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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Off to Dublin I go...

...and I will be back on the 8th.

Saturday Night FOTD

Products used:

Layla Hydro Tense foundation in 5
KIKO Essential Bronzer in Gold Mèlange
Madina Milano Extreme Blusher in 13
Benefit Erase Paste

UD Mushroom
UD Half Baked (inner corner)
UD Sellout (highlighter)
Shimmery Black e/s by Pupa
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot gel liner in Dominatrix
Layla Base Allungante
Layla Lash Art mascara
KIKO False Lashes Concentrate
KIKO Urban Kohl black eyeliner

Essence stay natural concealer
Deborah Milano red lipliner
Ellis Faas Creamy Lips in L101 (the Ellis Red)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Review: Layla Hydro Tense foundation

Light to medium coverage foundation that leaves the skin looking glowy and radiant.
This product will provide you with a subtle lifting effect, and maximum hydration that results in a visible glow.
Not your cup of tea if you have a shiny/oily skin, but will definitely look rich on dry, normal and combination skins that have no oiliness problems.
This foundation contains an SPF, so bear in mind it will bleach out your real skin tone if you take pictures with flash! It happens to me all the times, so I just don't pay attention to it anymore. Just remember this if you are going to a particular event that require photographs.
The color range is pretty vast, not in terms of numer (6) but in terms of different colors. As you can see I've been sent 3 different shades and one of them is light (I will be wearing this in the winter), and one of them is way too dark for me (which satisfies darker skins! two thumbs up on this one!) but will be useful in case I want to go for a Scott Barnes contouring, while one of them is the perfect match for my tanned skin (in fact, you're not even able to see it).

I rate this 4 out of 5 just because I would have liked this this to be a little less glowy.

Fondotinta dalla copertura leggera - media che lascia la pelle radiosa e lucente.
Questo fondotinta da un leggero effetto lifting (impercettibile all'occhio inesperto) e massima idratazione che risulta poi in un finish lucente.
Non adatto a chi ha la pelle oleosa o già lucida, ma sicuramente molto bello sulle pelli secche, normali e miste.
Questo fondotinta contiene un fattore di protezione solare, per cui apparirà molto sbiancato nelle foto fatte col flash! Attenzione, dunque, se avete importanti eventi in vista!
La gamma di colori è vasta, non tanto per numero, quanto per differenza. Infatti, se notate nella foto delle tre colorazioni a me inviate una risulta essere il perfetto colore per la mia pelle abbronzata (ed è infatti impercettibile), una più chiara e quindi adatta per l'inverno, e una molto (troppo) scura, adattissima per le ragazze dalla pelle olivastro che si è abbronzata, alle ragazze di origini arabe o indiane e alle ragazze di origini africane.
Mi sembra un ottimo passo da parte di un marchio Italiano, prendere in considerazione pelli "altre" (nel senso antropologico del termine), visto che ormai abbiamo una società multi-etnica! Inoltre questa tonalità sarà ideale per ricreare il contouring in stile Scott Barnes.

Gli do un bel 4 su 5, giusto perché mi piacerebbe che fosse un po' meno lucente, ma è davvero un bel prodotto.

Per una lista dei rivenditori Layla più vicini a voi, andate su www.laylacosmetics.it

Il prezzo di questo fondotinta è di euro

Disclaimer: these products have been provided by PR for reviewing consideration only.

Product Rave: Liz Earle review part 2 - masks and exfoliants

Hello darlings,
how are you doing? I am super excited as I'll be off to Dublin in less than 2 days now, but before that, I wanted to leave you with some nice reviews!
As you already know the lovely Andrea from Liz Earle sent me some products to review a couple of months ago, and I've given them full rounds in order to provide you with an accurate review (after all, skincare is no joke!)

I have already reviewed their Daily Essentials here, now it's "facial time".

I love giving my face a nice and deep cleansing from time to time, so I was very excited to try these products.

Retail price: £ 12.25 for a 70 ml pump, £ 8.75 for a 50 ml tube (also available in a try-me 15ml tube)

Ideal for all skin types (except sensitive) this exfoliator leaves my skin soft, radiant and helps me to reduce my pores' appearence. Its consistency is creamy with -of course- beads that remove impurities. This exfoliator is really gentle, as its name suggests, as the beads aren't too big, or to harsh on the skin. On the contrary, they are jojoba beads - rather delicate - which provide a nice massage to your face, without scratching.
It also leaves your face very soft and smooth, almost like you wouldn't really want to put anything else on it, thanks to sweet almond oil (which regulates facial sebum) and cocoa butter (which is a deep nourisher).
My rate is 5/5 for this product! - sorry, sensitive-skinned ladies, you're missing out!

