro Lycra (waiting for you guys to release new colors in Italy!), which gives you a perfect and even color with just one coat, and lasts long too!
I have been waiting for yellow nail polishes to be released here in Italy for like...2 months? Now that we finally get one, we get the worst of all! For a better seeing, here is a picture taken with no flash...the passage of the brush is horribly visible! I haven't even bothered removing all the mess around the nails...What a disappointment...especially after you've paid 8 EUROS AND 79 CENTS for this waste!

On a better note, I have finally gone to the beach for the first time in the summer today! Apart from the strong mistral wind that got me "breaded" with sand when I got out of the water, it was lovely! It is amazing how smoothing and soothing sea water is for your skin! My little stress&heat breakouts? Gone!...Puff!, disappeared! I should have brought a bottle of sea water home just to wash my face off with it on a daily basis, but I'll soon be off of university, and I'll have more time to go to the beach, so....
I do recommend to whoever lives near/by the sea to go there and, at least, bottle some water...if you have breakouts, it is the only immediate way to get rid of them!

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed now...hope the review's been helpful to those of you who wanted to buy that crappy polish ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some shopping - review to come by tomorrow night

Hello everyone,
yesterday I bought two things I'm going to review: the L'oréal "Resist and Shine Titanium" nail polish in deep yellow (that you can see here), and the Garnier Caffeine eyes roll-on. So far, I've been mostly disappointed.

I think that I'm gonna give the roll-on more time. It is said to work right on, and give you an immediate fresh feeling under your eyes, but quite frankly it hasn't to me! However, like I said, I'm going to give it more time, maybe put it in the fridge?!

The nail polish, however, was a complete rip off! The color is fantastic, and I really think it is long lasting (I was cooking, and chopping things this morning, and the knife hit my nails several times but it is barely noticable), but there is something in its consistency and formulae which makes it suck!
I don't have my camera with me now, but I will take pictures tomorrow and do a complete and appropriate review for you to see what I'm talking about. At least you can avoid wasting money like I did.

Tell me what you think of the Garnier eyes roll-on, though...I want to understand if it is as disappointing as the nail polish, or I have to be patient to see the result. I'll be posting the Resist and Shine review with relative photos by tomorrow night.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Sleek Acid Palette - the search is over

So lovely Leon, from the P.R. and M.A. department at Sleek MakeUP saw my blog, and noticed my "search for the Acid i-Divine" palette. He has decided to send me one for free to "wish me well with my blog" and review it.
Not only is this brand vibrantly colorful and groundbreaking, but their staff is also amazingly kind.
As soon as the palette arrives, I'll review it, with relative swatches, and I'll sure make some great looks with it! Can't wait!

Thanks Leon, and thanks to all the girls who were available for swaps or just to get it from the UK and send it over. I'm still down for swapping (provided that money comes in my pockets, like it is supposed to...why are government people always late when they have to pay you, but always punctual when you owe them money?), so no worries...the make up fanatic will be back soon!

Well, I'm off to bed now...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

random thoughts from the SCORCHING HOT island of Sardinia

Hello everyone,

oh geez are you getting the same heat we are here? I thought I lived above Africa, not there! Almost 40 degrees, it's crazy! I can't focus on my last exam, and I can't even go around the town because it's just too hot. And since I have that stupid exam, I can't even go to the beach!! :°( (yes, the picture you see here is the actual beach near my hometown - just 10 mins and I'm swimming in heaven)

Anyways, I've gotten many messages on the Acid palette post, one of you proposed to buy it and send it to me just as long as I refund her of the cost of the palette and the shipping. I really think that is the most convenient option for me at the moment, as I am still waiting for my payment for a translation I made a few months ago (I'm on the verge of RAGE...how dishonest!) and my scholarship will only come to my skint university student pokets in September.
However, if she can't find it...let the swapping commence! ahahah... Aaaand, I'll be more than glad to swap with you, when I have money. Cosmetics in Italy are veeeeery expensive, and if I have to swap, I only want you to try the best products.
You're probably waiting for me to review something or post some more make-up looks. I'll do that as soon as I a. buy something worth reviewing b. have more time off of study and quite frankly, less heat. Imagine wearing makeup with 40°C ...mhm, not much of a great sensation!

