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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bliss Vanilla and Bergamot Body Buff and Body Butter review

Hello everyone, this post was loooong due. Sorry, but as you know I am writing my thesis, so I don't really have much time.

Some weeks ago I was sent a lovely package from Jo, PR for both Soap & Glory and Bliss (did you know Soap & Glory was founded by the same brilliant mind behind the Bliss spa chain?...check out the Soap&Glory's site at the "About Us" section) with two lovely products from Bliss and the new S&G's Sit Tight firming cream.
Now, as Sit Tight may take a month or more to be completely effective, I will review it later. Therefore, this will be a review of the Bliss products only.

I received two products from the Vanilla+Bergamot range: Body Buff (scrub), and Body Butter.
I am not a big vanilla fan, but darn, this mix with bergamot makes the perfect balance! In fact, the scent can't be described without an oxymoron: it's sweet and fresh. Bergamot helps reduce the overwhelming vanilla scent, and what you get is an irresistible smell. So...fresh, clean, and...flirty, is that possible? Well, I guess it is.

Now, before trying the Bliss Body Buff, the only other body scrub I've ever tried was the Body Shop strawberry one, which is not even comparable.
The Bliss Body Buff is so effective that you don't need much to cover your body. It is helping me with some very dry, weird, and scratchy patches I have on my arms; helping me smooth my elbows and knees (I was a little of a tomboy when I was a kid, always playing soccer, hide and seek, running, jumping and riding my bike. You can imagine how my elbows and knees are: full of scars, and bumps from constanly falling or well...just playing)...and leaves my skin super soft.
So soft my boyfriend has noticed it without me mentioning anything about it! When a man notice these kinds of changes, it means the stuff you're using is INCREDIBLY effective! LOL
Plus, the refreshing smell of bergamot under the shower is so relaxing!

The Body Butter is so lovely, the perfect complement for this Body Buff...and its smell lasts long even in the Sardinian heat! I have very dry skin on my body, so this is the perfect consistency for me...what is more relaxing than feeling your body smooth and soft? Oh right, a massage with this vanilla+bergamot Body Butter :P *hint hint, in case my boyfriend reads this*
Oh, in fact, this reminds me that this butter was, in fact, Bliss's #1 body cream for over a decade, and was actually formulated for professional massages. I can see why. Or I can FEEL why :)
It contains coconut oil, sodium hyaluronate (to lock in moisture), and the super nourishing vitamin E! AND VERY IMPORTANT: IT IS PARABEN FREE!!!

The only downside to these products is their price, which makes it hard for students or people with no stable job position to purchase: Body Buff costs $38 for the 12 oz version, and $56 for the 19 oz one. Body Butter is $28, or $49 for the set of 2. Although, I must point out that Body Buff costs £28, and Body Butter costs £23 if you buy them in the UK. There is also a set of both Vanilla+Bergamot Body Buff and Butter available on the Bliss UK site, now on offer for £46!

Well, if you can afford buying them, or you have to make/receive a gift, I highly suggest Bliss products because they will make a perfect gift or staple in your skincare routine.

You can purchase Bliss from their US and UK sites if you live there:

Alternatively, you can purchase Bliss in Sephora stores (this goes out to you, Italian fellow bloggers!)...although Sephora sells them for a higher price (retail price in Italy is €29 and €30!!!)

Have you ever tried anything from Bliss? Was your experience as good as mine?


  1. great review! I'm kind of intrigued by the Body Buff now. I've tried Bliss' Lemon+Sage Body Butter and it is just wonderful. Great scent, great absorption, just great stuff in general. And I had no idea that Soap & Glory was related to Bliss! I may have to try some of their products now.

  2. I adore Bliss.. Their Fat Girl Slim range feels sooo amazing, but I totally agree their prices are soooo high!! xx


  3. Very very interesting products! =D and great review! ^_^ I think that in this case quality seems to justify the price, doesn't it? ;-D