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Sunday, October 3, 2010

news from wonderland

Hi everyone,
as you may have noticed I haven't been able to post as much as before in the past month.
The reason for that is that I am commuting a lot, trying to find a job (possibly one that keeps me working at least 5 days on 7 for more than two months!) and thinking about a PhD.

Public transport service in my region is almost inexistant, therefore I am often forced to spend the night at my boyfriend's (LOL not that I'm not happy with it! In fact, I love that...being cuddled until you fall asleep is priceless), which results in me being away for almost 2 days in the end.

Needless to say, that absorbs my time a lot.
I should be starting a teaching job very soon, and I will have to commute at least 2 days a week to do that. That will absorb much time as well.
However, once I know what my schedule is, and I get used to that, and planning my lessons etc, I will be back on the right track, I promise!
I love blogging too much to disappear, so you will have to deal with my *caugh caugh* fabulous self some more.

There are lots of things that I really want to blog about:

- new products: as I have far too many products, I will probably now follow this principle: new products that have amazed me or particularly let me down, will have a full review. Otherwise, i will be making fotd's with those products and mark them with a different font color. And if you happen to like what you see and want a full review, you can leave the request in the comment and I will do that.

- fotd's: been missing posting fotd's way too much!

- exploring winter trends: I think you've all liked my previews post about that as much as I have, therefore I have decided I will blog about that more. Get ready for a 60's make-up trend, neutrals trend (which I will surely make use of at work), and a very interesting variation of smokey eye that I spotted on a magazine! ...and lots of blues!

- new collections

- more tips on make up looks

- foundations: which ones I prefer and how I apply them

- cheap vs expensive make-up products: favorites of mine, ranging from cheap to expensive with short but cohesive reviews.

Also I am opened to requests, so if you have any, just drop a comment.

I am still dieting, although I was a bit bad this week, mostly because commuting left me with zero time to shop for food.

What I have discovered this week is that 1. I dropped one kilogram already; 2. I made a promise not to weight in again until a month has passed. I am afraid I would become too obsessive and miss the main focus; 3. if you start eating less, your body will become used to eat small portions and will not make you starve; 4. I tend to think about food when I am bored, stressed over study, or unsatisfied with my previous meal.

OK this was a very long, boring post, I hope you made it to the end :)

yours faithfully,

Lyd xx


  1. No, seriously Lyd, I think I'm going to have to tell Domenico about that "I am often FORCED to spend the night at my boyfriend's"...surely the verb you really wanted to write was "DELIGHTED" ;))))!!!!! Ah, and I know what you mean about #4, when you're not supposed to think about food, that's when everything conspires to make you think about it even more than usual! We'll be waiting for your posts...you know I'm in the same boat anyway! (questa settimana Tommy si è riammalato...e ora l'ho beccata io, noooooooooo!!) Bacio grosso!

  2. Hey there, glad to hear you are not going anywhere, i've missed your fotd's. It's hard when you are so busy to keep everything up but you are doing a great job. LOVE your blog xx

  3. @Anna: ahahhah I had to change that, you're actually right. What I meant is that on week days he has no time to JUST FOCUS ON ME! LOL attention seeker!
    Sorry to hear about Tommy...povero piccolino, ha bisogno di giocare tutto il giorno, non della febbraccia!!! E ora pure tu...mi metto a fare il mostro dei piedi anche con te? magari ti passa :P

    @Nicoletta: thanks a lot honey, you know how much I love your fotd's too - so the feeling is mutual!
    I promise I will post something this week... :**

  4. Please can you do a post on how you do your eyebrows. You have the perfect brows.I dont know if you pluck/wax them yourself. But I love the shape of them.

  5. Ciao Lydia mi chiamo Tiziana e sono nuovo tra i beauty blogger spero che verrai a trovarmi e che potremo scambiarci qualche consiglio o magari fare semplicemente 4 chiacchere........ciao

  6. @Summer Sunshine: If you are ready to see my hideous brows when they need some plucking, sure I will :)