Retail price: £ 12.50 for a 75 ml tube + sponges + pouch

This a highly concentrated clay mask that removes excess oil and impurities. You have to leave it on for 5 - 10 minutes and then remove it with a rinsed sponge. After that, you want to splash your face with cool water.
Why is this great? Because you can also use it directly on spots only, and you will see them disappear, magically.
The mixture of green and white clay makes it suitable for combination skins too; propolis, manuka oil, and glycerin won't leave your skin super dry!
Although some people love the smell, it seem a little weird to my nose as it is indeed strong.
My rate is 4.5/5 on this one!
(I really really suggest using it directly on spots, it's unbelieveble)

Retail price: £ 12.75 for a 50 ml tube + 1 muslin cloth; £ 12.00 for a 50 ml tube - also available in a 15 ml try-me tube.

This has been given to me by Louise, and it was the first thing I had ever tried from Liz Earle.
This mask revitalizes your skin in just few minutes, thanks to organic aloe vera, white clay, witch hazel and softening sweet almond oil.
I like to use this mask after the deep cleansing one, or after a night out, when my skin seems dull after a few drinks and little sleep.
Although it is not a product I use every week, I find it really useful and I would suggest at least a 15 ml tube!
My rate is 4/5 on this one!

Liz Earle can be found in their own boutiques in London and Isle of Wight, in many department stores (check their site) around the UK and Ireland, and of course, online with international shipping. They also do skin consultations!
Check out their site at uk.lizearle.com

Have you ever tried these masks? What do you think of them?

*Gentle Face Exfoliator and Deep Cleansing Mask were provided by PR for reviewing consideration only*

Review: Laboratoire Remède Translucent UV Coat

Fortunately, in 2010 we all know that skin deteriorates with age, and sun plays a major role in accelerating the aging process.
This translucent UV coat by Laboratoire Remède contains an SPF 30 and acts as a shield against UV rays that are responsible for collagen degradation.
It's an innovative "all around" beauty protector that combines the action of micronized mineral filters for protection, and iridescent light-reflecting powders.
Its texture is very fluid and light, even the tinted one is very sheer, but provides a fresh, even and radiant result on your skin.
You have to use this over your daily moisturizer and give it at least 30 minutes to see its full potential.
I love using this as an alternative to foundation when I know I'm not going out for much.
In fact, I wouldn't suggest using this as an all-day alternative to foundation because, as it is a TRANSLUCENT fluid and reflects all lights and it may look greasy even if it is oil-free. Only if you wear it for more than 5 -6 though, other than that it's very nice and provides an even finish!

I don't know if you are able to see it in the picture, but I used it on the part of my had that was closer to the camera. If you click on the image and zoom in, you can see the other side of the hand looks a bit drier than the one that has the Remède Translucent UV coat.
How cool is that? Looking radiant, without looking oily!

Shake well before you use this product and use a thin layer. Of course, be careful with it because it is very very fluid.

The Laboratoire Remède Translucent UV coat is available in 4 shades (invisible to medium dark - which is my shade) and can be purchased online at blissworld.com for $40 (yes, I know, not affordable for students or people on a budget...like me LOL).
If you have enough money to afford this, I suggest you give it a try. It's a 4.5/5 for me (only because it can't be used all day long, and for the price you have to pay for innovation LOL)!

Have you ever tried this or anything else from the brand? Tell me your opinion about it.
If, on the other hand, you have never heard of the brand, click here



Friday, August 27, 2010

A series of unfortunate events...one year later

*WARNING: reading one comment I received made me think to tell you girls that if you are going to do a swap in Italy and you live outside the European Union, don't put cosmetics, make-up, or eyeshadow or anything in there. Just go with "pigment samples" or the likes*

If you've followed my blog for over a year, or if you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed that I have quite often mentioned a swap me and Michelle from Lipstick Rules agreed on doing last August, and the series of unfortunate events that occurred to it all over the year.

When this package was sent the first time, it seemed like it had gone missing. However, after two months the Italian customs finally decided to let me know where my package was: the freakingly held it for two months because the customs declaration read "cosmetics". Apparently anything described as "cosmetics" or "makeup" is confiscated here, because they literally accuse you of importing goods. Also, the "gift"option is not contemplated. Does this make any sense to you? Had she written something else other than those two names, they would not have confiscated my package.
They asked for an invoice of proof of transaction in order to make medical checks (not to mention also have me pay for those) and send it to me. Of course I did not have them, so I decided to let them send the package back to Michelle, and try again. They sent the package back to her after another 2 months, and by then it was January already and Michelle was busy so it took her some time to send it again.

So I came up with a brilliant idea: divert the package to the UK, to Louise (from Lou Lou Land) , who was kind enough to be our messanger for this swap. Seeing how the same stuff, coming from European countries does not go through customs.
Do you think it is over? Of course not!!!
With the stupid volcanic ash story the package has gone missing for 4 whole months, and reappeared out of the blue, when we all thought it was either stolen or lost in the post!

You can't imagine who happy I was when it reached my home in a little over 1 week!

Louise was kind enough to include some treats as my graduation presents ;)

I can't thank her enough for her favor and her generousity! You're lovely!
Also, I would like to thank Michelle for the items she chose for me! I love them all!

