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Friday, August 6, 2010

FOTD and first NOTD!

Hi everyone,
are you on vacation, or anything? I am kind of hating these days as mistral wind is blowing again, and with our heat it gives rise to fires.
We haven't had as many as last year, but there was one near the airport where my brother works today :O that's scary!

Anyway, since it's not that hot outside today, I have decided to try this soft look, which is basically a much softer version of Pixiwoo's Kylie Minogue tutorial. MUCH SOFTER! It's summer afterall ;)

I have used some products that came to my door this morning, to give them a first round, as well as some others I have recently ordered. They're all Italian products, minus the eyebrow pencil. It's nice to see how Italian brands are finally stepping out of their game, I think the beauty community is really helping them pushing their boundaries!

So...what did I use?

Layla Hydro Tense foundation in 5 *
KIKO Essential Bronzer in Gold Melange *
Layla Fard Compatto (blusher) in 03 *

Madina Milano Bivalva Smart Eyeshadow in 02 all over the lid and crease
Layla Eye Art eyeshadow in 05 (matte purple) on the outer corner *
Bobbi Brown Espresson on the upper and lower lashline (as a liner) and blended lightly around the upper lashline
Soap & Glory Arch de Triump on the eyebrows *
Layla Base Allungaciglia *
Layla Lash Art Mascaras (black on the upper lashes, purple on the lower lashes) *


KIKO Supergloss in...I can't remember the shade it's a sheer hot pink

Then I want to show you an NOTD (my first) using a Layla Ceramic Effect nail varnish in 11.
It's a peculiar color and I have tried to photograph it, but I wasn't completely successful.
It's a greyish lilac varnish with a slight purple and pink iridescense.
I like this varnish, it dries up quickly and it's creamy...I still don't know about the durability, so I have tried it without a topcoat to test it.

*disclaimer* the products marked with an * were provided by PR's for reviewing purposes.


  1. You look stunning and I love the colour of the polish too! x

  2. Splendido trucco Lidia, decisamente adatto per un look giornaliero, soprattutto con il caldo che c'è. Mi piace.
    E sono d'accordo con te per le marche italiane. Quest'anno ho fatto incetta da Kiko e sono rimasta molto soddisfatta del rapporto qualità prezzo. Piuttosto non ho ancora ordinato nulla sul sito Madina, mi sa presto riparerò alla mia mancanza. ;)

  3. carinissimo il look! e BELLISSIMO lo smalto...mumble mumble...

  4. I tuoi trucchi sono sempre un po' sognanti, complici gli occhi così chiari... Bravissima ^^

  5. beautiful really natural and classic look x

  6. Chiavari, ma Genova è la mia seconda casa, con pezzi della famiglia, università e tutto =)

  7. lo smalto è bellissimo.. e concordo con te sulle marche italiane.. si stanno facendo strada :)

  8. bellissimo Lydia... molto romantico...


    @siberia: spingiamole sempre più in alto! Se si aprissero anche al commercio estero secondo me si innoverebbero sempre più!

  10. P.S. Se tutto va bene, tra un po' acquisti Kiko! ;)