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Friday, December 25, 2009

What did you get for Christmas?

What I got:

- a bottle of my favorite perfume: Breil Milano Fragrance for Woman...it's fresh, yet sweet and classy...Love it!
- Gabriel Garcìa Màrquez's Love at the Time of Cholera
- a pair of silver earrings that are much, much prettier than in the picture, and which I am really loving and wearing right now
- a lovely Nomination ring...it has a pretty white and pink flower! Lovely, my kind of thing.

That's it, very few gifts this year, but very good ones! I really love everything!

So what did you get? I'm always so curious :D

I'll post pictures from yesterday's dinner at my grandparents' as soon as my cousins will send theirs along :)

OK girlies, I'm off to see my bf now



  1. I love the ring. So pretty!
    I spent my Christmas with my family too, & we opened presents at midnight. :)
    I got a hair straightener (my old one broke), movie theatre gift card, some jeans, zebra print slippers with matching robe lol... not a lot of presents either, but they were still nice & appreciated. :)