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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ellis Faas: eyeshadows and mascara review

apologies for the bag of tissues and stuff...

Hi ladies (and gents, if any of them are following me),
finally another post from me. Busy life! However, let me say THANK YOU for keeping on following my blog! It is much appreciated!
So do you remember my rave about Ellis Faas' lip products? If not, you can check out the post here.
Following in the Ellis Faas fascination that has taken over me, are eye products.
I was lucky enough to be sent three eyeshadows and their fabulous mascara to try.
Now let me tell you that they are definitely worth the price ( they range from € 23,00 to € 32,00). All of them!
The quality is once again excellent ingredients, pigmentation, and durability-wise. I can't say amazing anymore, because I now know that this brand is a sure hit, and I would only be surprised if anything lets me down.

Now for a more in-depth review:
This mascara has a rather creamy consistency and it is exceptional for lenghtening, separating and also volumizing lashes in just few coats.
It comes in the usual missile-shaped Ellis Faas pens, and has a very long wand (which makes it a practical tools for make-up artists or anyone doing make-up on others) and a thin brush made of bristles.
I think it is because of the perfect combination between the number of bristles and the size of the hole in the mascara container (which should enable the brush to be loaded with the right amount of mascara) that this product has so many pros and also grabs every lash.
Clumps and flakes-free this mascara is a definite recommend that comes in black and brown, and can be purchased here
The mascara wand. As you can see there is a load of product there, but still, this is not clumpy at all!

Creamy Eyes have the perfect texture ever, in my opinion.
But I think anyone would agree on that. The formula is light weighted, quick-drying (which does not mean instantly, so you have enough time to blend), and velvety. Who doesn't love a velvet-like eyeshadow?
The best part: they start creasing after 12 hours. And I really mean 12 hours. Considering I have an oily lid, and I normally have to wear a primer with any eyeshadow if I want it to last, this is just great!
The shade I was sent is E105, which I find extremely peculiar: it dries to a matte finish, it looks brown, but it has a slight pink/lilac iridescense that makes it gorgeous. It also makes it the perfect base for MAC Shale!
I always use it when I teach my university course, as it is one of those colors that look natural, yet sophisticated.
The product contains a special extract of flowers and coffee. Will it be the secret to its covering yet soft texture? (answers on a postcard...)

Also from their original eyeshadows range, Milky Eyes is the more translucent version. The applicator in this eyeshadow is not a brush one, rather a sponge one. This makes the application a little bit more tricky, eventhough the site suggests using the sponge applicator and then blend on with fingers.
I like to apply different layers with this type of eyeshadow, first with my fingertips and then blending brush, and then with the sponge applicator of the pen, close to the lashes for a more intense look.
The shade I was sent is E203 - a lovely indigo blue that dries to a matte finish but still contains tiny little sparkles here and there (very softly).
This shade works great for a look for glasses wearers! You can take a look at that and other shades (and buy the product) here.

These are the Ellis Faas metallic eyeshadows. Once again, they are liquid, come with a brush, and dry to smooth consistency. Although metallic, they are more than highlighters. They are actual eyeshadows that will last up to 12 hours on your lids.
They come in five shades for now, and some of them are so peculiar (hello, holographic bordeaux!)
I was sent E303 which is a powerful bronze you saw me wearing here.
I have no idea why there is so much difference in terms of price, do shimmers cost more to the companies, or is it just because the product is new?
Anyway, it's a lovely product! Really lovely.

Now my only gripe with these is, as usual, the pens' mechanism. You really have to be careful with it, especially on first usage. Sometimes the product takes a while to get to the surface, so the more you screw the more likely you can have an "explosion". I really think they should fix this problem, as the eyeshadows are quite expensive.

*I ENCOURAGE YOU TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE ELLIS FAAS' NEWSLETTER THROUGH THEIR SITE, IN ORDER TO GET UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION ABOUT THEIR PRODUCTS. Afterall, it's holiday season now, who knows, maybe they will come up with great news?! (hint, hint)*
Milky Eyes E203 in action, with the E.F. mascara. Although you can't really see how long my lashes were. Try to zoom in the following photo for that.

Bad photo of a fotd created using the Ellis Faas Milky Eyes E203 and Mascara.