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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Autumn/Winter to Illamasqua (Art of Darkness Collection)

I was so so sad not to be able to attend the Illamasqua event that took place in London yesterday!
Nevertheless, I have received some information about the collection from the lovely Alex and I am going to post them now.
So, apart from opening a new store in 20, Beak St. in London (that should be at the end of Carnaby St - but I've only been to London twice in my life, so look for it on Google Maps if you want to be sure) - Illamasqua has also given a preview of their new AW collection, called Art of Darkness.

They have focused on jewels tones for this collection, with lots of golden tones, reds, deep emerald greens and dark blues.
I am sure a lot of you have already spotted their new Precision Ink liners on some blogs, and one of them is a pure golden color (Alchemy)!
They have also divided looks into some characters, with a Gypsy Queen that has really caught my attention (although I have to say, after seeing the Faerie on Sarah's blog I am amazed by that one character too).
Justify FullThe new interesting products featured on this look are the Intense Lipgloss in Hermetic and the Scarab nail varnish, both being deep reds.

A new liquid metal palette should be coming out, as well as two gorgeous pure pigments. I
highly recommed you check out Sarah's blog for pictures and information about them, as like I said I couldn't make it to the event, so I don't know all the detail yet (however, I will get back on the topic with more in the next weeks).

I know there is a deep navy blue lipstick coming out...what do you think of it? Apart from the make-up artists out there, who I am sure will be gladly playing with it, would you dare to wear it?

Also, Illamasqua has drawn a list of autumn favorites that are a definite must-have for this winter with a gorgeous mahogany shade of lipstick called Growl (pictured above), a nail varnish in Hectic (intense olive color), and the best selling Liquid Metal in Surge - along with a pair of wonderful lashes, the n.22 lashes!


  1. Ho visto già delle blogger che hanno ricevuto i prodotti...e li adoro solo a vederli! *-* il precision ink nero è STU-PEN-DO! l'ho ordinato e e già anche usato...non vedo l'ora che arrivi online!!! :D


  2. Hi darling! I always adore the promotional pics from Illamasqua.
    I think this collection is wonderful!

  3. Ciao!!
    Il rossetto Growl sarà mio, idem dicasi per il rossetto blu... Dopo il nero posso osare con il blu! Baci

  4. @Aru: ti ci vedo proprio con le cose di questa collezione, sai? Poi tu che sei un'amante fissa di Illamasqua...

    @Catanya: I think this collection is way more interesting than Body Electrics. Or maybe I just love the autumn, who knows ;) - Their promotional pictures are so artistic, I always love them too

    @Dona: Ti ci vedo tantissimo col Growl..è stupendo! Io ho un colore simile ma ho sempre abbastanza timore di metterlo...dici che quest'anno è l'anno in cui oserò?
    Ahah...voglio vedere un tuo trucco artistico col rossetto blu...Che poi secondo me gli si possono trovare anche altri usi, no?! ;) baci