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Friday, December 11, 2009


Hello lovelies,
A quick post to tell you that I am so, so sorry for not being able to blog lately.
The connection in the dorm isn't back yet (seriously, 2 weeks to give us our freaking new passwords? Neféants!), and I honestly have no idea when it will be back.
Right now, I am at the university central library (on the other side of the town from where I live and my faculty is, because the next thing you know is that my faculty's library is CLOSED for works -nice timing, now that I need books for my thesis!) and I just wanted to check out the blog and deliver you a couple of messages:

1. I noticed I've reached 150 followers, so I want to say thank you everyone. Thanks to the new and the old followers too, who still take time to read my posts. It is much appreciated.
Now that I know that, I will make sure I buy some nice things to make a Christmas giveaway. Unfortunately I won't be able to post the giveaway until my connection will be back, cos it's not like I can walk miles (or wait ages for the bus) to come down here. It really is a long way. And the library is not opened on saturdays and sundays.
However, stay tuned. The Christmas/New Year giveaway will come soon

2. Thank you for all your support as regards my family situation. My aunt is back to her home, which by the way does not mean that she is feeling any better. Just that she will be able to face the fate in the company of her beloved ones. I might take the train and visit her on Sunday.
This situation brought me back to when I risked losing my grandfather, and now that I am 7 years older, I can see things under a slightly different light. I really want to share my thoughts, because I know (for facts, and for all of the kind messages you left me) that things like these can happen to anyone, anytime, and knowing how different people cope and react, may help us shape our outlook on such matters. It is not even a question of not feeling alone. I believe it is rather a question on how to cope with things.

3. I have tons of reviews to do, which include:
-Diorskin nude foundation;
- Soap and Glory's the Fab Pore mask review;
- my last elf order;
- and some more.

Thank you girls for bearing with me, now it's time for catching up on your blogs, and then do the research I came here to do for my French literature essay and presentation (I have to analyze Loin D'Eux, by Laurent Mauvigner, if any of you read it and want to discuss it, it is much appreciated LOL).


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