On a last note, I want to thank all the beautiful ladies who take the time to read my blog or simply check it out day by day. I've been keeping this blog for a little more than a week, and I guess twelve followers are a lot already. Thanks for your lovely comments, and your appreciation.
As you can see I made some changes on my page, like posting some "winter memories", or an "art application". Yes, I love art, especially paintings. Maybe I'm just a failed painter who tries to put her artsy side on makeup ;).

OK now, I'm out to chill (or rather melt, considering the weather) with my lovely boyfriend.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Craving for the Sleek i-Divine ACID palette. Anyone who can send it as a swap?

Hello lovely ladies,
I've been trying to get a hold on the Sleek i-Divine Acid palette for ages, but I can't really. I live in Italy, and their e-shop is not up yet.
Since this palette is a limited edition one, I won't be able to find it in the fall (when I go to London again) - so I'm asking you: is there anyone who can buy that palette in the UK and send it to me as a swap? I'd send you fancy and good Italian products, like Pupa - or one of the Pupa make up kit (containing many eye shadows, lipsticks and lipglosses, blushes etc.)...please, please, please...I "need" those "acid" colors....they're so cuuuuuuuuuute!!!

Get back at me if you can,


Sunday, July 12, 2009


So Nelly Furtado's look inspired me to enter this contest. Of course, anyone will pick a celebrity that is most close to their style, and I choose her. I look nothing like her, but at least I have her colors.
It is kind of a simple look, but I've always thought that you can excel in simplicity too. And simple things are sometimes the most classy ones. Couldn't do my hair like hers (mine are only wavy at the bottom as you can see) cos i don't have a curler in my dorm room. Also, my camera is not a professional one, so please bear that in mind. I have tried to take the closest shots possible...
This is probably not the best shot of me, but at least if you CLICK ON THE IMAGE you can zoom it in and see a close up of the eyes ....
ahahah yes, there's a London map on my wall, and an Accessorize Union Jack shopper on my bed. Can you tell I love London?? Can't wait to go back!
I have decided not to edit these pics because it has to display the real make up, but they really don't do it justice.
I don't know how to improve the light on my camera and it was night time... :(
Ok so this was the last picture. Again, you can click on them and zoom in.

Just to follow the rules, I'll once again say that this is my entry for the beauty CONTEST 4 held by Orla, aka Little Miss Beauty Junkie.

And now, I'll list the products I've used:

FACE: Pupa smart skin foundation
Rimmel London Renew and Lift concealer
Rimmel London Soft Colour Blush in Amber

EYES: Pupa Luminys Baked Eyeshadow - as the original package got broken I don't know the name of the shade. But it is a highly pigmented Golden Beige. I applied it dry all over my lid and crease.
Pupa Polvere di Luce loose pigments in Bronze gold on the outer corner of my lid and crease.
Deborah liquid eyeliner in black (I applied a little bit on the outer corner of the lower lashline too)
Revlon black kajal eyepencil on the waterline.
Rimmel London Sexy Curves mascara (just 2 coats, as I wanted the eyeliner to be clear as in Nelly's pics)

LIPS: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Intense Wear lipstick in Temptation

EYEBROWS: little bit of Pupa Eyebrow pencil in Brunette.

Alright girls, think this is enough, I did follow the rules and I just hope I win. 1. cos it's my first contest ever; 2. cos I'm usually unlucky; 3. Cos I can't really find those brands in Italy :D

xoxo everyone! ;)

ootd and fotd

The outfit of the day close up pic, just to get you ready for the next one
where you can actually see my outfit, but my face looks HORRIBLE.
Makeup-wise I used: Pupa smart skin foundation, Rimmel dark peachy blush, a golden-yellow line of jumbo pencil and some Rimmel sexy Curves on my lashes. Oh and a Pupa pinkish-clear lipgloss.
Emerald green dress: Zara
Yellow leather purse: Tosca Blu
Yellow beaded necklace and coordinate earrings: I don't really know. My Romanian friend sent them to me. Can't remember the brand.
On my hair: yellow and orange flower clip by Bella Bijoux (former Carina)
Face of the day...the smokey pink look! Excellence in simplicity
FACE: Pupa Smart Skin Foundation in 04
Pupa peachy iridescent blush (it was in a make up kit)
Rimmel London Renew and Lift concealer

EYES: Clarins nude and pink eyeshadows from the Nature Temptation palette in 02
Revlon black kajal eye pencil (I didn't put it on the lid like that, I took some of it from the pencil with a brush and smudged that on the lash line, to create the smokey effect)
Deborah liquid eyeliner (used to define the lashline on the smudged pencil)
Pupa Diva's Lashes mascara in black.

