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Saturday, December 18, 2010

a surprise Christmas gift from Illamasqua

In no way would I have thought this package would be in my mailbox, therefore, it left a lovely feeling in me.
The super beautiful Alex from Illamasqua sent a thoughtful Christmas present to me, that came completely unexpected: their infamous Medium Pencil in Sophie (if you still do not know anything about it, click here - Sophie's story is very touching, and I encourage you to support the cause).
Alex has also attached a Christmas gifts guide, a bit of information on the recent Vicky Mc' Lure commissioned clips that they have on their sites (have a watch at them, they are perfectly made, and the script is also interesting) and a lovely hand-written note that I have appreciated more than anything, as it shows that she reads my blog constantly.

Thank you so much Alex, and thanks Illamasqua for taking the time to read my blog. I wish the whole staff a very happy, colorful, shiny and shimmery Christmas. 


  1. Io adoro Illamasqua, davvero, le persone che lavorano per questo brand sono estremamente professionali e gentili, per non parlare della superba qualità dei prodotti...
    Fortunata ad aver ricevuto questo regalino! ;)