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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tips: how to transform your day time look into your night time look using only ONE product

Hello everyone,
I have tried to record a video tutorial for this several times, however I wasn't able to, due to bad lighting and my brothers breaking the only good lamp I had.
However this is really easy to do, and I'm sure everyone can make it just by following tips.

The reason why I am typing this post is that I was watching a video on youtube the other day, and it has occurred to me that despite being a great source of inspiration for cute looks, 90% of the times those "how to trasform your day time look into your night time look" videos fail to follow through with what their original purpose is.
I think that is because they do not bear in mind that if you really need to transform your day time look into your night time look, you are very likely to be spending the whole day at work or univ (or sightseeing if you're on vacation) and then go straight to where you will be spending the night.
With that in mind, it is so obvious that you will not have the time to smoke out your eye make-up with 3 or 4 different eyeshadows; line your lips, then put on some lipstick and lipgloss over that, and if you want, also put some false eyelashes on (how ridiculous does that sound? Who would bring duo glue and falsies in their purse every day?)!!!
Neither would you have space in your bags to carry all that stuff.

The way I do that, is simply choosing a day time look that is neutral, yet interesting and glamourous, and use just one product to turn it into my night time look. Afterall, we do not need to wear smokey eyes to be elegant on a night out, do we?

What you need: good foundation, a touch of bronzer (a real touch, not a whole lot) to define your cheekbones, eyebrow pencil or tinted gel to define your eyebrows, plenty of mascara, black pencil to tightline your waterlines, a blush (I chose a coral one, but you can also use a bright pink very lightly), and the key: a shimmery or satin neutral eyeshadow (not sparkly or glittery, because that will not do for a day time look).

this will make your daytime look. With that look, you can either go for a sheer or clear gloss, or a beige or pink nude lipstick.

I will write a list of the products I have used after the pictures.

What you need to transform your look: A RED LIPSTICK (or a Hot Pink one, or a Bright Plum one)!

Don't tell me you can't pull off red lips now, because ANYONE, and really mean ANYONE, can pull off red lips. You just need to find a shade of red that compliments your skin.
In my case, it was easy cos any red suits me. But I have trouble with pinks, for instance, so I would be likely to choose a hot pink (not a blue-toned one, because I'd look like a Barbie doll, or a chav ahah).

It is as easy as that. Just a red lipstick is enough for you to be effortlessly chic. It's a classic look, yet it is underrated now that smokey eyes are in fashion.

Don't trust me? Take a look at the pics below:

*if you notice that my skin is darker on my forhead, that's due to the sun not hitting directly on it. That's my real skin tone now. Sun rays always make me appear ghostly. *

Let me know if you are going to try this, and you can also show me your daytime/nighttime pics on facebook. ;)

KIKO Sunproof Powder foundation (used with a wet kabuki)
KIKO Essential Bronzer to define the cheekbones
Layla Fard Compatto (blush) in 3

S&G Arch de Triumph to define my brows (both ends)
KIKO Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 06 (it is the same shade as UD's YDK e/s, only this won't smudge or crease ALL day, so it is fantastic for this purpose).
Layla Lash Art black mascara
KIKO False Lashes Concentrate topcoat mascara

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips lipstick in L101 (the Ellis Red, which is absolutely unique and looks like blood!!!)

That's really it. Simple yet effective!

Looking forward to hearing your opinion!



  1. really smart lydia... and effective! but in my case I would suggest a different product because I always focus more on my eyes ;)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! You really suit that colour red. I so want that colour now! x

  3. davvero notevole! sembrano due look completamente diversi, cosa non fa un rossetto rosso :)
    concordo sul discorso iniziale...se si ha l'esigenza di trasformare un look da giorno in uno da sera è essenzialmente per una questione di tempo!
    quando vado al lavoro/uni la mia trasformazione è un rossetto/gloss shimmer, se sono a casa e ho giusto 5 minuti aggiungo um ombretto nero/marrone nella piega (senza fare un vero smoky), cipria e al volo ripassata di mascara e matita ^^

  4. your very pretty xx

    vist my fashion blog


  5. Bravissima, ti faccio i miei complimenti perchè sei veramente brava, un modo di trasformare il look apparentemente semplice ma in realtà davvero efficace!

  6. Post divertente e sicuramente intelligente, mi sono chiesta varie volte anch'io perchè trasformare lo stesso trucco se si è a casa e si ha il tempo di farne uno diverso... glom.

  7. That's a great and effective way to transform your look, well done! Red lips look beautiful on you!

  8. Da amante dei rossetti non posso che confermare. Non perché un lipgloss molto naturale non possa fare la sua figura, né la sua totale assenza, ma se abbiamo voglia di qualcosa di sofisticato, d'effetto e senza perderci troppo tempo direi che è l'ideale.
    Oddio io sono di parte, anzi il mio post di stamattina conferma quanto detto. Io con un rossetto rosso e un po' di mascara mi sento assolutamente a posto.

  9. I think that looks fantastic! I think the way you did your eyeliner it really works for day or not, and the red certainly kicks it up a notch.