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Friday, October 22, 2010

News: your own personal spa with Bliss

Thank God it's FRIDAYYYYY!
I can finally manage to write and publish some posts!

First in the row is definitely a post about new products from Bliss.
If you don't already know, I simply love the brand. Expensive? Much! But worth it? Definitely!

So here are some new products I would spend my salary on without feeling any buyer's remorse (if only I could...I will get my salary when my courses will be over, so that means after January 2011):

This set of must-have oxygen products includes the basics for simulating our #1 facial's skin-reviving results at home. These all-star glow-getters boost depleted oxygen levels in dull, sallow skin to kick-start a brighter, fresher, more radiant complexion.

Includes full sizes of:
bliss triple oxygen instant energizing mask, to revive blah-looking skin in 5 minutes flat
bliss triple oxygen instant energizing eye mask, to perk up pooped peepers
bliss triple oxygen+c energizing cream, to hydrate, brighten and promote collagen

Oh how I need that Instant Energizing Eye Mask! *day dreaming of an eye depuffing session*
This set is now on offer on the site for $ 144 (which is a damn lot, I have to admit. I don't know if I could ever afford that. However, I found out that there is another option on the site, called the Blast Set, retailing for $ 84)


This is marketed as "an in-‘spa’-rational scent.
Bliss Spa began with a simple mission: to deliver the best possible feeling in the world. This signature ‘scent’-iment—which literally permeates our spas—inspired our eponymous eau de toilette. A fresh, mood-boosting medley of vibrant bergamot, dewy cucumber, and bright florals like lily, ylang ylang and violet, this unique blend is light enough to be your signature spritz—but exceptional enough to wear on special occasions. In simple speak, it’s our spa in a bottle. (Need we ‘spray’ more?)
  • top notes: bergamot, dewy greens, cucumber
  • mid notes: lily, ylang ylang
  • base note: violet".
Packaging is indeed attractive, but also the choice of notes is. I definitely look forward to trying this.
I see bergamot is a very popular choice this autumn/winter. Which is good, because I love it.

The perfum retails for $ 54 and is already available on the blissworld.com site (there is also an option for value sets including the Bliss Eau de Toilette + shower gels/body butters)!

Let me know if you have already tried any of these products :)

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