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Friday, June 11, 2010

Creative makeup (impromptu)

It wasn't easy to photograph this look!
A little explanation on why I did this look: it was super hot, I had around 30°C in my room, air conditioning won't be working til at least monday, and I couldn't really stay on the computer, cos it was burning.
I couldn't think of anything but heat, and the sea. This is why I used orange and blues (and teals). This wasn't really planned in any way, and I know it is not wearable, but believe me, it was fun!

Products used:

Cargo One Base*
Clinique Superbalanced foundation (was a sample, and I liked it)
KIKO Essential Bronzer + Sunproof Powder foundation for contouring*

Superbright orange e/s from the Sleek Makeup Sunset palette

UD Jinx e/s
UD Flipside e/s
Some blues and teals from the Sleek Makeup Curious palette to accentuate the UD colours
Very light aqua shade from the Sleek Makeup Jewels palette
KIKO Matte Coloursphere in 211* (teal matte colour on the crease to add depht + glitters on the browbone, although you can't really see them)
Some black e/s on the outer part of my crease to add definition on the flick
Sleek Makeup Ink Pot in Dominatrix (black)
Bourjois Effet Metallique eye pencil on the lower lashline (the blue line)
Cargo Lash Activator mascara*
NYX falsies in Elite

Cargo The Reverse Lip Liner*
KIKO Red Emotion satin lipstick in Cheerful Orange*
Lancome Juicy Tube in Mangue dotted on the centre of my lips.

Hope you like it, I'm really curious to get your feedback

disclaimer: items marked with an * were sent to me for reviewing purposes. No monetary compensation was earned, and I am not affiliated with any of the brands providing the products.

the other products were either bought with my own money or got in swaps or contests.


  1. This look is gorgeous! *-* loving the orangy red/light blue combination!

  2. you superstar!!! thats gorgeous!love the bronzey cheekbones, the lips, eyes, everything!!!!

    ps: when we meet up,i might force you to do my makeup!

  3. The lipstick is goreous and so is the eye make up :) Love this look!


  4. Really love it on you. I cant stop looking at your cheekbones you have great cheekbones xx

  5. Oh wow, you look gorgeous! I love the lips especially.

  6. This makeup look is absolutely amazing! Great job!
    I have just answered your question about the differences between Thermal Spring Water and Mac Fix+ in the form of a new blog entry, especially for you! Hope you like it!

  7. Thanks for your kind comment, I cannot stop looking at those eyes of you!

  8. pretty look. Your brows are just awesome.

  9. Love this look, I always love your eye make up!


  10. I love this blog and your make-up ! You are so sweet!

  11. i love this makeup. it reminds me of the sea, a mermaid and summer.

    i just watched a video of yours on youtube where you were reviewing a product and let me just say, you speak Italian sooooooo fast. i am moving to Chieti from Australia in a month or two and i am super nervous that i will not be able to keep up the fast pace when having a conversation. i hope people are patient with me while i learn Italian and i pray to one day speak Italian as perfectly and fast paced as you do hahaha.