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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Layla Base Allungaciglia and Lash Art mascara review

Bare lashes

Layla Base Allungaciglia on the lashes

Layla Lash Art Mascara over Base Allungaciglia.

This post is long overdue. I was sent these two products this summer, and I hadn't still manage to make a proper review.

 I have actually been loving them a lot. In particular, the Base Allungaciglia (Lash Lenghtening Base) is THE base. Long before MUFE made their Lash Fibers, Layla Cosmetics (a very well-known Italian brand based in Milan) had this product, which consists of white fibers that come in a gel/mascara form that will add to your natural lashes, creating more lenght. Way more lenght.
When you put your mascra on, your lashes will look almost fake. 
Standing: Base Allungaciglia Layla Cosmetics
You can see the difference between my bare lashes and the lashes with base + mascara. You can put as many layers as you want to achieve the desired effect. Once my boyfriend asked me if I was wearing false eyelashes :) Fibers do not count as fake lashes, do they? ;)
One thing you need to bear in mind is, you have to let this product dry out before you apply your mascara. Otherwise you risk taking the fibers away with the mascara spooly. 
Layla Cosmetics Base Allungaciglia costs € 8,50 (a fair price for such a product).

 The Lash Art Mascara, also by Layla Cosmetics has also been my companion for quite a while now. 
It has one of those rubbery brushes, and the shape is quite peculiar. 
It is a very nice mascara to get some lenght and volume!

This mascara comes in a wide variety of colors (blue, purple, yellow, red...) and can be used as a topcoat mascara for dramatic effect.
I also own the blue and purple ones, which you have probably seen in these two posts:
I love wearing the colored ones at the bottom lashes for a different twist.
Layla Cosmetics Lash Art Mascara retails for € 10,64 and will lash for a very long time. 
Consistency-wise it is one of those mascaras that may seem liquid-y at first application, but then become creamy and last long.

Have you tried them? Do you prefer rubbery brushes or bristle brushes for your mascara? 

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  1. ma lidia, a te funziona cento volte meglio che a me... non mi fa mica quell'effetto a me! comincio a pensare di essermi beccata la base difettata :'|

  2. adoro la base di Layla!! la sto usando tutti i giorni praticamente! =P
    @Olivia davvero?? =O

  3. uao sono tre volte piu lunghe.. da aggiugere alla lista della spesa!

  4. Oddio dopo questa recensione la devo assolutamente trovare!!!