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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FOT(yester)D - neutral beige with a blue twist

I was wearing a blue and beige ensemble yesterday, so I thought I might replicate that on my eyes.
I used a shimmery beige on my entire lid, to give it light, and 2 semi-matte colors on my crease, to try and give it more depth.
Results aren't so clear from the pictures, but I liked it.
Please, excuse one of my eyes being swallen - I don't really know what was up with it.

Different angles, as the sun was shining bright here yesterday.

Products used:

Diorskin Nude foundation in 030
Bourjois blush in Cendre de Rose Brune
KIKO soft touch blush in Pearly Pink Kiss

e.l.f. eye primer
shimmery nude beige from the KIKO Electric Town palette in 04 Omotesando Beige
Lancaster e/s in beige - semi-matte
Lancaster e/s in copper brown - semi-matte
KIKO LLSE in 17 Blu Notte heavy on the lower lashline
Sleek Ink Pot gel liner in Espresso on the upper lashline
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara on the top lashes

MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick

Monday, March 29, 2010

catching up on blog awards

I have received this blog award from 3 lovely bloggers: The Violet Rose Make Up Studio, Confessions of a Makeupholic, and Ibisco Lilla - I suggest you check their blogs out, because they're great! Thank you girls :***

The tag rules :
I've got to tell you 10 things that make me happy
I have to give it away to another 10 bloggers!

- my boyfriend
- getting good grades
- makeup
- my brothers and my grandparents
- watching series (Lost and The Big Bang Theory above all)
- travelling
- good music
- receiving parcels
- hearing from friends who are far, but still take time to think of me
- paydays, LOL!

Geez, I think I've already tagged my fave 10 bloggers recently, so I will tag everyone who wants to do this, because I think it's always fun to read facts about people!

Don't forget to check out those blogs!!!

Thank you again girls, you're awesome!

Review: KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow (EN - IT)

L-R: 01 bianco perlato, 02 argento, 03 oro, 04 cioccolato dorato, 05 marrone rosato, 06 marrone dorato, 07 beige dorato, 08 verde chiaro, 09 verde nilo, 10 verde smeraldo, 11 ottanio, 12 turchese, 13 violetto, 14 rosa shocking, 15 lilla, 16 viola, 17 blu notte, 18 verde ardesia, 19 antracite, 20 nero

Please, excuse the awful picture. I know it is slightly out of focus. Bear with my photography skills (or rather, lack of!).
As you all know by now, some weeks ago, I was sent lots of products from KIKO Makeup Milano to try and review.
I'm starting off with their Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows. I'm sure many of you remember my previous post about these, because I had a great feedback on them, and you told me you wanted a review on them. Well, I'm happy to oblige.

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows are, as their name suggests, eyeshadows in a stick form. Much like MAC Shadesticks, but better. Yes, you heard it: BETTER!
You know how Shadesticks crease ridiculously when are not covered with some powder eyeshadow? KIKO LLSE do not! They stay put for ages, even when worn alone! I have tried them for the first time for a night out in a club (where I dance and sweat) and I have worn them from 10 pm to 6:30 am. I only had one almost imperceptible line on my crease. Awesome!
Despite being waterproof, they are super creamy, and their texture varies: some of them are frost, some are shimmery, and some are less shimmery than others. The black one is completely matte.
The color range is vast, having 20 shades to choose from, as you can see from the swatches above. The picture is pretty self-explanatory: the color pay-off is impressive!

The best part is that they retail for only € 6,90 each - the equivalent of £ 6,20, which is half the price of a Shadestick (retails for £ 13,00, or € 14,50 and has less product).

I often use them as a base, to get more intenstity from my powder e/s, or alone when I'm in a rush. I can't wait to use the black one smudged over my lid for a super smokey eye, or the golden, pearl, and silver ones on my tan this summer!

So, what is your opinion on eyeshadow sticks (which, by the way remind me of the 70's)?
Also, if you like the products in the KIKO reviews series, answer the poll on the sidebar. It will help them evaluating if international shipping is a worthy option!


