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Friday, March 11, 2011

Milan Haul: Madina Milano and KIKO Make Up Milano

Here is the stuff I got in my 2 days in Milan...I could have gotten something from MAC, but the truth is that I think I don't really need MAC in my life when I have great products from Madina and KIKO for a fraction of the price!

Madina: new spring collection - I LOVE MY CHEEKS (2 blushers, can't remember the name or the numbers because they are not in my new home), the new EYE CATCHING EYESHADOWS (2 Bright's and a Velvet one - the Velvet finish is dreamy, I must add), and the peachy pink shadow from the new Have a Bright Day - To Imagine collection:

These powders are so soft that they feel like velvet to the touch. I love them. I'll post a review once I settled in my new home and the connection is back.

PrismaShine - Sheer 008 - AWESOME. I have no other words to describe it.

Sublime Touch Foundation and Blush:

I'm using them every single day ever since I got them, and I must tell you they're great products.
Once I have my connection back I will tell you about them more in-depth.

Pennello Goccia (drop-shaped eye brush), 2 Mhride concealers (they smell of vanilla, yum), a felt-tip eyeliner, and 1 cream eyeliner (which I haven't tested yet).

From KIKO:
I got 1 of their new Water Eyeshadows in Light Taupe (a pinkish light taupe color), and one of their Cream Waterproof eyeliners in 05 Pearly Brown.
I have also got a back-up for my favorite mascara, the Luxurious Lashes one (I will write a full review with pictures), but I forgot to take a picture of it.

Later on, I will post full reviews of these products. In the meantime, let me know if you bought them too and what you think of them ;)


  1. il pennello goccia, un must have!! :D

  2. uno dei miei obiettivi è il pennello goccia

  3. bellissimi tutti i prodotti ma quel pennello a goccia mi ispira moltissimo!!! ^_^

  4. =)
    I got the same prisma shadow frpm kiko!

  5. fantastici i colori di madina! e l'ombretto kiko è stupendo!!!!!!!! :)