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Sunday, December 5, 2010

expression of gratitude

Dear Followers,
I just want to thank you all for expressing your support to me after reading my situation.
It is much appreciated. I could see that a lot of people could relate to my story in some way or another, and that really saddens me.
It is hard to try and keep shining on, smiling on, and carrying it on in the first place.
I have days when my vision of the world is all gloomy, and days when I can still see a glimpse of hope and fight with all my strenght.
To all of you I say, we shall come unite. All of the students and workers who are suffering, who are oppressed by the current laws (and trust me, the laws are not a consequence of the current economic situation, but rather an expression of our politicians)...we are fighting for a common objective: changing the current situation. Therefore I say, we shall come unite. The students' fight is my own fight as a researcher, the workers' fight is my own very fight as a worker who hasn't seen her salary in months and quite possibly won't see it until spring.
This has nothing to do with our political views. This has to do with our RIGHTS as HUMAN BEINGS. With our DIGNITY and INTEGRITY. And it is no more about our future; it is about our PRESENT!

Please, don't think that protests and riots are a waste of time. They are only a waste of time when you make them be a waste of time. When you complain, but you don't act (as peacefully as you can. I am against all sorts of violence), or you let a very small group of people act.
Remember nothing is irreversable. Remember the 60's and the 70's are part of our history, and all the changes that have been made in those years, all the rights we got from those protests and riots were made by people like us: tired of their poor situation, tired of being degraded and diminished just for the corruption and insensitivity of others.
Why did that work? Because all people came unite. The times are right to do the same thing. But remember:


Doesn't matter where in the world you are,
we are all struggling in the same way. 
We are all suffering in the same way.
We are all human beings in the same way.
Let's get together. 

Thank you, again. Thank you all very much.

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  1. (and trust me, the laws are not a consequence of the current economic situation, but rather an expression of our politicians)

    QUANTO hai ragione, Lid.

    Concordo su tutto, assolutamente.
    A Genova a manifestare c'erano quasi solo ragazzi dell'età di mio fratello, io e mia madre ci siamo spaventate notando in testa e in coda al corteo polizia in assetto da guerriglia urbana... di fronte a dei sedicenni -.- ma ormai le braccia son cadute da un pezzo, resta comunque l'importanza di far sentire la propria voce, tutti uniti, perchè non è affatto una perdita di tempo, non può essere così.

    Grazie a te, per questi post e per quelli su fb ;)