On to what I got:

From Michelle

Urban Decay Get Baked Palette (contains a mini size of PP in Sin and a Liner in Bourbon), Vasanti Shimmer Powder in Electric Blue, Joe Fresh lipgloss in Candy, 3 Balmshell lipgloss mini samples, an Annabelle glitter liner (pictured on the palette)


3 eyeshadows, 1 lipstick, 1 lipgloss, 2 blushes, 1 black eyeliner, 1 purple glitter eyeliner from MUA - Make-Up Academy (available in Superdrug), 1 n°17 mirror shine lipstick in Beehive (love at first sight), a Rimmel nail varnish, Lilac Dream varnish from Models Own, Nail-ease (super curious to try them), a Barry M e/s trio, a Bourjois mini e/s duo, bag of tissues which is so cute and will be very handy during my vacation time, and a lovely graduation card and teddy bear!

And since I am an emotional wreck, I cried a little while reading both cards cos they were so sweet and thoughtful.

The teddy bear is now beside my bed and reminds me everyday that I met some great people from all over the world in this beauty community.
I really love blogging!

Thank you girls, :****************

Do you like what I got? Want me to review anything? What do you think of the incredible saga of the missing parcel? LOL

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips: how to transform your day time look into your night time look using only ONE product

Hello everyone,
I have tried to record a video tutorial for this several times, however I wasn't able to, due to bad lighting and my brothers breaking the only good lamp I had.
However this is really easy to do, and I'm sure everyone can make it just by following tips.

The reason why I am typing this post is that I was watching a video on youtube the other day, and it has occurred to me that despite being a great source of inspiration for cute looks, 90% of the times those "how to trasform your day time look into your night time look" videos fail to follow through with what their original purpose is.
I think that is because they do not bear in mind that if you really need to transform your day time look into your night time look, you are very likely to be spending the whole day at work or univ (or sightseeing if you're on vacation) and then go straight to where you will be spending the night.
With that in mind, it is so obvious that you will not have the time to smoke out your eye make-up with 3 or 4 different eyeshadows; line your lips, then put on some lipstick and lipgloss over that, and if you want, also put some false eyelashes on (how ridiculous does that sound? Who would bring duo glue and falsies in their purse every day?)!!!
Neither would you have space in your bags to carry all that stuff.

The way I do that, is simply choosing a day time look that is neutral, yet interesting and glamourous, and use just one product to turn it into my night time look. Afterall, we do not need to wear smokey eyes to be elegant on a night out, do we?

What you need: good foundation, a touch of bronzer (a real touch, not a whole lot) to define your cheekbones, eyebrow pencil or tinted gel to define your eyebrows, plenty of mascara, black pencil to tightline your waterlines, a blush (I chose a coral one, but you can also use a bright pink very lightly), and the key: a shimmery or satin neutral eyeshadow (not sparkly or glittery, because that will not do for a day time look).

this will make your daytime look. With that look, you can either go for a sheer or clear gloss, or a beige or pink nude lipstick.

I will write a list of the products I have used after the pictures.

What you need to transform your look: A RED LIPSTICK (or a Hot Pink one, or a Bright Plum one)!

Don't tell me you can't pull off red lips now, because ANYONE, and really mean ANYONE, can pull off red lips. You just need to find a shade of red that compliments your skin.
In my case, it was easy cos any red suits me. But I have trouble with pinks, for instance, so I would be likely to choose a hot pink (not a blue-toned one, because I'd look like a Barbie doll, or a chav ahah).

It is as easy as that. Just a red lipstick is enough for you to be effortlessly chic. It's a classic look, yet it is underrated now that smokey eyes are in fashion.

Don't trust me? Take a look at the pics below:

*if you notice that my skin is darker on my forhead, that's due to the sun not hitting directly on it. That's my real skin tone now. Sun rays always make me appear ghostly. *

Let me know if you are going to try this, and you can also show me your daytime/nighttime pics on facebook. ;)

KIKO Sunproof Powder foundation (used with a wet kabuki)
KIKO Essential Bronzer to define the cheekbones
Layla Fard Compatto (blush) in 3

S&G Arch de Triumph to define my brows (both ends)
KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 06 (it is the same shade as UD's YDK e/s, only this won't smudge or crease ALL day, so it is fantastic for this purpose).
Layla Lash Art black mascara
KIKO False Lashes Concentrate topcoat mascara

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips lipstick in L101 (the Ellis Red, which is absolutely unique and looks like blood!!!)

That's really it. Simple yet effective!

Looking forward to hearing your opinion!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Review: KIKO Sun Protection Factor (Solari KIKO)

Ciao a tutte ragazze,
so che è quasi finito agosto, ma tecnicamente l'estate non è ancora finita e quindi questa recensione ci sta tutta. Vi parlerò dei solari KIKO che potranno comunque esservi utili per tutto settembre (qui in Sardegna farà caldo ancora per un bel po') e anche se andate in montagna. Sì, perché anche in montagna l'uso dei solari è auspicabile!

Mi sono stati inviati a giugno i prodotti di questa linea e ora vi farò la recensione di alcuni.


