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Friday, September 2, 2011

Preview: Illamasqua Theatre of the Nameless A/W 2011

In anticipation of the newest Illamasqua's collection for fall and winter 2011, let me give you some teasers.
The collection will be launching later on today on their official site, www.illamasqua.com - and will be available in store from September, 8th.

Excited much?! I am, as usual.

Yes, they're launching the new Masquara, which promises to lengthen, define, dramatize - with the blackest formula. 

Also, to celebrate the new collection, Illamasqua's having a competition where you can win a set of the new rubberized-finish nail varnishes. To enter the competition, please visit the following link:
Good luck everyone!


  1. gli smalti illamasqua sono fra i migliori, secondo me. sarei curiosa di provare anche il mascara (ops, masquara!), visto che sono sempre alla ricera del mascara perfetto.
    Veronica xx


  2. Mi attira in particolare il blush prugna, sembra molto bello.

  3. Very excited!!! Questa collezione è davvero promettente. :)