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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Eldora false eyelashes mini giveaway *CLOSED*

Hello lovelies!
It's giveaway time here, and a lovely fluttery one!
I have been given the opportunity to try these two pairs of falsies by Eldora, which I am going to review on my blog soon, but more importantly (for you, LOL) the lovely Ella from Eldora has offered to sponsor a mini giveaway here, to give the same opportunity to one of my lovely subscribers!

So, one lucky subscriber will have the chance to win these babies:

D145: full volume, fluttery lashes with sparkles all over them

B160: black synthesis lashes, glamourous and peculiar

How to win them?

1. You MUST be a subscriber of this blog (please, have a verified account so that I can check if you are really following me)

2. You must go to the Eldora site, at www.eldorashop.co.uk and leave me a comment ON THIS POST, telling me what your favorite pair is, and why (e.g. your preference is human hair, or synthesis, or individuals, therefore...).
Please, include your email address in the comment, so that I can contact you for your name and address in case you're the lucky one!

3. For 1 extra entry blog about this giveaway (or place it on your sidebar) and leave another comment with your referral link.

It is as simple as that!

I will randomly choose the winner using Random.org, and email the winner for her/his details. Then, I will pass your contact to Eldora, who will send the lashes to you.

This giveaway is opened internationally and will last until Thursday, the 30th of September 2010 at midnight.

Don't miss your chance, these lashes are perfect for your nights out!

*Disclaimer: my lashes and the prizes were provided by Eldora Handmade Lashes for consideration. I am not an affiliate of the company, nor I was paid to host this giveaway.


  1. my favourite pair is b131 from black sinthesis...
    thank you for this nice prize!

  2. My fav pair is E101 from the Diamante Colour section. I love the rhinestones!

    zsuzsmuzs (at) gmail.com

  3. My fave lashes are the H118. I like the fullness and how they flare out at the ends.


    makeupbykimporter at gmail dot com

  4. Partecipo ovviamente! :D
    Sono già subscriber, il mio paio preferito: B159 Black Synthesis, perchè adoro le ciglia finte effetto "dramatic"! *-*
    aru_89 (at) me (dot) com
    Secondo commento con link al blog in arrivo! ;-)
    un bacio!!

  5. www.glamorousmakeup.net
    sidebar a destra ;-D
    un bacio!

  6. My fav pair is H128 from human hair section.
    I love the natural look :)


  7. My favourite are the B126 Synthesis - Love lashes that can be worn every day without looking too overdone!


    Thanks Lydia!

  8. My favourite pair are Black Synthesis B131 because I prefer synthetic hair to human hair and they look nice and full without being too dramatic

    Sorchwitch (at) hotmail (dot) com

  9. My favourite pair are S201 these are wonderful feathery eyelashes... but I'm honest I love them all!!

  10. my favourite are the Individuals - S301 mini black individual lashes because they seem very natural with a really nice effect!


  11. my favourite are the Individuals "S301 Mini Black Individual Lashes"
    very elegant, I must say...! kisses!,


  12. partecipoooooooo
    il mio paio preferito è il B160 perché adoro le ciglia drammatiche!!!


  13. extra entry ho fatto un post

  14. Ciao! Volevo solo dirti che ti ho "premiata" nel mio blog: http://makeuppicturesandreviews.blogspot.com/2010/09/happy-101-award.html
    Spero ti faccia piacere, bye!

  15. favorite E101

    email dollsfactoryblog@gmail.com

    enter my giveawy too, a FENDI CHARM is waiting for you


  16. I use fake eyelashes all the time for fashion photography, and at Eldora they have all sorts of lashes!! my favourite ones are the S701 blue fabric with golden application...and the S604 fully glow in the dark!! great website thanks for the info :)

  17. Ok I forgot to say why I liked the ones I liked... I think it's because I'd like to create some dramatic looks with those lashes and there are perfect for some fantasy fashion shootings!
    Lydia what's point 3 about?! sorry but I dont know how blogs work too well.. (when you write: For 1 extra entry blog about this giveaway (or place it on your sidebar) and leave another comment with your referral link.)

  18. My favourite pair is Human Hair H102 because I love the natural look!!!

    My email : sabry91ss@libero.it

    I'm follower!! :)

  19. Le mie preferite sono le B141... da morire!! =)


  20. entry extra... sidebar in alto a sinistra

  21. My favourites are S108, I love them because they are odd and dramatic! Thank you for your giveaway, this the first for me! XOXO :)

  22. entry extra http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Miss-Rettore/155904054425557 my facebook public page!

  23. Ciao,partecipo volentieri! sono diventata follower e le mie ciglia preferite sono le D110 perchè secondo me rendono lo sguardo davvero affascinante!

  24. Sono diventata anche tua fan su fb e ti ho aggiunta agli amici (sono Autilia De Simone)
    Ti linko anche sul mio gruppo qui: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=132208490123079&ref=search

  25. partecipo anche io *-*!le mie preferite sn le
    B 160 <3


  26. le mie preferite? Colour Synthesis C126 perchè sono eccessive ed è difficile trovarne di così particolari :)

  27. Hiiii i just follow your blog. I love the Black Synthesis!
    My email is: tifafd@libero.it

  28. wow lidia certo che partecipo le mie preferite sono black synthesis...cmq proprio carino quel sito.....la mia mail....alessia.bertarelli@libero.it


  29. Bellissime le ciglia della Eldora, partecipo volentieri! ;)
    Le mie preferite sono le B123
    gradual criss cross lashes. Mi piace avere un look naturale, ma anche d'effetto.

  30. Ciao, sono tua followers! partecipo anch'io al tuo giveaway, sono tua fan anche su fb. Ho condiviso qui: http://www.facebook.com/sereacqua
    Se ti dovesse risultare utile le mia email è sereacqua@hotmail.it

  31. ciao!
    le mie preferite sono le b104 perchè mi sembrano abbastanza portabili e poco esagerate! cmq sono tutte bellissime!
    email: beautylandia@gmail.com

  32. extra entry

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Ciao Lyd! Io aspetto sempre l'ultimo momento per i giveaway, hehe! Premesso che le B160 sono meravigliose, direi che visto le mie attività molto mondane forse sarebbe meglio puntare su qualcosa di "striking but still kind of simple"! Quindi direi B131, che sono sexy some un caldo abbraccio...penso che sarebbero perfette da indossare in uno chalet di montagna davanti al camino e con un bicchiere di vino rosso in mano (il mirto lo tengo per i falò sulla spiaggia!!) mentre guardo languidamente il mio uomo fluttering my lashes!!!! (mi sa che il biccheire di vino mi ha già dato alla testa anche senza averlo bevuto ;))) xx

  35. Eccomi a un pelo dalla scadenza ^^ le mie preferite sono le H111, sono le più drammatiche che ho visto ^^ in genere ne indosso di semplici, ma con l'olio di ricino ormai le mie ciglia sono lunghe, incurvate e folte, quindi ho scelto le più drammatiche che ho visto perchè l'effetto sia nettamente diverso dalle mie ciglia truccate! ^^

    des (at) trucchisvelati.it