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Saturday, January 2, 2010

random things

Under a creativity spell some days ago, I decided to use some materials that my parents were throwing away to do something nice.
I thought of the easiest thing to do as an experiment, and I realized they were brooches.
So here we go...I drew some circles with a compass on a cereal cardbox, cut them all around, and coiled some wool that my mother is not using anymore. I bought 10 brooches pins, and...here we go! They should look nice on jackets, but next time, I'll make them smaller. I'll try to do flowers maybe...My brother said I can do earrings that are the same shape as these brooches, and they would look nice ( I don't know why, but he has this thing for women with earrings LOL).
What do you think?

Next random thing is: seeing how I won't be able to send the prizes for my giveaway until Jan, 7th I have decided to extend my contest to that date, so make sure you spread the word.

Thanks ;)


  1. very creative! such a cool idea :D

  2. Hi Sweetie! The brooches look very nice. I firt thought they were earrings. Your brother is right, you should do earrings as well ;)


  3. Those are very cool!! Check out the giveaway on my blog, please!:)

  4. Very pretty. They would make nice earrings. :)

  5. Nice Blog!

    Greetings from Greece.