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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Please, read: good news on Eyeko!

I am sure some of you read my post last night, about my experiences with terrible customer care at Eyeko.
Well, it seems like mine was not the only case, and a lot of other customers complained publically on Eyeko's Facebook page.

The good thing about it is that, after all those negative feedbacks they decided to improve their customer care service! From today on, free shipping will not be available outside the UK and European Union, and all the orders will automatically be sent via Signed For, for a symbolic fee of £3.50.
Signed For tracking number will be provided in the email you receive when your order is dispatched, so that you can check your packet's status whenever you want to.
Also they are really improving their direct customer services (replying promptly and such).

I have proof of that, as one of their staff emailed me again today, to tell me that she has done a refund for the shipping cost I paid, and that if I do not receive my parcel within next week, I can contact her and she will personally resend my order.

I think that is some sort of improvement, and I like this new attitude of theirs.
So, all of you, Eyeko lovers...you don't need to worry anymore, as from today ordering at Eyeko.com will be much safer, and hopefully won't lead you to the kind of frustration I experienced (in the end, I only wanted to give myself a happy birthday gift!!!)

I can't wait to try the products I ordered!!!


  1. Please they are going to sort it for you honey - I have only ordered once from them and had no problems (its easier to go to superdrug ;) ) but it lots of people have its only right they should sort it out xx my mum often says that companies can get it wrong but its how that they put it right that matters xxx

  2. Pleased they are sorting it out. I contacted them through their 'contact us' bit once and they never replied. They replied in the end when I tweeted them though. x