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Monday, May 3, 2010

It's going to be a hot summer part I: KIKO Sun Essentials review - eyes and lips products

Some weeks ago, I was sent the whole Sun Essentials collection from the lovely Alice, over KIKO Makeup Milano, for reviewing purposes.

The collection's main feature are face products, obviously, but they have also thrown in some waterproof mousse eyeshadows, waterproof shimmery eyeliners, and lipsticks with SPF 15.
I am going to review these eyes and lips products now, and review foundations and blushers in a second post, and leave bronzers to a third, with the hope I will have a little bit of a tan by then ;) (instead of faking a tan for your eyes pleasure LOL).

Sun Mousse Eyeshadow and Shimmering Eyeliner:
1. Packaging

Liners: L - R 01 Sparkle black, 02 Sparkle Gold
Retail Price: € 7,90 (bit pricey, but worth it!!!)

E/S: l - r 01 Beige Doré, 02 Violet, 03 Bronze, 04 Light Green, 05 Sea Green, 06 Black

Retail price: € 6,90 (for 6 ml of product)

The eyeliners come in a plastic tube, which does not look great as the rest of the collection. However, they do their job, and the actual brush is great. It's long, and a bit flimpsy, but not too fine. I don't like fine brushes for my eyeliners.

The mousse eyeshadows come in a little glass pot, with a golden cap, which looks really cute and reminds me of Estee Lauder's double wear e/s.
The only downside to this can be that you have to be very careful not to drop them, but other than that, I love the glass packaging.

close up of the colours, natural light

and the highly anticipated swatches:

top row, l -r: beige doré, violet, bronze, light green, sea green, black
bottom row, swatches of the eyeliners: sparkle black, sparkle gold.
Click on the image to enlarge it.


I read many posts on Facebook, and other blogs saying that they were disappointed, as the mousse e/s are really sheer. I think there is a clear explanation for that, though. These eyeshadows are meant to be wearable when you go to the beach or if you're by a pool. Can you imagine yourself wearing bright blue or black eyeshadows when you're into the water? (not that I imagine myself wearing ANY makeup at the beach, actually) So these eyeshadows are meant to be sheer.
I have to say, though, that I am not a big fan of them. I think they are the products I liked the least in the whole collection (which doesn't mean I don't like them, though). Some colours are really pretty, but a black? Seriously?!
I used Beige Doré the other day, as a base, and it works great to keep gold/yellow e/s on. I guess that's my favourite of them. Violet is very nice too, and so is Sea Green, which can be used as a lovely teal eyeliner. What I like about them is that they are not packed with glitters (apart from Black!) and the consistency is that of a soft cream, which makes them smooth to apply. I still need to work their best usage though. I suppose they will be nice in those hot, hot summer nights, because they have a slight iridescence.

The eyeliners are lovely! I love the consistency, I love the colours, I love the brush. How bright is that gold eyeliner? Awesome...I can see myself wearing it a lot this summer! They are waterproof, and I think the golden one resists more than the black one...

Overall, I think the liners are more worth buying than the shadows, although Violet and Sea Green are irresistible. Light Green will look awesome on dark eyes and darker skintones.

Sunproof Stylo SPF 15

1. Packaging

l - r: 02 sheer nude, 03 rich orange, 04 bright fuchsia, 05 soft red, 06 glossy berry
Retail Price: € 7,50

Packaged in a golden tube, these lipsticks look really posh. I am not sure if that is metal or plastic, as they are very very light.
Nevertheless, I like the packaging!


These lipsticks are scary in the tube, but are sheer on the lips. They are glossy, and less hydrating than the Red Emotion lipsticks, but still, very good ones!
Swatches don't do them justice! Soft Red is so lovely! You can see it on my first Sleek Bohemian look.
Rich Orange is really peachy when dubbed onto the lips with your fingers, or with Sheer Nude on it.
Bright Fuchsia is actually lovely, and soft. Along with Soft Red, it's definitely my fave.
I didn't receive Shimmer Beige, sorry if you were waiting for swatches of it.

So in conclusion, I highly recommend the eyeliners, and some of the lipsticks. The eyeshadows are nice for their iridescence, but I can't say that I am IMPRESSED by them. They're worth swatching at least, though, as your opinion may differe due to your tastes. The product itself is very good, and nicely packed!

PS: mi dispiace non avere incluso una versione Italiana di questa recensione ora, ma non ho il tempo di tradurre, sono troppo impegnata con la tesi! Scusatemi!


  1. You're so lucky to receive all these products! =D
    btw great review! Those lipsticks are lovely! I agree with the facts that at the seaside I don't think it is necessary to wear a lot of makeup =P

    Have a nice week sweetie! And hang in with the thesis! ;-D

  2. thanks for the review!

    and again, you`re so lucky to get KIKO products for reviews ;)


  3. bella bella recensione oggettiva...sei un esempio per molte ragazze! smack!

  4. wow! those swatches looks so great! such nice colors of the eyeliners!

    btw, nope, i didn't say anything to them I was very confused... But kindda all clients was saw me just walking away