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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

News: Madina Milano now ships worldwide!

You have seen me raving about some products from this brand here.
You have seen me wearing those products in many FOTD's...

...now you can have them too!

Madina Milano has recently launched the English version of their site, and now ships worldwide!

You can see that prices varies from cheap to expensive (the latter for the rEvolution lines), but don't let yourself be misguided: Intercos technology is behind each product, so you are quite likely to have a super luxurious product for 4 euros (hello, gel bronzer!)

Shipping costs range from
almost 10 euros for Europe (3/7 days)
almost 20 euros for the rest of the world (5/15 days)

I highly encourage you to explore the brand's site at www.madina.it

Something you would fancy? ;)


  1. Hey Lydia, gret news, I dont know this brand, what are your favourite products? are the eyshadows good?!

    besos <3

  2. Yeeeeah! Ottimo questo passo avanti!! Bravi madini! ^^

  3. Ameriga: They definitely are, but as a makeup artist, I highly suggest you try their revolution line, as they have some astonishing products there.
    Long lasting, high performances.
    Their Perfect fit foundation is said to be amazing (seen that on camera and it is brilliant),
    a new concealer for hd cameras will be out soon,
    their crystal glass and serums are BRILLIANT, and so are the bronzers - even the gel bronzer, retailing for 4 euros is awesome.
    The most natural bronzer I have ever tried!

    Also try their bivalva extreme blushers, as they will last ages.
    As for eyeshadows I highly suggest the Wild metal shadows and all their baked ones. as opposed to other baked shadows they are awesome.
    Try to add them on facebook, they have some swatches.
    For good eyeshadow swatches go to the blog Ibisco Lilla, she has tons of reviews there :P

  4. prima di spedire in tutto il mondo dovrebbero sistemarlo quel sito... non c'e' tutta la linea e i colori sono irriconoscibili, io ho cose loro prese a Milano e sul sito mica le trovo o_O;

  5. ahah io mi oriento perché molte voltee mettono gli swatches su facebook :)

    Cmq non so se hai notato, gli ultimi prodotti aggiunti hanno swatches "veri", per esempio hanno fotografato le cialde degli ombretti e così via.
    E' un passo in avanti!

    Che non ci sia tutta la linea mi pare che accada anche per altri marchi, ma credo che faranno qualcosa presto perché da quanto ho capito tante persone gli hanno fatto segnalazioni in merito al sito.