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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas gifts

 Hey darlings,
so what have you been up to on Christmas day?
I spent both Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my family at my grandmother's house. It has been nice, and the house was so cosy and warm...I did not want to leave. Now I'm back at my parents house, which is freezing cold :(
Anyway, I guess you've already seen one of my gifts last night when I posted my Christmas greetings (the lovely snow man puppet), and now I am just going to show you what I got next:

Lovely beanie and big scarf from my boyfee - really in love with this!

Earrings from one of my aunts (please never mind the pimples all around my face. acne is still hitting)

And then this big lovely box from another aunt....

...inside of it three Bach Flowers remedies  products: massage oil, hair mask, and body lotion. Looking forward to trying them. Had you ever heard of Bach Flowers remedies before? If not, I can do a post about it..

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