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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My small Sleek MakeUP collection - reviews heavy!

Hello bloggettes!
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, but life has taken over. I haven't forgotten about my blog though, I still read everything, but have no time to post all the reviews I want to. I haven't worn make up in 5 days, imagine how busy I am (geez how I miss my eotd posts!)
Anyway, I have decided to do a post on my small Sleek collection, which is not that small if you consider I am not from the UK.
I first discovered the brand watching my beloved Pixiwoo's videos, and I started my search for the brand. I really wanted to get my mitts on the eyeshadow palettes, and as my first followers may remember, I asked if someone can pick one up and send it to me. However, I got lucky enough to be sent it from the lovely Leon (PR for Sleek MakeUP), as a way of wishing good luck for my new blog. And that is when my ADDICTION to Sleek started and reached ridiculous levels.
When I went to London in October, I picked some things on my own, and then, when Anna went, she kindly picked some products for me, which I hadn't had the chance to buy while I was there (thank you so much, you are so so sweet Anna!).

So, I will review each product quickly for you.

1. New Skin Revive - silicone based foundation (my shade is called "Sand")
This is a silicone-based, oil-free, light to medium coverage liquid foundation. I had never tried any silicone-based products before, so it felt a little awkward at first.
This foundation is not bad at all, it can be a good alternative to your HG foundation, to wear everyday. Its coverage is really buildable, but be careful with the amount you put on. You don't want to get streaks all over your face.
That doesn't happen all the time, but it has 1 little fault: it dries up in a second! This is why you can get streaks, if you don't find a way to work with it properly. I still have to improve on this side, and it does bugs me a little that it dries so fast, as it makes it hard to blend on your face, because it's a bigger "canvas". When you try it on your hand it is not hard to blend at all, because you have time to work with it.
Other than that, once it's on it will slowly improve the coverage, even out your skin tone, and feel light on your skin. Almost as you wore nothing (almost). It also has great staying power.
It retails for a little more than £6 i think...I am not sure, as this is one of the items Anna gave me.
vote: 4/5 for the super fast dry.
P.S.: it comes in a vast range of colors, from super pale to super dark!!!

2. i-Divine eyeshadow palettes (l-r Acid, Storm)
At this point, we are all familiar with their super palettes, I will keep this short and sweet. They are my fave!
12 eyeshadows, GREAT color range, GREAT color payoff, GREAT staying power, velvet to the touch, the possibility to choose matt and shimmery shades from the same palette, and they always come with a black eyeshadow for smokey eyes or to use as a liner, and also a highlighter shade. They retails for under £5, so they are GREAT value for the money (I do insist on great, on -subliminal- purpose LOL)
vote: 5/5

3. Sleek MakeUP blush (my shade is Flamingo)
Oh my goodness! This is the best blush I have ever tried! It is so pigmented, so silky, and so bright, that the tiniest amount brightens and defines your cheekbones, leaving an almost natural glow.
I am not sure how much this is, as I received from MissVirtue as the runner up prize for her giveaway, but I read somewhere it is under £4, so again, it is bargaineous!
vote: 5/5

4. Eye Drama mascara (shades I own Blackout, Purple Haze and I got the Blooz)
Now, this is where major improvement is needed. I was so excited to try it, that I asked Anna to pick up all the shades available!!!
This mascara has an ultra flexible silicone brush, and I also got to try both normal and waterproof formulation. I am usually a fan of silicone brushes, although I admit, it is hard to work with such a flexible one. Although, I don't think this is a problem, I would suggest Sleek to add more raws of "bristles" to the brush, as one of the tricky issues with it, can be that it is too sparse, as you can see from the picture. Also, the consistency is way too gum-like, eventhough I noticed that the difference is not between waterproof and normal formulation, but between colors. Probably, the chemicals used for making them purple and navy are to blame.
As it is now, it does not give any volume to my lashes (I have more volume without it!!!), does not curl, and the lenght provided is good, but nothing exceptional. Blackout is the only shade that worked better for me. At least, it is good to separate. I will give the black one more rounds, but the other two? Mhm....they have no great payoff either. The blue one is actually a navy, and comes almost black on lashes. The purple one looks so bright on the brush, that you think it is lovely, but when it dries the color is not that great. Probably it will look better with a flash in photos, but I am not a model. Nor a make-up artist.
I hope they will consider making some adjustments, as the mascara has potentials.
It retails for around £4.
Vote: 2/5

5. Ink pot cream liner (my shades are Dominatrix-black-, and Espresso-dark brown-)
Short and sweet: good cream liner, great value for the money. It is a little less creamy than my Shiseido one (but also, costs more than 3 times less!), but that is just because it is waterproof.
Espresso is lovely when you create thick lines, as it really brightens up your eyes if you have them blue or green. It won't smudge all day, and it is available in a vast variety of colors. Some of them can be used to create a flawless base. It comes in a very sturdy pot, which is small, but still contains a lot of product. I love it.
It retails for less than £4
vote: 4/5

6. Pout Polish Tinted Lip Conditioner (my shade is Pink Cadillac)
Lovely! Lovely colors, awesome consistency, it does condition very very well. The scent would not be to everybody's taste, but I still love it. It's yummy...
It's only downside? It comes in a pot. Maybe they should consider making a lipstick form of it?
Again, it retails for under £4
vote: 4/5

All of the Sleek MakeUP products can be purchased at Superdrug, in the UK.
Check the list of the stores that stock the brand, on their official site: www.sleekmakeup.com

I hope this has been helpful, and I apologize for the lenght of this post!

1 - New Skin Revive foundation, and all of the Eye Drama mascaras have been given to me from a friend of mine.
2 - the i-Divine Acid palette has been sent to me for free from a PR to review - I am not an affiliate of Sleek MakeUP.
3 - the Blush in Flamingo has been sent to me for free as a prize from a giveaway.
I have not been paid to do my review on these products, I am not an affiliate of the brand, and these are my genuine opinions on each product I own.


  1. Great post. We don't mind if it's long, as long as it's helpful (which it is). It's awesome that you have access to the brand

  2. You have more Sleek than me and I'm in the UK! I have recently got the sunset and graphite palettes which I love. The pout polish is my favourite as it smells delicious.
    I want to try a blush but they look a little bright for my skintone. I picked up a contour kit in light and thats still pretty dark! xx

  3. Surprisingly I have never tried any sleek products Im loving the eyeshadow pallettes though they seem really pigmented

  4. I just wanted to say thank you for stopping by and following my blog. I am loving your posts!!! Keep up great work xxxx

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  6. Great review! I love Sleek!

    I've tagged you fgor an award. Come over to my blog and take a look! :) x

  7. Hellooo,

    I love the palettes :) I really wanna get some.

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    Lots of love,