LIPS: Chanel Infrarouge lipstick in 09-Bluff (natural pink)

Close up of the eyes...and yes I made it lighter with Picnik.com ...love photo-editing!

Please comment, constructive critics are also accepted (harsh envious comments are not!)
I'm gonna go post the pics for the make up contest now :)
Buh-bye, lovely ladies!

PS: can you tell how much I love flowers and bright colors?
They're all over my room (and flowers on my hair and ears too) hi hi ...

Monday, July 6, 2009

stay tuned for the first look...

Hello fellow bloggers,
I have decided to enter the Miss Beauty Junkie contest, so I'll soon be doing my first look/tutorial. Stay tuned for that, guess it's gonna come after July,8th.
OOOOh my first contest :D I'm so excited!

OK now, time to start my day and study for my French linguistics exam...
Buh-bye...aaaaaaaand remember to follow me, even if I'm new here.
You'll see how it will get when I have more spare time!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

products I love/use part II

Pupa Smart Skin Foundation in 04
This is the only foundation that really matches my skin tone!
Also, it is great if you have a mixed complexion.
It has a mattifying action, but doesn't create that mask effect
and it has a full coverage.
I guess it is the greatest foundation I've ever worn. I've tried many others, but I've always come back to it.
It is also very affordable.
Collistar "Unghie Perfette" (perfect nails) nailpolish in Glittery Purple
I've loved this nail polish this winter!
It was limited edition, but I hope they will become part of the permanent line.
It had so many glitters on it, and the color was a dark super cute purple!
Also it is very long lasting and you don't need to wear a top coat on it.
If you can get a hold on this (or any other by this italian brand), please do!
You won't be disappointed!
Rimmel London Sexy Curves mascara
Oh now...Diva's Lashes by Pupa used to be my favorite mascara...until I found SEXY CURVES!
This is an amazing product.
This little brush that you think wouldn't hold any product...is simply brilliant!
It does hold product, and...well I don't know if it is the formula or the brush - possibly both
however, it curls your lashes like they were fake!
I love it! My lashes appear to be so curved, black, long and full...
It is the best product from Rimmel so far...I totally love it, and so do pro make up artists..
therefore, two thumbs up for the cheap mascara with a great payoff!
And two thumbs up for Rimmel this year!
Rimmel London Lasting Finish lipstick in "Temptation"
which is that awesome red you see on the right...it is a little bit lighter when you wear it.
Another great product from Rimmel. It's the shade of red I've been looking for all fall...and what I've been wearing all winter on my nights out :D
You know, I used to hate Rimmel, but this year it released so many great products that I've started to love it (minus the Lasting finish Mineral foundation, which is too "buttery"-like and give you a mask effect ... at least on my skin type and tone).
They really improved the payoff of their products, anyways.
Jane Iredale PureMoist lipstick in Emily
Which I couldn't find a picture of, but since it has become one of my fave lipsticks
you'll definately see it in pics I'll be posting and make-up tutorials that will soon come.
It is a glossy,shimmery, beige...
The texture of these lipsticks is fantastic...it really has a moisturizing effect.
Also, if you suffer from any allergy you can rest assured these products won't give you any.
All Jane Iredale's products are mineral and 100% allergy free.
Also, if you care about the environment and animals...they're 100% cruelty free, not tested on animals, and natural formulae... (I'm also currently using a base shadow by J.I. and I'm waiting to get some others, they're good!)
Plus, isn't the packaging classy?! Definately worth the price!
Pupa Plastic Shine Baked eyeshadow in 04 - Purple
Now this is another amazing product.
You can wear it wet or dry, the wet version is a little bit darker and "marker"-like...awesome!
The dry version is a little bit more pearliscent...The color pay off is great, and it is long lasting.
Unfortunately it is a limited edition color...I really wanna get my hands on the fucsia one too!!!
Pupa Luminys Baked eyeshadows
They are all amazing. the best eyeshadow that has ever been released!
Dry, the colors are shimmery and some of them are a little sheer
Wet, they're all darker and ultrashimmery.
I have the black one, and the one at the bottom left...it is a beige-gold...awesome products!
Pupa Polvere di Luce Duo
I guess they don't make this anymore :(
great packaging, carrying two powders: one is the actual eyeshadow, very pearliscent, and the other one is a glittery powder that gives light wherever you wear it. it is awesome!
Pupa Polvere di Luce mono
I have these two shades (minus the lipgloss)...they're great...very pigmented, pearliscent powders....easily blended and all.
Great products, although they're not making it anymore (they're all about baked eyeshadows now) you can still find it in some stores....