Scusate la foto orribile, so che è sfocata. Abbiate pazienza con le mie abilità (o meglio, inabilità) di fotografa.
Come voi tutte ormai saprete, qualche settimana fa mi sono stati spediti alcuni prodotti dalla KIKO Makeup Milano, per poterli testare e recensire.
Inizierò coi loro Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow. Sono sicura che molte di voi ricorderanno il mio post precedente riguardo a questo prodotto, dato che ho avuto un largo feedback e che mi è stato chiesto da tutte di recensirlo. Beh, sono felice di accontentarvi!

I LLSE sono, come dice il nome stesso, ombretti in forma di stick. Molto simili agli Shadestick della MAC, ma migliori. Avete sentito bene: MIGLIORI!
Avete presente quante odiose righette facciano gli Shadestick quando non sono ricoperti da un'ombretto in polvere? I LLSE di KIKO non le fanno! Reggono per tantissimo tempo, anche quando li si usa da soli. Li ho provati per la prima volta in discoteca (dove ballo e sudo!) e li avevo indosso dalle 10 della sera fino alle 6:30 del mattino. Avevo solo una righetta quasi impercettibile...fantastico!
Nonostante siano resistenti all'acqua, sono molto cremosi e la loro texture varia: alcuni sono frost, altri shimmery, alcuni sono meno brillantinati ancora, e il nero è addirittura opaco!
La gamma di colori è vastissima e si possono scegliere ben 20 tonalità, come potete vedere dagli swatches in alto. La foto è autoesplicativa: la scrivenza di questi ombretti è sorprendente!

La cosa migliore è che il prezzo è solo di € 6,90, che è la metà di uno Shadestick della MAC (il cui prezzo è intorno agli € 14, 50 - £ 13 per chi compra quando è in Inghilterra, come me - per meno prodotto!)

Io li uso spesso come base, per ottenere un colore più intenso dai miei ombretti in polvere, oppure anche da soli quando sono di fretta. Non vedo l'ora di provare il nero sfumato non troppo precisamente, per fare un bel smokey eye moderno (stile Kate Moss), oppure di provare quelli perla, dorato e argentato sull'abbronzatura!

Qual è la vostra opinione sugli ombretti in stick (che, tra l'altro, mi ricordano molto gli anni '70)?

Un bacione,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Reviews: Soap and Glory's Arch de Triumph and Hair Supply

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by the super-friendly Joanna, PR for Soap&Glory, who offered to send me some products after reading my review on The Fab Pore mask.
When I opened the package I received, I found that - much to my pleasure - Joanna selected four different products for me from different ranges: hair care, skin care, and cosmetics.
What I will review now are 1 hair care product, and one cosmetic product (the lip plumpers' review is scheduled for this week, whereas I want to use the skin care product for another week or two, just to ensure my review is as accurate as possible).

Hair Supply - gloss giving radiance and repair
mask treatment for all hair types

As usual, packaging is uber-cute. Pink and white, great vintage images, and funny descriptions.
The first thing I have to say about this mask is that its smell is simply amazing. It makes me want to wash my hair just to smell it, and after I get out of the shower I feel like I have just gotten out of my salon!
The consistency is that of a thick cream/gel and you can leave it a minute if you wash your hair everyday, or 3-4 minutes for a weekly treatment. Now, I have very fine, long hair, therefore I don't wash my hair everyday, and I have only tried the 3-4 mins option.
It really gives radiance and gloss to your hair, and also it helps repairing it, and keeping it protected from heat. It does not weight down the hair at all. However, I think it is not a substitute for your conditioner. In fact, if I only use this after my shampoo, my hair turns thick and hard, and difficult to comb. I would highly suggest you use conditioner before this mask, and then you will be fine.
I do recommend this product, if your hair lacks shine and if you want to experience that lovely smell each time you wash your hair - it's like aroma therapy to me!

Arch de Trimph - shaping and highlighting brow crayon

This is a two step shaping and highlighting crayon. One end is the eyebrow pencil, which the perfect color to get both a natural look, or a more dramatic one (if you build it up). Consistency is not too creamy, which is good in my books, as I don't really want to look like I've been drawing my brows with a marker!
The box comes with some eyebrow stencils in the back, which I personally don't find useful at all.
At first I thought it was a good idea, but after trying them I think that they are not the right way to shape your brows.
The thing I like the most about this, is the highlighter end. It is the perfect dupe for Benefit's high-brow pencil. So creamy and soft, yet so longlasting! Sometimes I use it on my lower waterline to create the illusion of bigger eyes, and it looks awesome!
I highly recommend this product, which I now use everyday!

