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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday night's makeup - Peacock fever...

It literally took me ages to upload these pictures! I hate my connection!!! Anyway, this is the look I sported last night: dinner out with a friend, and then I chilled with my boyfriend!

I have recently purchase two headbands, as I am regaining my title as the headbands queen (if you want to see my collection, just tell me) - Could I leave this unique peacocky cuteness in the store? Hell no! If you can't see it properly, it has a huge white feather, a smaller peacock feather, and a crochet flower.

The weather was gloomy, cold, and rainy, so I have decided to go for dark teal (I'm not really into grey makeup) - bright, but dark at the same time.

Products used:

Revlon Colorstay foundation
Eyeko 3-in-1 cream
KIKO Sun Bronzing Trio in Highlighting Coral (love!!!)

KIKO Sun Mousse e/s in Sea Green as a base
Dark teal e/s from the Sleek Jewels palette all over the lid and blended into the crease
Very light blue e/s from the Jewels palette on the inner corner
Light and bright teal e/s from the Sleek Curious palette
Teal and gold fine glitters (although my camera failed to pick them!) from the KIKO Coloursphere duo in 211
Matte teal e/s from the KIKO Coloursphere duo in 211 blended into the crease over the shimmery Sleek teal
Vanilla e/s from the Sleek Curious palette as a highlighter
Eyeko Graffiti eyeliner pen in black
KIKO lash boost treatment mascara
Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara
Soap&Glory Arch de Triumph on my brows

MAC Creme d'Nude lipstick (love!!!)

Gosh, I hadn't realize I used so many products before! LOL

Hope you like it...what did you wear, and what did you do last night?
What do you think of peacock accessories?

PS I know I should have completed the look with a black kohl on my waterline and maybe false lashes, but I was in a rush.
And yes, I finally got the hang of how to put false eyelashes on, and I really hope I can master the art and post some pics of makeup with false lashes on soon ;)


  1. Love the colors!! I personally am not a fan of peacock accessories, but this looks great on you! ;-D can't wait to see your false eyelashes looks ^_^
    have a nice sunday! Bacioni!

  2. I don't think you need a black kohl on your waterline with this look. It looks gorgeous just like it is.

    I'd love to see your collection of headbands :)


  3. Loved the eyemake up.


  4. uuh io la voglio vedere la tua collezione di cerchietti! li adoro!

    ps: sei sempre bellissima!

  5. Anche io...quest'anno non li ho sfoggiati tanto a dire la verità...tra lo studio e la palestra non esco granché :(
    Ma li ho riscoperti grazie alle fascette ed ora voglio fiori e piume in quantità industriali ahah...farò un post sui miei accessori per capelli :)

  6. just beautiful!!! The colors are amazing on you and I love the band!

  7. Beautiful! Your skin is glowing! :) x

  8. Hi there, i have just found your blog. You have beautiful eyes i love this look on you. I am half italian so it's nice to see another fellow blogger. I am just starting out so maybe you can pop over x

  9. Another stunning look! The bright teal colors make your eyes pop! and no, I don't think this looks would have been prettier with black khol and falsies!

    It's super fresh and summery as it is - and so wearable for daytime too! You look so pretty in all your photos! <3