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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My experience with Cambree.de

I apologize for this very shaky picture, but I am not in my best state today. I'm sick!

A week ago, I ordered a Sigma Eyes Kit and some false lashes from Cambree.de, a German site that stocks Sigma, and NYX for their distribution in Europe. The site also has a wide selection of false eyelashes by both NYX and Red Cherry (I ordered one type from both brands).

I had heard so many positive things about this site from my friends, that I was persuaded to make my order from them, nevertheless the €11,00 of shipping fees.
Now I do understand why they charge so much: their service is excellent. Takes just one week to get to Italy, and provides you with brands no one else distributes in Europe. You don't have to wait for weeks anymore, without knowing whether your package is going to arrive or will be held up at customs. They ship with DHL, and give you a direct link to their track&trace service as soon as the package is dispatched.
Plus, they always reply if you have any question. Two thumbs up for German precision!

I can't wait to use my new brushes, especially the eyeliner one (although I need to say my new 224 is HUGE, what's up with Sigma?....I guess I will use that for highlighters and concealers, I have 2x 217 and another 224 anyway), and obviously the false eyelashes. The Red Cherry ones are so dramatic, but so beautiful!
I will definitely do something creative soon ;)

Have you ever ordered anything from Cambree.de? If so, was your experience positive too?
What would you order from the site?

PS: the site has a German, an English and an Italian (this one not being so accurate) translation!


  1. Glad to hear you had a positive experience with them! ^_^
    I've just made another order and I can't wait for it to arrive! XD
    Get well soon sweetie ;-)


  2. Although I live in Germany I have never ordered from them. I have bookmarked their site though and am thinking about ordering. It should only take a few days to ship within Germany.

    Hope you'll feel better soon.