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Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Resolutions (really, this time?!)

Happy New Year, my beloved readers!
I hope you had wonderful holidays and that this year will be better than 2012. 
Yes, overall 2012 finished pretty well for me, but hell it was hard to get through it. I don't know about your country, but here in Italy, recession hit like a b*tch and even pubs are going out of business, so there was not much space for fun.

So, seeing how I will turn twenty-freaking-nine in five days *panic*, I guess a post about my 2013 resolutions - which I should follow through this time, considering I'm a real adult now - is in order. 
Withouth further ado....

1. Quit buying make-up like there were no tomorrow. That includes ending the quest for the perfect foundation and mascara, and only buying them when you need them.

2. Give up smoking. A classic, which I already failed at. 

3. Sell or donate clothes that you don't use anymore, before buying some more.

4. Only buy clothes when you need them (I pretty much sense I am about to fail this. Sales started today).

5. Only buy shoes when you need them.

6. Focus on your doctoral thesis more, in order to finally be done with it and run away from this freaking country.

7. Hit the gym regularly and eat properly. Yes, Lyd, go to the gym regularly until the end of the month. And the end of the month is never the 15th!

8. Post on the blog more reguarly.

9. Make more FOTD'S posts. Another classic....

10. Read more novels. Until I finish them, that is. It's been two years that I start novels and never finish them.

11. By doing 1, 2, 3, and 4, save more money for more travels.

12. Follow through with my plans. Lyd, when you read your daily to do lists...do exactly what they say. In that exact order!

So, what are your 2013 resolutions? 
How was 2012 for you?


  1. sei nata il 10 gennaio? anch'io!! per me saranno 31 - super mega sigh -

    1. Sì!!! Oddio, siamo così poche ad essere nate il 10 :)
      Son molto felice di aver trovato una blogger nata il mio stesso giorno. Uahahah come ti capisco. Sighiamo insieme...(e riguarderemo questo messaggio a 50 anni, prendendoci a schiaffi)

  2. Quanti buoni propositi, a parte il punto 2 (non fumo), condivido in pieno. Speriamo di non fallire in questo 2013! Augurissimi, un bacione ^_^