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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Newsflash: KIKO to launch their new Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow

Are you a fan of MAC shadesticks, but always seek an alternative product which is less expensive? Then this product might be the right one for you, and for half the price!

KIKO claims this eyeshadow in the form of a stick, as its name suggests, has an 8 hour's no transfer performance on your eyes. Yet, Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow is blendable, and buildable coverage from sheer. Hello smokey eyes, and smudgy make-up!

The color range is vast, having 20 colors to choose from: classics like Bianco Perlato/Pearly White, Silver, Gold, and Black, and brighter colors which include a selection of at least 3 shades for purple colors (Violetto/Violet, Lilla/Lilac, Viola/Purple), browns, greens, blues, and even pinks.
Kiko sent me some preview pictures of the shades, and I will now include my faves:


10 - Verde Smeraldo/Emerald Green

11-Verde Nilo/Celadon

7-Beige Dorato/Beige Doré

5-Marrone Rosato/Granite Brown

and a classic 20-Nero/Black

I think this is an interesting product to achieve sultry smokey eye looks, or glamourous smugdy make-up, the Kate Moss style.

Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow will be released on March, 8th and its price will be less than €7,00 which is less than half the price of MAC shadesticks.

Kiko is looking forward to expand their range outside Italy (I think they sell in Spain too for now), and you can check out their products at www.kikocosmetics.com - They do have an online store there, but only provide shipping within Italy (and I have to say, two thumbs up for their online store, as this is not really typical of any other Italian brand) for now.

So Italian bloggettes, or international ones who will be in Italy next week, how does that product sound to you?


  1. oooh these look so pretty! To be honest I have some MAC shadesticks and I dont like them much! I feel they dont come out that well, so I will definitely be looking into these! Thanks for the post sweetie x

  2. ooo lovely I love shadesticks for when I am in a hurry x

  3. Ooh! These look lovely. I have never tried a shadestick. I tend to use a benefit creaseless cream everyday for work but these could be so handy! I wish they shipped to the UK! x

  4. Ciao Lovely Lyd! You know I like Kiko, I also included the brand in my hall of fame 2009 and I think they've doing really great things, their collections are always so striking and "rich", the amount of great stuff they put out always surprises me. Can't wait to check these out in person, luckily there are 2 kiko stores in my area!! Great colour choices for your fave picks, I can definitely see you rockin' the purple and greens! Bacioooo

  5. hello! I just love your blog! Please take a look at mine and tell me what you think =) thanks!

  6. WOOHOO Shade sticks lol... love'em :P
    And about your comment, you're right it does look more grey on me! lol.. when you click on the picture to see the bigger version you can see the green sparks but that's about it.. anyway maybe its the lighting :P