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Sunday, January 31, 2010

In and out - january


1.taking my last exam;

2. joining a gym;

3. sales!

4. probably receiving my swap package from Michelle (can you believe its saga dates back to August?), and arranging another swap...details for this one shall remain secret until it happen. Anticipation anyone? LOL

5. had a brilliant idea for the first chapter of my MA thesis. Need to start writing it!!!

6. drinking more than 2 liters of water per day.


1. the people who live on my floor at the students dorm. I f***ing hate them! They're the loudest, most disrespectful, and filthy people I've ever met. Geez, this is not your own house, we SHARE IT, you better start paying your respect before I blow your arses on fire!!! *YES, I AM FUMING*

2. Eyeko customer service. Yes, there's more to the story. But I'll save it for when I finally have my package and review. Of course, customer service will be taken into consideration during the evaluation process.

3. still not eating 100% properly. I need to improve and go back to my super healthy habits

4. Having to go to the toilet every hour because of the massive amount of water I am drinking LOL

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