Hair Supply retails for £ 6,00 (200 ml tube)
Arch de Triumph retails for £ 7,50

So far, I really love Soap&Glory, and I think they should start selling online, because too many people in the world are missing out on so many great products.
What's your experience with this brand? Have you tried any of these two products?

Disclaimer: Soap&Glory sent me these two products for reviewing purposes. I am not paid to give my opinion, and I am not an affiliate of the brand.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Eyeko products review

Some of you may know that a while ago, I have placed my first order on Eyeko. I won't dwell on the many vicissitudes I went through while waiting for my order to arrive, as the majority may already know of what is now referred to as "Eyeko-gate". Fortunately, from the records I read on their facebook page, they have improved their customer service now, so all my misfortunes weren't for nothing.

As you can see on my picture, I have got the 3-in-1 cream, touch up and glow hightlighter, the infamous vintage polish, graffiti eyeliner pen, and as free gifts I have got a strawberry fat balm and their glitter liner.

On to the reviews:

Strawberry Fat Balm: this is not as moisturizing as any other lipbalms (as my labello, for instance), however it gives your lips the most natural flush of color ever, and I do love it! And its smell too! I have used this several times on my cheeks when I was in a hurry, and again, it provides a natural flush of color, which I personally love. You can achieve that "no-make-up" make-up look!
I do recommend, especially if you love strawberries.

Touch up and glow hightlighter: before getting this, I thought that the fluid inside was the same as their cream. Little did I know about it, I was wrong. This is actually an extremely shimmery hightlighter, and its shimmer particles are more on the silver side, whereas the particles in the cream are more on the golden side (more about this later). As I am not a fan of glittery shimmers on my cheek bones, I didn't really like it, but that is up to your personal taste. The quality of the product in the pen is actually good, so....it all boils down to tastes.
You will need to screw the bottom of the pen a few times at first usage, but make sure you leave at least one or two seconds before screwing again. You don't want tonnes of products to come out all at once, do you?

Eyeko 3-in-1 cream: When I first received this, I was a little skeptical, as I thought it would have been more evident on my skin. That was based on pictures of eyeko ambassadors etc. However, as days went by, I started to use this cream everytime I put on some makeup. I use it as a highlighter on my cheek bones, and even if it is not the most shimmery and visible highligher, it does provide some kind of "imperceptible" glow. By that, I mean that your eyes will perceive a glow, without actually seeing it because it blends into the skin and foundation really well.
Many of you have been asking about my complexion recently, and I will tell you: I hate my skin! I think my pores are too visible on the apples of my cheeks, and those open pores give me redness and uneven tone around my face. Sure, what you see is a combination of good camera and Diorskin Nude foundation, but also, I have used the Eyeko 3-in-1 cream in all of the pictures you commented on. Talk about that "glow"...
I highly recommend this!

Eyeko Glitter Liner: well, not much to say, it's a silver glitter liner. However, if you love wearing glitters (it looks lovely for a clubbing look) you may love this liner as well. The glitters are big, so when you draw your line, they will appear visibly on your skin. If you let it dry a little, and then draw a second line on it, you'll have a thick full glitter line, which most of the other glitter liners fail to create! you can either dab a little on your finger and dab it around for a softer look (as soft as glitters go).

Eyeko Vintage polish: I can't have enough of it! I love this color! It's pretty, fresh, and reminds me of spring! You'll ahve to give it 2 or 3 strokes to get the exact color of the bottle, and it is one of those polishes that will peel rather than chip. I put my topcoat on it, and it stays a week!

Graffiti liner pen in black: here is another great product from this brand! The applicator is not too think, but it's dense and hard enough to let you draw both a thick or a thin line, whichever your preference is. I love this.
I've seen many reviews, and videos on youtube about this, saying that the tip was dry, so people couldn't use it. It's a shame. One of mine was almost dry at first usage as well. I had to open it and manage the ink. The other one is fine, though. I really think they should check their stock more carefully, or sealing them somehow, because it's too good a product to be wasted!
I do recommend this!

