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Saturday, December 26, 2009

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I've spent the evening listening to music with my boyfriend, Fabrizio De Andrè has brought us otherworldly. All of the songs were pretty sad, so we either sang along or listened carefully in quiet. With that kind of mood, while he was taking me home, I observed the streets of the town.

Some were empty, with very few lights, and no festive aura whatsoever. Nevertheless, you can sense that the people who live there are gathered up, swapping the funniest anectodes of the year, or even some from the very past. They may have given each other very small gifts, but they're much appreciated, because of the thought that despite the credit crunch, your beloved ones wanted to save a little to display their affection.

Some others (streets) had houses decorated with all sorts of Christmas lights around them. You can picture the people who live there, having prosperous dinners, swapping the latest gossip regarding mutual acquaintances, exchanging the most expensive gifts under a rich, cheerful and colorful Christmas tree. I can't really decide which of these two is the most happy scene.

Some other streets, on the other hand, had no lights, and no houses either. They had prostitutes, waiting for a kerb-crawler to pick them up. They had people with no cause, walking in the icing blowing mistral wind. For all of these lonely people, today was a day like any other.
For all of these lonely people, I wish life can turn a little bit better, so that next year they will have their Christmas too.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. Here's wishing for a better year ahead for all. Happy Holidays.