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Monday, August 30, 2010

Product Rave: Liz Earle review part 2 - masks and exfoliants

Hello darlings,
how are you doing? I am super excited as I'll be off to Dublin in less than 2 days now, but before that, I wanted to leave you with some nice reviews!
As you already know the lovely Andrea from Liz Earle sent me some products to review a couple of months ago, and I've given them full rounds in order to provide you with an accurate review (after all, skincare is no joke!)

I have already reviewed their Daily Essentials here, now it's "facial time".

I love giving my face a nice and deep cleansing from time to time, so I was very excited to try these products.

Retail price: £ 12.25 for a 70 ml pump, £ 8.75 for a 50 ml tube (also available in a try-me 15ml tube)

Ideal for all skin types (except sensitive) this exfoliator leaves my skin soft, radiant and helps me to reduce my pores' appearence. Its consistency is creamy with -of course- beads that remove impurities. This exfoliator is really gentle, as its name suggests, as the beads aren't too big, or to harsh on the skin. On the contrary, they are jojoba beads - rather delicate - which provide a nice massage to your face, without scratching.
It also leaves your face very soft and smooth, almost like you wouldn't really want to put anything else on it, thanks to sweet almond oil (which regulates facial sebum) and cocoa butter (which is a deep nourisher).
My rate is 5/5 for this product! - sorry, sensitive-skinned ladies, you're missing out!

Retail price: £ 12.50 for a 75 ml tube + sponges + pouch

This a highly concentrated clay mask that removes excess oil and impurities. You have to leave it on for 5 - 10 minutes and then remove it with a rinsed sponge. After that, you want to splash your face with cool water.
Why is this great? Because you can also use it directly on spots only, and you will see them disappear, magically.
The mixture of green and white clay makes it suitable for combination skins too; propolis, manuka oil, and glycerin won't leave your skin super dry!
Although some people love the smell, it seem a little weird to my nose as it is indeed strong.
My rate is 4.5/5 on this one!
(I really really suggest using it directly on spots, it's unbelieveble)

Retail price: £ 12.75 for a 50 ml tube + 1 muslin cloth; £ 12.00 for a 50 ml tube - also available in a 15 ml try-me tube.

This has been given to me by Louise, and it was the first thing I had ever tried from Liz Earle.
This mask revitalizes your skin in just few minutes, thanks to organic aloe vera, white clay, witch hazel and softening sweet almond oil.
I like to use this mask after the deep cleansing one, or after a night out, when my skin seems dull after a few drinks and little sleep.
Although it is not a product I use every week, I find it really useful and I would suggest at least a 15 ml tube!
My rate is 4/5 on this one!

Liz Earle can be found in their own boutiques in London and Isle of Wight, in many department stores (check their site) around the UK and Ireland, and of course, online with international shipping. They also do skin consultations!
Check out their site at uk.lizearle.com

Have you ever tried these masks? What do you think of them?

*Gentle Face Exfoliator and Deep Cleansing Mask were provided by PR for reviewing consideration only*


  1. Mi incuriosiscono moltissimo le due maschere, in particolare la Brightening. Di Liz Earle non ho ancora provato nulla, ma la tua recensione invoglia di certo. Well done! ;D

  2. Thanks for the nice review! I will have to check out the Liz Earle website. The prices are not bad.

  3. Nice review! Mi piacerebbe davvero provare la deep cleansing mask, avendo la pelle mista con qualche imperfezione, calzerebbe a pennello! =)


  4. I have tried them and they are gorgeous :)

  5. questi prodotti mi incuriosiscono molto, ancora non mi sono decisa a prendere nulla dal loro sito...

  6. Uhuhuh interessanti anche questi prodotti e...solo due giorni? ^^ chissà che contentezza... bella Dublino, l'ho amata abbastanza, anche se quando ci sono stata ero con una cara amica per la sua tesi e ho passato metà del mio tempo nella loro biblioteca universitaria :D (SIC!)