La CREMA SOLARE PROTETTIVA SPF 50 non era adatta al mio fototipo (benché in foto e video venga molto chiara, in realtà ora sono color caramello) e quindi l'ho data ad un'amica di mia madre che necessita proprio di questo fattore di protezione.
L'amica di mia madre è allergica ad un sacco di cose, eppure questo solare non le ha provocato alcuna reazione. Al contrario l'amica di mia madre l'ha trovato buonissimo: una valevole alternativa ai solari molto più costosi che compra di solito.
Le è piaciuta molto la consistenza cremosa, la profumazione piacevole ma delicata, e soprattutto l'abbronzatura uniforme che le ha regalato, nonostante l'alto fattore di protezione.

Lo SPRAY SOLARE PROTETTIVO SPF 20 era adatto per il mio fototipo durante le prime esposizioni.
Purtroppo la mia pelle ha reagito male a questo prodotto. Non è stata una reazione allergica, bensì un'intolleranza, forse dovuta alla pillola che prendevo fino a luglio (ma la causa potrebbe essere anche il mio regime alimentare, o anche entrambe). Peccato perché le volte che l'ho utilizzato questo prodotto ha svolto bene la sua funzione, così come viene descritta sul sito e sui vari foglietti illustrativi.
Ha una gradevolissima (almeno per me) profumazione e mi ha protetta in maniera impeccabile, pur lasciandomi abbronzare. Di questo mi sono accorta perché l'unico punto in cui non l'ho usata per la prima esposizione è stato il viso, che si è arrossato parecchio, mentre il resto del corpo si è abbronzato subito (a dimostrazione che non sono la pallidona che invece traspare dalle foto) e non si è minimamente arrossato.
Benché non sia un prodotto che crea reazioni allergiche, consiglio comunque di fare il patch test 24 hr prima dell'esposizione, soprattutto se siete sotto trattamento ormonale. Devo anche dire che io ho rifatto il patch test qualche giorno fa, ed ora che non prendo più Yasmin non c'è stata alcuna reazione! Nel caso dovesse andarvi bene, avreste fatto un affare!

L'altro solare protettivo che mi è stato inviato è l'OLIO SECCO PROTETTIVO SPF 6, che sto usando ora che la mia abbronzatura è intensa. Un buon prodotto, molto abbronzante e che una profumazione gradevole come gli altri. Il fattore di protezione è un po' basso, ma se il vostro fototipo ve lo consente io ve lo consiglio vivamente perché da proprio una bella abbronzatura!

Che dire poi delle SALVIETTINE SCIOGLI SALE? L'idea mi è piaciuta fin da quando ancora non le avevo provate, e ora mi piace ancora di più. Sono utilissime per liberarvi dalla fastidiosa salsedine che si deposita in tantissime spiagge e crea le famose "squame". Non lasciano la pelle appiccicosa e rinfrescano grazie al mentolo. Proprio per questa componente però potrebbero bruciare un po' se vi siete scottate (cosa che potete evitare usando il solare con l'SPF adatto al vostro fototipo).

Il GLOSS SOLARE PROTETTIVO SPF 20 mi ha accompagnata tutta l'estate, anche quando non mi esponevo ai raggi del sole. Mi è piaciuto molto perché è davvero lucidissimo e per niente appiccicoso. Ha una profumazione che ricorda molto la banana. E' piaciuta anche a me che detesto gli odori troppo dolci, quindi penso che potrebbe piacere a tutte :)

Dello STICK SOLARE PROTETTIVO SPF 50 non vi so dire ancora nulla, perché io non l'ho usato. Ma sto facendo testare anche quello all'amica di mia madre ;-)


Il LATTE DOPOSOLE dovrebbe essere idratante e lenitivo, ma a me non è piaciuto perché mi portava via l'abbronzatura. Non capisco come mai, ma è così.

Invece mi è stato molto utile il BALSAMO DOPOSOLE, che uso anche se non ho scottature perché è idratantissimo ed ha una profumazione stupenda. Ne basta pochissimo per idratare e lenire ogni zona passo per passo. Lo straconsiglio!!!

La maschera lenitiva doposole la devo ancora provare a dire la verità. Sto più in acqua che in spiaggia, perciò il viso è meno abbronzato del resto :) La proverò la prossima volta che andrò al mare e vi farò sapere prima di partire per l'Irlanda!

In conclusione penso che questi solari KIKO siano una validissima alternativa a solari anche più costosi e che valga sicuramente la pena di provarli. Le profumazioni mi sono piaciute veramente tanto e consentono un'abbronzatura uniforme ed anche protezione. Il Balsamo Doposole poi mi è piaciuto in particolar modo, e devo dire che il gloss è davvero molto molto carino!

