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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Gemstones inspired series - n 1: Blue Sapphire

Hello everyone,
some days ago I was browsing some pictures I took at the Natural History Museum in London in 2008. I found some shots of their amazing gemstones section, and that made me think of how many wonders this planet has.

To celebrate our beloved nature, I have decided to have a gemstone ispired series, where I will be having fun with eyeshadows, and try to recreate the amazing colors of some gemstones.

This week, I was inspired by the Blue Sapphire (click here if you want to learn curiousities on Sapphires and Blue Sapphires).

I apologize for the poor quality of the photo: 1. blue eyeshadow is really hard to photograph well; 2. I cut the picture and the quality and colors became terrible! Next time I will do a full face shot I guess.

Products used:
very light glittery blue eyeshadow in the Precious Gold palette from Pupa Milano;
Flipside e/s from UD BOS II;
Jinx e/s from UD BOS II;
Indigo e/s from Elizabeth Arden's Jewels & Velvet palette;
Shimmery dark blue e/s from the Sleek Storm palette;
Dark bright blue e/s from the Sleek Acid palette;
Black eyeliner pencil from Revlon;

can't remember the mascara I used, because I took this days ago.

I will try and be more accurate in the future, and post the picture as soon as I take it :)


  1. poor quality of the pic - you joker that looks amazing!!! xx

  2. Oh my gosh, that is so pretty!!!

  3. WOW! absolutely stunning!!!!! you have such gorgeous eyes hun x x x

  4. stunning! your looks are always just perfect xo

  5. I don't see it a bad pic either, lol. The look is awesome!

  6. amazingly beautiful eyes. love the colours, it suits you :]

    check out me blog



  7. gorgeous gemstone inspired sparkly look! goes really well with the color of your eyes ;)

  8. Beautiful eye make-up :)

    Lots of love,

  9. It looks great. Love the jewel inspiration. xXx

  10. what a disappointment the new palette is!ill get you the original..and keep my eyes peeled for the new collection (the eyeliner is in the new collection isnt it?) hopefully it comes soonx x x

  11. Wow, if the camera didn't capture the colours well it didn't matter cos this look is amazing! So vibrant and well carried out...I'm looking forward to seeing the other jewel inspired looks!

  12. Wow, such stunning eyes and amazing eyebrows. Think I really need to get mine shaped after looking at yours!

    Fantastic colours.

  13. Your eyes are stunning, always love your make up! xx

  14. Your eyes are beautiful!! That colour is amazing :) xx