Overall, I do recommend Eyeko products, they have free shipping all over the UK and Europe, or a Signed For option (the latter is now mandatory for countries outside UK and EU I think).
Also, if you want to receive a free gift with every order, simply add my Ambassador code, which you will find at the left-hand sidebar of my blog.

Much love,


I love it!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

newsflash: KIKO to launch limited edition Red Emotion lipsticks

Yes, this promo image is sexy!

If you haven't got it yet, I have started a love relationship with this brand! I think it's one of the very few Italian brands that really step out of their game. Don't get me wrong, I still love Pupa as well, but I really think they haven't been daring enough recently. Everything they've released this year, despite the great quality, is "already seen, already done". On the other hand, KIKO has new additions frequently, and has a vast range of shades and textures to choose from. Plus, they have an online store!!!

Anyway, enough with the jibber-jabber, let's get straight to the point: as you can tell from the title and the promo image, there's a new addition to the family.
It's called Red Emotion Lipstick, and it's a limited edition range, inspired by the seductive power of the color red, so all the shades will be different declinations of red shades. Interesting, yes, but what's more interesting than that you can choose two different textures for this collection.
In fact, RedEmotion Lipstick will be available in Red Emotion Sheer lipstick (sheer and glossy), and Red Emotion Satin lipstick (satin-matte colors).
Both finishes are enriched with vitamin E, which will ensure a great moisturizing power, and the sheer lipsticks will also contain rice oils. What's more, they are paraben-free! Two thumbs up!!!

Now on to the shades:
Red Emotion Satin Lipstick

favourite shades: 200, 205

Red Emotion Sheer Lipstick
(am I seeing things, or the tip is different?)

favourite shades:100, 102, 103

These lipsticks will retail for € 6,90 and will be available at some point this week on their online store as well.
I am really interested in these, as it's hard to find nudes in Italy. Nude and moisturizing matte lipsticks? Sold!

What are your favourite shades? Would you be interested in this brand if they provided international shipping?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Graduation party make-up using KIKO cosmetics (pics heavy!)

me and my friend Rossella, the newly-graduate

close up of the face

flower earrings: Primark
flower clips and statement necklace: Accessorize

Products used:

Diorskin nude foundation in 030 Beige Medium
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream on my cheekbones
Rimmel Hide the Blemish concealer under the eyes
KIKO Makeup Milano L.E. Soft Touch blush in 02 Pearly Pink Kiss

Soap&Glory Arch de Triumph eyebrow pencil and brow highlighter
KIKO Makeup Milano Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow(s) in 08 - verde chiaro on the inner half of the eye
and 10 - verde smeraldo in the outer half, both blended in with my Sigma SS224 brush
Urban Decay Homegrown e/s blended on the LLSE's
Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (just a flush) above the crease to gradually blend the green
KIKO Makup Milano L.E. Urban Look eye khol on the waterline and slightly blended on the outer corner
Rimmel Sexy Curves mascara
KIKO Makeup Milano False Lashes Concentrate topcoat mascara

DiorAddict Ultra Gloss in 873 in the pictures I took at home
Barry M Lip Laquer Crayon in n 1 - Scarlet Red with Maybelline watershine lipgloss in 10 Pink Ruby on top in the picture with Rossella

And on my nails I had one of the KIKO nail polishes that have been sent to me, in 302 - Orchidea Perlato (pearly orchid) w/ KIKO Shiny topcoat

Can you believe these polishes are only €3,90? They're awesome!

Kiko LLSE/S and nail polishes were sent to me for reviewing purposes.
Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph was sent to me for reviewing purposes.
I do not work for the aforementioned companies, however they have sent me their products for consideration.
I have paid for every other product I mentioned on this post.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to turn a beauty blogger into a happy bunny - advanced

Remember my previous post on "the basics" of how to turn a beauty blogger into a happy bunny? Well, let me welcome you to the advanced class!
This is what the LOVELY Alice from KIKO Makeup Milano sent me (super fast delivery - 2 days only!) for reviewing purposes:

18 of their new nail varnishes shades;
a french manicure pen for my tips w/ french manicure nail varnish;
shiny toap coat;
a nail polish fixer (btw this spray has a pleasant smell!)