Un po' di prezzi:
Crema solare protettiva SPF 50 - € 15,90
Spray Solare Protettivo SPF 20 - € 14,50
Olio Secco Protettivo SPF 6 - € 12,90
Salviettine Sciogli Sale - € 4,90
Latte Doposole - € 13,90
Balsamo Doposole - € 13,90
Maschera Lenitiva Doposole - € 3,90

Sono acquistabili nei negozi monomarca, oppure online su www.kikocosmetics.com
Vi ricordo inoltre che in questo momento sul sito KIKO ci sono gli sconti su tantissimi prodotti (e anche tantissime novità che sono una tentazione dopo l'altra!)!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Teal eyes, orange lips look

I went out last night and I was wearing a teal dress, so I thought why not mix teal on my eyes with orange on my lips?
It's so summery and makes me think of a more classy version of the 80's makeup ;)

As per usual, my face has been bleached out by the camera flash. Thank you, light reflectant foundation! One day I will get someone else to shoot pics for me, because I've noticed that the farther you get, the more realistic the skin tone is. In real life, I am waaaaaaaaaaaaay more tanned. And I am darker than that even without a tan (I have a yellow undertone!)

Products used:

Layla Hydrotint foundation in 5*
Madina Milano Gel Bronzer
Laura Geller blush in Honey Dipped
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Thalia* as my highlighter (can't really tell in these pics :S)

KIKO Coloursphere Mat&Pearly in 211 (the teal shade)*
Urban Decay Flipside
Shiseido Gel Liner
Collection 2000 liquid liner
Layla Lashes in 4*
a Clarins light peachy e/s as my highlighter

Cargo The Reverse Lipliner*
KIKO Red Emotion Lipstick in 203 Cheerful Orange*
Ellis Faas Glazed Lips lipgloss in L 304*

I will take pics of the orange lipstick and lipgloss in day light, because they are so lovely!!!

To my better half...

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am home again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am young again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am fun again

However far away I will always love you
However long I stay I will always love you
Whatever words I say I will always love you
I will always love you

Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am free again
Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like I am clean again

However far away I will always love you
However long I stay I will always love you
Whatever words I say I will always love you
I will always love you

(lyrics belong to The Cure and Fiction Records, of course)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free publicity on my blog? Thanks, but no, thanks!

Good evening everyone,
I thought I'd write this post, as something I consider absurd has happened to me. As you continue reading this post, I am sure that the "absurdity" will sound very familiar to many of you.

I am not going to explicitly tell you names and all, because the point is just sharing this story and my thoughts about it.

I have been contacted by a very prestigious fashion and beauty magazine. My first reaction was "Wow, really?! They're interested in my blog?! Oh my god, oh my god!" *insert sounds of excitement here*
Then I proceded in reading what they had to say: they simply wanted me to write a post about one of their articles and put a link to their site. I was left speechless.
Of course, I emailed the person back asking if there was any type of return from the interested party, which in that case would be a monetary compensation for all publicity and trafic that would arise from my blog post.
I explained the person that although I would never accept any monetary compensation to review a product (as I think reviews are HONEST opinions based on ACTUAL experience), I firmly believe that any other form of required posts is publicity, and that publicity should be sponsored/paid for.

Why on Earth would such a prestigious magazine want free publicity? Especially considering that they earn a lot of money from advertisement spaces they SELL on their magazine/site.
They weren't even proposing to put a link to my blog on their site, so why would I share my traffic with them, really?!

I just do not understand if they think we're dumb or what?!
This was not a small company that is trying to start their business. It's bigger, well-known companies that do that! I am beyond disappointed in that, am I the only one?

We try our best to be honest, moral, ethic...but we are not dumb! And we don't want to be treated as such, do we?

The thing that confused me the most is that they tell you that they think you might be interested in the thing you are asked to post. Ehm, excuse me?! I think YOU are interested in my blog!

There are plenty of mags that do value bloggers, setting up awards etc (unfortunately, not here in Italy, but I've seen loads of them in the UK), but some others simply leave me like this --> -_- ...

Has this ever happened to you? How did you react? What do you think about it?

*Please note that I do review products that I get sent from companies, and I think it's beautiful that they evaluate bloggers' opinions. I just can't stand people who want publicity for free when they can afford paying. I would understand that from a new company, but...prestigious mags/brands? For crying out loud!*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st anniversary contest winners revealed!

Hello darlings,
I have finally made it and announced the winners of my contest on my facebook page.

You can see the album with the two winners and all the other finalists here: http://www.facebook.com/aliceinanewwonderland#!/album.php?aid=19557&id=122236791140652&ref=mf

Winners are Paola, who has reproduced "Rose Meditive" by Salvador Dalì on her face, and Ameriga, who has reproduced a Frida Kahlo self-portrait on her model. Talented, aren't they?

They were both clever and very accurate with details, and I loved their entries.

To be honest, it was not an easy task, choosing two winners among those clever entries. This is the reason why 7 other beauty bloggers have helped me chosing. We have formed a panel and given 1 - 5 points to each photograph.
The two with the highest score were the winners.

My fellow bloggers were:

Roberta di http://soffiodideanailart.blogspot.com/

Mauryzya di http://passionexilmakeup.blogspot.com/

Aru di http://glamourousmakeup.blogspot.com/

Olivia di http://confessionsofamakeaholic.blogspot.com/

Anna di http://italianbeautyblog.blogspot.com/

Coco di http://www.mymakeupreview.net/

Filokalos di http://ibiscolilla.blogspot.com/

I want to thank them, thank everyone who has taken their time to enter this contest, and thank Cargo Cosmetics and Megan for their generousity in offering to sponsor the contest!

