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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Graduation presents

I love, love, love this bag! You can remove the strap and just carry it around your arm. It's big, but not huge, and it's flowery, so I love it!

The black heart necklace, bracelet and the chandelier earrings have been given to me from my uncle and cousins, and they're so elegant when you wear them! Plus you can change the charms in the necklace and bracelet, so it's fun.
The other "ethnic style" bracelet is a gift from my friend and univ mate Rita :) I love ethnic jewelry.
And the lovely watch is a gift from my cousin and his family!

The earrings with the pink beads are handmade and are a gift from my friend Andrea (which is a male name here in Italy!), the circles earrings are from Rossella, friend and univ mate, and the black earrings and Sardinian style (click to enlarge to see the silver decoration, it's so unique) necklace is from my friend Sara.
Finally the pearl bracelet, which I am in love with, is from some family friends.

Silvia, Francesca and Michela (the girls you see with me in the pictures on the sidebar) got me this mosaic mirror, which I love! It's big and heavy, but it is so beautiful and useful, as I can do my makeup in my room now. I hate doing it in the bathroom where every one rushes you cos they need to get in eheh..

So that's it for now, my boyfriend's present was a trip to Dublin, and we'll leave on Sept 1st. I am so excited, and this is the best gift ever!
Every present I have received was wonderful, what do you think?

Also, I am so happy as the Lost package saga is almost over. Remember the swap I did with Michelle from Lipstickrules.com ONE YEAR AGO? Well, we diverted it to the UK (to Louise from Loulouland.co.uk) after the Italian customs held it for 2 months. The package got lost, but after 4 months it showed up at Louise's door, and I am so happy about it! I will soon get it. I'll count it as another graduation gift!

And finally, I have made an order from Madina Milano (www.madina.it - check it out) as they have sales right now, so I should receive it very soon, and you will be seeing it on my blog.

That's it for now,
I remind you to check out my contest, there is a link to the post about it under the header. I will record a video tomorrow morning if I can. There are only a few days left.



  1. il braccialetto della seconda foto (quello etnico) è meraviglioso!
    bei regali.. :)

  2. gorgeous gifts - you so deserve them xxx

  3. che bei regalini! meritatissimiiii

  4. Amazing graduation gifts!! Congratulations Lydia!!

    I hope the package gets to you soon as well as the other one!


  5. Molto belli!
    Soprattutto la borsa *_*

  6. wow they are lovely I like the tote