Here is the second box where all the face makeup is: all of the 20 LongLasting Stick E/S (!);
False Lash Concentrate - Volume top coat mascara;
15days extension intensive treatment kit (daily tr. mascara + night tr. booster);
and their L.E. Soft Touch blush;
L.E. Electric Eyeshadow Palette;
L.E. Urban Look eyeliner and khol;
L.E. Ultraglossy l/p;
L.E. Unlimited l/g

I am going to have a jolly good time playing with all these products, and giving them full reviews.

Now if you are not yet salivating, take a look at these:

Limited Edition Electric Eyeshadow palette in 04 Omotesando Beige

Limited Edition Soft Touch Blush in 02 Pearly Pink Kiss

both of them have this DIVINE packaging.

Well enough wish spoilers, this was just a way to grow anticipation in you.
Full reviews (and better quality pictures) to come soon.

Bye for now,

These products have been sent to me from KIKO for consideration. I am not their affiliate, nor I work for them.

Face of the (yester)day

This is the look I sported for my friend's graduation(not the one in the picture), yesterday.
I wore a blue and black dress (although you can't really see it...it's lovely), so my makeup was based on those colors.

By the way, Congratulations "French"! I love you to bits, you were perfect yesterday!
now for close-ups:

yes, they get blurry when you crop them. Who knows why?

This is once I got home, extremely tired and sleepy. LOL

Products used:

Diorskin Nude in 030 - medium beige
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream on my cheekbone as a highlighter
Bourjois blush in Cendre de Rose Brune*

the very light baby blue glittered e/s (no, not a chunk of glitters, this is actually awesome!) from the Pupa Precious Gold LE palette, all over the lid
Pupa Matt Extreme e/s in 07 (navy) on the crease and blended
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 927 - Storm Cloud blended on the navy matte shadow*
Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph -pink end - as a highlighter on the brow bone*
UD 24/7 glide-on pencil in Zero on the lower lashline
Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner pen as my eyeliner on my upper lashline
Rimmel sexy curves + Max Factor false lash effect mascaras

although I had eaten already by the time I took the pictures, I wore Soap&Glory Sexy MotherPucker lipgloss in Nude (review to come)*

* Soap&Glory's Arch de Triumph and Sexy MotherPucker were sent to me for consideration and reviewing purposes. I am in no way S&G affiliate.
The other items signed with an asterisk were sent to me in a make-up swap.

PS: my camera bleached my skin. There's no way I'm that pale, but it looks good in contrast to the blue makeup ehehe

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How to turn a beauty blogger into a happy bunny - 101

This is what the postman delivered to me this morning.
Yep, lovely package from Soap&Glory, containing The Fab Pore Hot Cloth Cleanser, Hair Supply mask, Arch de Triumph, and a set of 3 Sexy MotherPucker lipglosses.
I will, of course, report on these products once I have given them a good go, so I will not spoil any hint now :D

Plus, I won the Sleek MakeUP Facebook competition...I won the complete collection of i-Divine palettes! Even past limited edition ones. I am so so happy! You know I love Sleek ;)

What's more, I'm currently waiting for another lovely package, and something I bought from a blog sale, and Scott Barnes' book. Can you tell I really love receiving parcels?

Nighty night, lovelies!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

vincitrici concorso KIKO

Le vincitrici dei codici sconto sono Cristina, Elenis e Claudia

Vi contatterò prestissimo all'email, fornendovi il codice sconto ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Few new things on my blog

First off, I have changed my header. What do you think of it? Yay or nay? I felt that the picture I had before was nice, but didn't allow the blog title and subtitle to show up well. I have also created a new subtitle, as you can see. It is now "make-up for your curiouser side" - to quote my beloved Alice, of course. I am also testing Windows Live Writer at the moment, so tell me if my font shows up on your screens as well, and whether I should keep using Times New Roman or Arial, or you like Century Gothic too. I hope WLW will help me improve the visual aspect of my blog. If you have any suggestion on how to use it, please tell me! I'm still trying to get the hang of it. Your opinions on all this are much appreciated! xoxo, Lyd