I hope you like the entries. Let me know what you think and even comment below the pictures on my facebook page.

Sorry to keep this short, but I have had a busy day and I am going to bed now.

PS: a video in English should be up on youtube tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gold and Blue

Not many people will like this combination, I'm sure. I was skeptical myself, but then it started growing on me.
Electric blue is summery, and so is gold, so why wouldn't they go together? ;)

Let me see if I can remember what I had on correctly:

Layla Hydro Tint foundation in 5*
Laura Geller Honey Dipped blusher to contour (want a review on that?)
Madina Milano Extreme Blusher in 13

All gold, bronze, and browns from the Sleek Storm palette
Layla Pure Eyeshadow pigment in 2 on the inner corner (although you can't see the pretty sparkling glitters)*
Just a regular Revlon black pencil
Layla Base allungaciglia + Eye-art mascara in black*
Layla Lashes in 5*
Layla Eye-art mascara in blue*
KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in Midnight blue on the lower waterline*

Layla Liquid Lipliner and Pencil in 2 as a tint*
By Lauren Luke clear lipgloss (want a review on that?)

DISCLAIMER: all products marked with an * were provided by PR's for reviewing consideration.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

NOTD: Layla CE 13 - the most incredible ink blue!

I just have one word for it: WOW!

And the pictures are not exactly like you see in real life! This is the most incredible ink blue ever!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Another FOTD...Cheeshire Cat

This make-up was actually leaning towards purples eventhough there was some pink too, which is more apparent in pictures.
I like to call this my Cheeshire Cat make-up ;)

Products used:

Layla Hydro Tint foundation in 5*
Layla Fard Cotto in 8*
Essence Concealer
KIKO Essential Bronzer in Gold Mèlange to contour*

e.l.f. eyelid primer
Layla Eye Art e/s in 3, 4, 5* (hot pink, hot lilac, bright purple)*
KIKO Coloursphere Mat&Pearly (the pink shade)*
Bobbi Brown Champagne Shimmer and Espresso (brow highlight and liner)
Collection 2000 liquid liner
Layla Lashes in 5 (I think, I'm not sure and I can't look at the box right now)*
KIKO Urban Kohl liner in black*

Layla liquid lip liner and lipstick in 2*
MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick

Disclaimer: products marked with an * were provided by PR's for reviewing purposes.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot pink summer night!

These pictures are super ugly, but I liked wearing hot pink :)
I had the chance to try some new products out.
I was not wearing foundation here, I was wearing a tinted translucent uv coat by Laboratoire Remède :)
I'm big on mattes at the moment ;)

No flash, just to show you that I am not as pale as in other pictures ;)

Loving the new mascara base, and new mascaras. They make my lashes feathery :)

And I am also loving this lip combination...very natural, isn't it?


Laboratoire Remède Translucent UV Coat (spf 30) in 3* (review coming soon)
Layla Fard Compatto in 8 (looks like a dupe for Coralista, but I will wear more of that and show it in a separate post)*
KIKO Essential Bronzer in Gold Mèlange*

e.l.f. eyelid primer
KIKO Colorsphere Duo Mat & Pearly - pink shade*
KIKO Colorsphere Duo Mat in 201 (chocolate shade to soften the hot pink shade)*
Layla Eye-Art in 3* on the outer corner
Layla Eye-Art in 5*
Sleek Ink Pot gel liner in Dominatrix (black)
Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Espresso as a liner on both upper and lower lashlines
Layla Base Mascara Allungaciglia*
Layla Lash Art mascara (black on the upper lashes, purple on the lower lashes) *

Layla Liquid Lip Liner and Lipstick in 1*
KIKO Gloss Solare Protettivo on top of that.

Disclaimer: products marked with an * were provided by PR's for reviewing consideration.

Friday, August 6, 2010

FOTD and first NOTD!

Hi everyone,
are you on vacation, or anything? I am kind of hating these days as mistral wind is blowing again, and with our heat it gives rise to fires.
We haven't had as many as last year, but there was one near the airport where my brother works today :O that's scary!

Anyway, since it's not that hot outside today, I have decided to try this soft look, which is basically a much softer version of Pixiwoo's Kylie Minogue tutorial. MUCH SOFTER! It's summer afterall ;)

I have used some products that came to my door this morning, to give them a first round, as well as some others I have recently ordered. They're all Italian products, minus the eyebrow pencil. It's nice to see how Italian brands are finally stepping out of their game, I think the beauty community is really helping them pushing their boundaries!

So...what did I use?

