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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some random looks

Purple smokey eye. Excuse the bad lighting, colours were much prettier in real life.
The weather has been crazy these days, so I can't really have good lighting.

Products used:
UD AC/DC all over the lid (mid-dark shade)
UD Ecstasy on the inner corner and slightly blended into the crease (light shade)
Sleek Royal Purple (I'll start calling the last shade in the Graphite palette Royal Purple from now on) on the outer corner and crease (dark shade)
UD Sellout as a highlighter
KIKO 30 days treatment mascara
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara

On the other hand, yesterday's look was pretty much neutral, and on the peachy side:

Photo taken at the end of the day. Foundation was completely gone (courtesy of my boyfriend's kisses LOL), and the rest of the makeup was a little messy.

My aim with this was just to show you that the Sleek Chaos palette is not so bad afterall.
Chaos is one of the most under-rated palettes. I agree the colours in that palette are not as buttery soft as those in the Bohemian palette, but there are some nice ones nevertheless.
I used the e.l.f. eyelid primer underneath and it lasted all day!

Products used:
e.l.f. eyelid primer
Matte beige shade in the Safari palette (all over the lid)
Orange e/s from the Chaos palette (outer corner and crease)
Cappuccino (hot mid-tone brown) in the Chaos palette (outer corner)
Light yellow shade from the Chaos palette (inner corner and highlighter)
Black e/s in the Chaos palette as my eyeliner (that is a little faded in the picture)

KIKO Sunproof Stylo SPF 15 in Rich Orange and Sheer Nude on top (see the glossiness?)
This is one of my new fave lip combo's!

Hope you liked these hideous pictures of me, ahah...


  1. gorgeous!!!!
    my fave is the one with 'royal purple' haha!so tempted to get the graphite palette now.

    im well, my darling.was busy with school & job applications etc.and this election is crazy! dont think i'd want to live here anymore if conservatives get power! ahh! i have a bit of spare time now before i have to begin exam revision so just reading as much mindless fiction as i can, writing terrible poetry and going to lots of art exhibitions. fun :) how are you, love x x x

  2. The first look is great! =O I love it!!!

  3. Oh wow, gorgeous looks! I love the first look and the eyes on the last one.

  4. you use alot of KIKO. i never heard of this brand before, but from the looks of it, it's great! what other makeup lines is it comparable to?

  5. Love both looks esp the first one. That purple is gorgeous!

  6. thanks for the feedback! ahhh i wish i could get my hands on some KIKO. i'll definitely keep it in mind if i ever get to go Italy. your blog is fantastic, by the way!

  7. Love the looks and I am just wanting this lipstick sooooo bad now :D I really have to go to Trieste soon, everytime I visit your blog I wish to be there and buy some KIKO :D