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Sunday, March 7, 2010

I love pretty little things

On wednesday I was awarded as one of the most valuable students in my faculty.
I don't really mean to show off, I just want to show you what my "award" is:

yep! a petty little netbook. It's so small, but useful! I love it already! I haven't used it much, but it will be great for when I travel! No more adding 6 kgs on my shoulder when I already have my suitcase! Yay!

I have already personalized it with my Salvador Dalì butterflies theme LOL, aaaand it has a webcam, so PROBABLY I will start posting on youtube. I still don't know, cos it's full of haters and creepy weirdos there. Plus, I have to get the hang of how to use it without using its stupid built-in software.

Have you had something to remember this week by?


  1. Congrats, and that's a great award lol ! :)

  2. GREAT! Good for you :D very cute award lol

  3. well done gorgeous x I love my netbook x