**UPDATE: now from Blogger's settings - from what I can see from this post, Windows Live Writer is such a waste of time. The font didn't change, neither did the size, nor the allignment. Is it the same for you, or did you make it work?**

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

40 skincare and beauty questions

Although I haven't officially being tagged to do this, I read Daisy's and thought I'd do this too. It will probably make me sleepy while doing it, which is exactly what I want now...LOL

How many times do you wash your face daily?
Twice daily - but when I don't wear make-up during the day, just once!

What skin type do you have?
Dry to combination

What is your current facial wash?
Vichy Normaderm - it's great, but it's way too expensive here...

Do you exfoliate?
Yes, I do, but not as much as I should. I use L'Erbolario's Gommage au bois de Panama. Love it!!!

What brand do you use?
Again, L'Erbolario (Italian phytocosmetics brand. Their products are all natural, and they're lovely!)

What moisturizer do you use?
Vichy Normaderm.

Do you have freckles?

Do you use eye cream?
I usually forget it, but when I'm trying to get better. I use the Anatomicals eye cream...it's the only one I've ever tried to be honest. I hadn't had dark circles until last summer :S

Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
Unfortunately for me, I did! And no, not at 14. At 21. It was awful: my hormones were all messed up, and I started getting spots and crazy red and white pimples all over my cheeks, near my mouth. I really hated looking at my face in the mirror. I tried anything, and the only thing that helped me is...birth-control pills!

Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?
Yup. By the time I had my acne stage, I was about to leave for Canada, so while I was there, I tried every sort of product they had there to fight it. I also used Pro-activ and it has done NOTHING on my skin. If acne is purely hormonal, there is nothing you can do for your skin but fix those hormones.


What foundation do you use?
Diorskin nude!

How about concealer?
I'm kind of new to concealers, so...Rimmel's Hide the Blemish (for under the eyes) and sometimes the Avène one for occasional spots (it's a big pencil with one green end and one beige end), although the latter is light-reflectant, therefore I don't really use it when I know I'm taking pictures.

Do you know your undertone colour?
I'm not sure if it is neutral or yellow. Definitely not pink!!!

What do you think of false eyelashes?
I think I should learn how to apply them. I have to cut them into halves (is halves the plural of half? Language problem here!) in order to apply them successfully.

Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes, but what are rules without transgressors? LOL I use them until I feel they're drying out too much - rules are always made by companies who are just eager for more money. I do what I want.

What brand of mascara do you use?
Rimmel Sexy Curves and Max Factor False Lash Effect. Although I've used lots of mascaras, and I'm an expert now eheh

Sephora or MAC?
uuuhm, how can I tell, when I live on an island which is 1 hr's flight away from the places that have both Sephora and MAC? Never been to either of them.

Do you have a MAC pro-card?
...what do you think?

What make-up tools do you use in make up application?
my Sigma brushes!

Do you use make up base/primer for the eyes?
Most of the time, I have 2 primers from e.l.f. (normal and studio) and UDPP...and I like the normal e.l.f. one better than any other!

For the face?
Nope - tried the e.l.f. Mineral Infused one and it didn't work for me

What is your favourite eyeshadow (colour or shade)?
aaaah, too many! Browns, neutrals and taupe colors are my fave though

Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Depends on what I do. I use gel liners or Eyeko Graffiti liner for my lid, but I always use pencil for my waterline!

How often do you poke your eyes with a pencil eyeliner?
Never. However, I do that with mascara sometimes.

What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
I like them, but they require some time for a nice application.

Do you use mineral make-up?
I use Lumiere foundations and blushers sometimes. Do Sleek palettes count as mineral? They are mineral BASED...

What is your favourite lipstick?
MAC's Creme d'Nude- got it in my recent swap with Saratu and I just LOOOOVE it. Even more then Gosh Darling, sorry!

