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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Hi everyone,
I know I have been a little absent on the blog lately, but it will be over soon (...I guess...)

Since yesterday, I am officially a M.A. graduate in Euroamerican Languages and Literatures, with my thesis on the topic "Adapting Translation for Dubbing and Subtitling".
I got a Summa cum Laude for it, and I am really happy about it, as it was such a hard work, and I devoted myself to it completely!
Now it's time for me to find myself a good job, and hopefully find someone who will publish my research.

I was so tense and nervous that I have completely forgot to bring my own camera to the event, but I will have pictures soon, so you can see how graduations are like in Italy and of course, my make-up ;)

This feels so weird, I don't even realize university is over, but I'm moving back to my hometown for now, and then I will leave for Ireland with my boyfriend for the summer. We have no idea how long we are going to stay there for now, but I will keep you updated.

*UPDATE* Plane tickets to Ireland (or anywhere really) are unbelievably expensive right now, so we don't know what to do. We'll keep searching, or if anything we'll change our destination, but we will go on a trip! It's his gift for my grad. and it's our first summer as "Doctors" (yes, you are a doctor here in Italy eventhough you are not a PhD - which we aim to become one day anyway) so we will really try hard to find a solution.

Thanks everyone for being so patient with me, and not unsubscribing. I will take pics of the wonderful presents I've received as soon as I can.

Oh, don't you forget to enter my contest, there's a link with the rules and regulations under my header. I guess I will have to take pictures of the prizes too now :)


  1. Wooohoooooo! Congratulations! I'm delighted for you! Can't wait to see your pictures. :)

    I know what you mean about it feeling weird. I felt like that when I graduated too, reality then hit me about starting work! x

  2. congratulations my lovely can you DM me your home address please xx

  3. Congratulations! Now you can go and have fun for the summer :)