No MAC cos they don't sell it here, but these are all great products nevertheless.
Maybe when I go back to London or Canada I can buy some MAC, if I'm not on a budget.
However, there are lots of other brands I wanna get a hold on when I go back to London. I'll make a wishlist ;)

Anyhoo...these are the products I use and love! I didn't wanna take pictures of my stuff and post them, cos I'm in my dorm room and this connection takes forever to upload anything. I'll use pics I find on the net instead. This is why sometimes I couldn't find my exact colors.

Hope you enjoyed it, and if you have questions on the products tell me.
Also if you can find some Italian brands and can't find it in your country, let me know :)

products I love/use

Finally someone though of people who have natural big nails!
I have the fucsia, but I really want to get the red one and the nude one in the collection.
This nail polish is long lasting, easy to put on, and the color is perfect with just one coat!
Two thumbs up for Rimmel London this year!
Deborah Light Creator Lipstick in 04
Which is this pretty fucsia-red, highly pigmented color here.
This picture really doesn't do it justice!
Thumbs up for the cheap and awesome lipstick!
Lancaster Blush - can't remember its name
Easily blended and long lasting.
Awesome blush - unfortunately it is very hard to find where I live.
Labello Passion Fruit lip balm
For some reasons we call it Labello in Italy, but i know it is called Nivea in other countries.
If you're big on lip conditioning, you really have to try this!
First of all it is better than Chapstick or other lip care products aaaanyday,
secondly it gives your lips a little gloss, and a little nice sheer color too.
Looks like your lips are naturally that beautiful.
Labello Cherry Lip Balm
Same thing here, with the exception that this shade is reddish.
Awesome product, really!
Deborah Liquid Eyeliner
with my favorite liner brush, kinda like a marker.
I couldn't use any other.
The liner is a great product, and it is also very very cheap.
Pupa Diva's Lashes Mascara in Extreme Black
I don't know if you can find this in any country, but if you do then try it.
It has a very big brush that enhance your lashes' volume.
The price is also very reasonable, considering it is from Pupa.
Dior Addict Ultragloss Reflect in Silk Fucsia
Now, this is pricey, but it is AWESOME! I looove this lipgloss.
It is ultry shiny, ultra shimmery, the color is ubercute, the texture is awesome, and even the smell is nice!
It is definately worth the price!
The only downside is that you can't take it with you wherever you go cos it might staind your purse.
I don't know, but mine does. :(
Rimmel London Renew and Lift liquid concealer
Another good product from Rimmel.
Very good coverage, and the texture is nice. The colors are also...
As my skin tone is very hard to find (I'm dark for being a white person, the kind of skin that becomes very caramel like in the summer)

Clarins Nature Temptations EyeShadow Palette
The colors are awesome, longlasting, easily blended, with a great packaging
(the mirror is big, and the package has pretty flowers drawn on it)
My favorite one is the teal-turquoise (which appears to be much darker in the pic)
It is ubercute!
The palette was a limited edition, but there are still some places where you can grab it
Maybe like I did, with 30% off ;)

I'll post another blog cos this was long...check it out for the other products!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Hello bloggers!

Hello everyone,
I'm new here, and I just want to try out this blog-thingy. I've created this for at least two reasons:
1. because I always feel the need to write,
2. because I have a strong passion for make-up, and I want to meet other make-up fans out here and share advice and tips. Also, I'll start making tutorials as soon as my semester exams will be over, so stay tuned! ;)

A bit about me: I'm an Italian post-grad student (I study Euroamerican Languages and literatures, my major is English, and my minor is French, eventhough I can speak Spanish and I can understand a little German too), I'm 25 years old, and I'm an English teacher in the summer...well, usually, but not this one. I need to get a vacation this summer, eh eh....
The reason why I don't post blogs in Italian is that you can get in touch with more people all around the world with English. Anyways, if any of you want to speak Italian or French or even Spanish to me, I'm pretty fine with that.
What are my interests?: TRAVELS, cultures, crazy nights out, education, make-up, and my wonderful boyfriend, of course! oOOh, did I mention drunk bohèmien psychedelic (minus the drugs) nights out??? ihihih I sure love them...

Well I guess I'm out of here, see how this thing works, and sooner or later let my posts speak about myself.

Bye everyone ;)