How about lipgloss?
I'd say it's a Dior one - it's a bright magenta red. However, I don't wear it very often because it leaks, so putting it into my purse it's a no-no (all Dior lipglosses do, just for the record)

What is your favourite blush to use?
Sleek Flamingo, and Bourjois Cendre de Rose Brune, and the MEMEME cheek tints

Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?

Do you like drugstore makeup?
I love it! I'm not a make-up snob, I love different products from different brands, and for different price tags

Do you go to CCO's (cosmetic company outlets)?
Never been there. No CCO's in Italy. No cheap make-up either.

Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
I would consider that in the future, but I must stay focused on my academic career now.

Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
Not until I have to put mascara on. Smudges anyone? (217 is great for hiding mascara smudges and make them fade away!)

Name a makeup crime that you hate
Excess of any kind is bad. Orange skin is horrible, drag make-up to go to the students cafeteria is hideous, and I hate, hate, hate, when people line their lips just outside them, or when they draw their brows unnaturally.

Do you like colourful shades of makeup (lipstick, eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
I wear colorful eyeshadows, but I do not overdo with it. I like bright reds and magenta lipsticks. I love them, however, my boyfriend does not, so I wear them rarely.

Which celebrity always has great make up?
Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Duff, Hayden Panettiere. I love smokey eyes LOL

If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item, what would you use?
A tonne of mascara! -quote-

Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Of course I could. In fact, I do it often. 3 days a week I go to the gym with no makeup on. Sometimes I leave the house just to go to my bf's to spend the night, so I don't bother.

Do you think you look good without any make up on?
I look better with makeup, or so I think. However, I know I look younger with no makeup on. People ask me if I'm 21 at the gym!

In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
I don't have one.

What do you think of make up?
It's the greatest way to enhance or change your features, because you can wash it away and always be your true self!
It's fun, can be colorful, and a way to express your mood or personality. It's the little bit of art in each one of us!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Sunday Shoutout 07-03-2010

I have two shoutouts today. Two fabulous bloggers who look beautiful, are lovely, and post great fotd's!

One is Tacky Blue Eyeshadow, and if you don't know her blog already, then you should click on that link and follow button!!!

The second one is a new addition to the beauty blogging community, her eotd posts and tutorials are amazing, and her blog is The Violet Rose Makeup Studio - click and follow, y'all!

What are your favourite blogs?


I love pretty little things

On wednesday I was awarded as one of the most valuable students in my faculty.
I don't really mean to show off, I just want to show you what my "award" is:

yep! a petty little netbook. It's so small, but useful! I love it already! I haven't used it much, but it will be great for when I travel! No more adding 6 kgs on my shoulder when I already have my suitcase! Yay!

I have already personalized it with my Salvador Dalì butterflies theme LOL, aaaand it has a webcam, so PROBABLY I will start posting on youtube. I still don't know, cos it's full of haters and creepy weirdos there. Plus, I have to get the hang of how to use it without using its stupid built-in software.

Have you had something to remember this week by?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Giveaway: 3 coupon sconto 20% KIKO

*this post will be in Italian, simply because the codes are for a site which does not provide shipping anywhere outside Italy for now. Sorry, lovelies*

Salve ragazze,
immagino che ormai tutte sappiate del lancio dei Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows di KIKO, che avverrà l'8 Marzo (nel giorno della nostra festa non sarebbe male farsi un regalino!). Per festeggiare l'avvenimento, dunque, niente è meglio di un piccolo concorso.
In palio ci sono 3 codici personali, utilizzabili una sola volta, fino al 31 di questo mese, che danno diritto al 20% di sconto sugli acquisti fatti sul sito www.kikocosmetics.com [n.d.r. il codice non è cumulabile con altre promozioni in corso]

Per partecipare, tutto ciò che vi chiedo è:

1. Essere iscritte al mio blog (non occorre che VOI abbiate un blog, basta avere un account e profilo google, che potete creare con qualsiasi vostro indirizzo email -anche non gmail- e poi cliccare su follow/segui, nella barra a destra del mio sito. Tempo stimato per l'operazione 3 minuti!);

2. Lasciare un commento qui sotto, chiedendo di poter partecipare al concorso, includendo il vostro indirizzo email.

Sceglierò 3 vincitrici e darò a ciascuna di loro un codice personale ed esclusivo per le sostenitrici di questo blog, attraverso estrazione. Per l'estrazione utilizzerò il sito www.random.org, in cui è disponibile un generatore virtuale di numeri casuali [n.d.r. per assicurare la massima trasparenza pubblicherò lo screenshot della schermata coi risultati dei numeri!]
E' possibile partecipare fino alla mezzanotte dell 13 marzo - le vincitrici saranno estratte e contattate personalmente da me il 14 Marzo, all'indirizzo email indicato.

