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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Soap and Glory "The Fab Pore" review

[I know, you can see my shadow, but I used the flash, you wouldn't have seen anything]

I bought this in October, when I was in London, and I have always procrastinated reviewing it. Sorry!

The purpose of this mask (although the packaging says it's a peel, but I don't really think that is appropriate) is to minimize your pores, as the catchy name states.
The image on the packaging reads "My pores, they're ALMOST invisible", so bear in mind, if you have large pores, nothing will ever make them 100% invisible! So yes, foundation is our only best friend! (thank God my pores are visible, but not really that large. I've seen worse!)

However, this helps a little! (I've been neglecting my skin care a little from Christmas, and that's due to busy life, however...) I remember being impressed with the result. It minimizes your pores in a way that you can achieve a good coverage with your foundation! Yay!

The consistency is very creamy, and it contains little green beads that you should gently rub on your skin while putting the mask on. Soap and Glory says you can wear it for 5 mins for a refresher, or 15 mins for deep cleansing. I've never tried the 5 mins option, though. I don't put it on my whole face, I only use it in areas where i have visible pores, that is on the apples of my cheeks, on my nose and, sometimes, on my chin.
I hear you asking "why that?" - well thing is, it is a little drying, and all other areas of my face are kind of dry already.
But then again, it's meant to shrink your pores, so do you really need it where your pores are already invisible? No. I'm not a fan of unnecessary stuff, just for the sake of beauty.
Did I mention the smell is lovely? At least, to me!

It retails for £ 5,88 I think, and you can find it in Boots if you're in the UK, in Target if you're in the US and Canada (there are Target stores in Canada, right? Can't remember now!), and in Douglas perfumeries if you're in Germany (and me thinks: why not in Douglas stores in ITALY?)

Maybe one day, Soap and Glory will decide to sell their stuff online, like they said, because I really want to try other things from their range (cosmetics, maybe? eheh). In the meantime, you can browse their products at www.soapandglory.com


  1. I am a big fan of S&G and I find that they're product do a good job of doing what they claim to do. The only thing that worries me is the drying out...I hope not too much! My skin is going through a dry stage at the mo! x

  2. Lol, no, there's no Target in Canada, unfortunately. Soap and Glory is available at Shoppers Drug Mart around here

  3. I ♥ this product.

    It makes me skin glow.

  4. @Halifax Oh here we go, I guess I will have to correct that then LOL. Thank you for the head up!
    I couldn't remember all the stores I saw while I was there...too many have "mart" at the end of their names, so I tend to mix them all up uaahha

  5. I still haven't tried this and I have heard a few good things about it.
    I feel like I have big open pores next to my nose but I think this is due to me looking to closely in the mirror!
    But I would love something that closed them some what.