Layla Hydro Tense foundation in 5 *
KIKO Essential Bronzer in Gold Melange *
Layla Fard Compatto (blusher) in 03 *

Madina Milano Bivalva Smart Eyeshadow in 02 all over the lid and crease
Layla Eye Art eyeshadow in 05 (matte purple) on the outer corner *
Bobbi Brown Espresson on the upper and lower lashline (as a liner) and blended lightly around the upper lashline
Soap & Glory Arch de Triump on the eyebrows *
Layla Base Allungaciglia *
Layla Lash Art Mascaras (black on the upper lashes, purple on the lower lashes) *


KIKO Supergloss in...I can't remember the shade it's a sheer hot pink

Then I want to show you an NOTD (my first) using a Layla Ceramic Effect nail varnish in 11.
It's a peculiar color and I have tried to photograph it, but I wasn't completely successful.
It's a greyish lilac varnish with a slight purple and pink iridescense.
I like this varnish, it dries up quickly and it's creamy...I still don't know about the durability, so I have tried it without a topcoat to test it.

*disclaimer* the products marked with an * were provided by PR's for reviewing purposes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

KIKO at the MTV EMA 2010 plus updates

It's official: KIKO Make-up Milano will be at the MTV EMA (European Music Awards) 2010!
For the first time ever, a cosmetic brand will be sponsoring the EMA's, for its cosmopolitan identity that has so much in common with the television network. The two, are in fact, crucial in setting trends, and pushing younger generations to style.

Look out for KIKO at the event, which will air on November, 7th!

Also, to celebrate this sponsorship, KIKO decided to give the opportunity to all subscribers of their site to win a weekend for 2 people in Madrid to see the show (including accomodation in a 5 stars hotel, free pass to see the show, and for the after-party!) - This contest, which has started on Aug, 1st will end on Nov, 16th, and the winners will be randomly selected each week.
Not only that, but KIKO is also giving away 5 "50€ gift cards" every day, randomly selecting customer who spend at least 20€ on the site! (gift cards can be either use online or in all stores around Italy).

Follow this link to know more about it www.kikocosmetics.com/MTV

Now for updates, after the launch of the Luxurious Lashes mascara, which I cannot wait to try out (seen so many great pics of its effects), KIKO has recently launched their foundation brushes, brush cleanser, and new lipgloss.

The Foundation Brushes include the Brush Face 105, which is one of those flat foundation brushes, made of synthetic bristles, and the Brush Face 106, that is a duo-fiber brush which I usually really love for blending my liquid foundation. THis last brush can also be used with powders, as we all know by now. I am really looking forward to try this brush, hoping that it won't shed a lot (most duo-fiber's do).
The foundation brushes retail for €12,90.
Along with these brushes, KIKO has also launched a Brush Cleanser, one of the spritz ones that you can use to clean your brushes instantly. I am particularly interested in this, because no other Italian brand has this kind of product. Brush cleansers are really hard to find here, unless you have a Sephora store near you (NOT MY CASE!). The cleanser retails for € 5,90 which I think it's a very good price.

No, it's not over yet: the brand has also launched a new collection of lipglosses called Extra Volume Lipgloss, which are supposed to volumize your lips, and also moisturize them.
The claim is that the moisturizing effect will reduce the appearence of dry lips even in mature lips, and level them out.
There are 14 shades to choose from, and some of them look amazing. They have a nice video on their site, which I suggest you watch: http://www.kikocosmetics.com/IT/negozio/addon/videoproiettore.html?ID=Extra_volume_lipgloss

I really really look forward to try them out!

Do these products appeal to you? What do you think? Are you going to grab some things from these lines, or have you already grabbed something?
Please, let me know :)

Foundation Brushes and Brush Cleanser: http://www.kikocosmetics.com/IT/Nuovi-Pennelli-Fondotinta/0131/

Lipglosses: http://www.kikocosmetics.com/IT/Scheda/280/Extra-Volume-Lipgloss.html

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Product Rave: Liz Earle review part 1

*As you can see, along with my products I have received 1. a newsletter, 2. a product guide, 3. a price list. Pretty professional, huh?!*

Hi everyone,
back in June I have received a lovely (and huge) package from Liz Earle (from the lovely Andrea, who I have to thank so much, as she selected some great products for me!), and due to my graduation and all I could not review the products sooner.
Nevertheless, I had time to give almost two months of usage to all of the products, so it was really time to write this review (I finished the Cleanse and Polish pump bottle yesterday, go figure).

So for those of you who don't know it yet, Liz Earle is a British company which is specialized in "naturally active skincare". The concept behind the brand is, in fact, using quality natural ingredients (even natural preservatives where possible, which results in most of their products being paraben-free); creating products whose application is simple and quick; preserving the environment, and finally give the customer an impeccable service. OH, and did I mention all of their products are cruelty-free? ;)

In my opinion, this brand keeps its promises! For instance, I will spend two words about their customer service: it really is impeccable. Each product comes wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with a sticker with their logo (which is really nice, by the way. It's a good balance between science and girly). If this isn't caring about customers, I don't know what is.

Let's get straight to the point (the review).