Tutto chiaro? Allora, buona fortuna bellezze!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Newsflash: KIKO to launch their new Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

Are you a fan of MAC shadesticks, but always seek an alternative product which is less expensive? Then this product might be the right one for you, and for half the price!

KIKO claims this eyeshadow in the form of a stick, as its name suggests, has an 8 hour's no transfer performance on your eyes. Yet, Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow is blendable, and buildable coverage from sheer. Hello smokey eyes, and smudgy make-up!

The color range is vast, having 20 colors to choose from: classics like Bianco Perlato/Pearly White, Silver, Gold, and Black, and brighter colors which include a selection of at least 3 shades for purple colors (Violetto/Violet, Lilla/Lilac, Viola/Purple), browns, greens, blues, and even pinks.
Kiko sent me some preview pictures of the shades, and I will now include my faves:


10 - Verde Smeraldo/Emerald Green

11-Verde Nilo/Celadon

7-Beige Dorato/Beige Doré

5-Marrone Rosato/Granite Brown

and a classic 20-Nero/Black

I think this is an interesting product to achieve sultry smokey eye looks, or glamourous smugdy make-up, the Kate Moss style.

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow will be released on March, 8th and its price will be less than €7,00 which is less than half the price of MAC shadesticks.

Kiko is looking forward to expand their range outside Italy (I think they sell in Spain too for now), and you can check out their products at www.kikocosmetics.com - They do have an online store there, but only provide shipping within Italy (and I have to say, two thumbs up for their online store, as this is not really typical of any other Italian brand) for now.

So Italian bloggettes, or international ones who will be in Italy next week, how does that product sound to you?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Newsflash: Sleek to launch their new interactive website (finally)

Yes, you read it! Finally they're launching their interactive site, where you will also be able to buy their products online, limited edition palette included -and with international shipping offered-.
If you go to www.sleekmakeup.com, you will find a countdown page which tells you when the site will be finally running. I know we have all been waiting for that since this fall (when the site was supposed to be live), so I know this news will make you all smile!

This comes just in time for the launch of their new limited edition palette, the Bohemian one (which will contain a vast range of colors that make you think of bohemian clothes, and will have a white packaging!) which is due on March, 17th.

Are you excited?

I will be back with more news from the cosmetics world by tonight, and this time it will be bilingual because I think it will be useful information for Italians as well, and I do not want to discriminate :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Gemstones inspired series - n 2: Jade

The weather was a little bit hotter today, and I had lots of wonderful new goodies to play with (from my swap).
Pictures don't do it justice, because it's just so hard to photograph these blue/green/teal colors at night if your lighting is poor. Anyway, you get the drift, this will look lovely in spring evenings ;)

Products used:

Diorskin nude foundation in 030 Medium Beige
Bourjois blush in 48 Cendre de Rose Brune -got in my swap, for the FTC records...-
Eyeko 3 in 1 cream as highlighter on my cheek bones

Pupa Lumynis baked eyeshadow in an antique gold tone all over the lid and on the browbone
Illamasqua cream shadow in Amour on the crease -got in my swap-
Teal color from the Clinique Nature Temptations palette on the crease
Teal color from the Sleek "The Original" palette blended on the crease, over the previous 2 colors -got in my swap-
Rimmel London exaggerate waterproof eye definer in 250 Emerald Sparkle
Rimmel London white eyeliner on the waterline
Rimmel London Sexy Curves mascara

Deborah Milano Rossetto LightCreator in 01 (it looks more fucsia in real life)
Sleek Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac

UPDATE: on my nails: Eyeko Vintage polish (doesn't it look gorgeous?)