The first thing I'm going to write about is their CLEANSE AND POLISH HOT CLOTH CLEANSER, which has been sento to me in its Starter Kit version, consisting of a 100 ml pump bottle of Cleanse and Polish HCC, a tourquoise pouch, and 2 muslin cloths.
This product has been a classic for 15 years now, and won numerous awards in the UK.
Cleanse and Polish is a cream cleanser that you need to massage onto your face in circular movements (preferably), and will remove all makeup residues, and deeply cleans your skin. It leaves your face very soft and hydrated.
You have to remove this cleanser using one of the muslin cloths included in the kit, rinsed with hand-warm water.
I really love this product and it will be a definite repurchase!
This is the link to the naturally active ingredients in this product, and you can see some of them are even organic. The link also shows the properties of each ingredient, so you can see all of their benefits: click here.

The other product I want to talk about is the INSTANT BOOST SKIN TONIC, a lovely smelling tonic which is very delicate and does not dry or irritate your skin. It does not contain alcohol, and does not claim to be astringent when it is not. It is hydrating and calming, thanks to Vitamin E and Organic Aloe Vera, and rose-scented geranium.
I particularily love this product, and this is the ONLY tonic I can use on my skin. The bottle contains 200ml and I haven't finished it in almost 2 months! Incredible, as I have been using it twice a day daily! You can also select the spritzer version on the site :)
Here is another link with the ingredients and their properties: click here.

The last product I will review today is the SKIN REPAIR MOISTURIZER for normal/combination skin. It is a rich moisturizer that may seem greasy at first, but it is not. It moistens deeply, without resulting oily.
It leaves your skin soft and radiant, but it does not reduce redness or treat spots. It is a moisturizer, which has given a glow back to my skin after using lots of acne treatments products.
The jar contains 50ml which is enough for a lot of time, so it is a good value for the money.

Liz Earle products are not really cheap (not even super expensive, but still...), but they are definitely a good investment as products last you ages, they are natural, and super good products!

I will surely repurchase products from this brand, and I highly recommend you give it a try.
You can purchase Liz Earle online at http://uk.lizearle.com - or in some stores around the UK, Ireland, and the US. Check their website to find your nearest store!

The money bit:

Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, 100 pump zip-up bag, 2 muslin cloths: £13,00
Instant Boost Tonic 200ml bottle: £ 11,50
Skin Repair Moisturizer normal/combination, 50ml jar or tube: £17,25

DISCLAIMER: Products have been sent to me from Liz Earle for reviewing consideration.

Monday, August 2, 2010

FOTD JLo inspired, and an FOTD from a night out

Image source: google images

This was my inspiration: the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez in her video "Ain't it funny rmx"
I've always loved her makeup looks in this vid!
Of course I am not half as beautiful, and my camera and lighting are not exactly the same, but I am happy with how it come out anyway

*with flash*

*without flash*


Everytime I crop pictures, blending seems inexistent. Does it happen to you as well?


KIKO Hyaluronic Bronzer (as my foundation. I am tanned)
Madina Milano Gel Bronzer
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Talhia
Madina Milano Extreme Blusher in 13

Pupa eyebrow pencil
e.l.f. eyelid primer
From the Sleek Bohemian palette, the lightest cream shade, and the beige shade
From the Chaos palette, the chocolate shade
Madina Milano Bivalva Smart Eyeshadow in 02
Madina Milano Luxe Eyelure pencil in Nude
Illamasqua Powdered Metal in Talhia (brow bone)
From the Safari Palette, light beige shade on the inner corner
KIKO Mat coloursphere in 201 (the chocolate shade)
Sleek ink pot in Dominatrix used with the Sigma pencil brush
N°7 Extreme Length mascara
NYX lashes in Elite

Madina Milano eye pencil in nude (used to contour the lips and add depth)
KIKO Red Emotion satin lipstick in Nude Rose (my favorite ever)

I also have an older fotd, which I took last week, wearing a purple smokey.
All I remember is that I used the KIKO mat coloursphere in 203 (both shades) and the purple, purplish taupe, and indigo in the Bohemian palette. Oh and a Jemma Kidd Lipgloss in Fuchsia (given to me from Olivia @ Confessions of a Makeupholic, check her out <3) onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEhqvdL4t4y6UPhwbLd7HKVFV957OgYbrOeVUxYnZ9Y2FyLdYqFEwUEgkm4jf0mBW29oHn3T-c_JqowuPhqQifBIpcftywky2jIU-NH8lYUnQG1xaWqfJ_ySiaYAq-jMGDj910GFvKp8Rgg/s1600/SDC11938.JPG">
Hope you like them,


PS: KIKO are still having their online sale over their site: www.kikocosmetics.com - grab the mat CS before they're gone!

PPS: the purple look is inspired by Olivia's purple smokey, but hers is actually 10 times better. go check her blog!!!

Blog award: I heart your blog!

Some days ago, I have received this blog award from 3 fellow Italian bloggers, and I want to repost it now, and pass it along to some international bloggers too.

Qualche giorno fa ho ricevuto questo premio da alcune amiche blogger Italiane, e ora voglio postarlo anche io e passarlo anche ad alcune blogger internazionali.

I have received this blog from // ho ricevuto questo premio da M.A.C. Cosmetics Italia Blog, Trucchi Svelati, and Nail Art...I Colori dei Sogni, Glamourous Makeup

I want to pass it along to the following blogs:

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Un bacio a tutte!!!