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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Free publicity on my blog? Thanks, but no, thanks!

Good evening everyone,
I thought I'd write this post, as something I consider absurd has happened to me. As you continue reading this post, I am sure that the "absurdity" will sound very familiar to many of you.

I am not going to explicitly tell you names and all, because the point is just sharing this story and my thoughts about it.

I have been contacted by a very prestigious fashion and beauty magazine. My first reaction was "Wow, really?! They're interested in my blog?! Oh my god, oh my god!" *insert sounds of excitement here*
Then I proceded in reading what they had to say: they simply wanted me to write a post about one of their articles and put a link to their site. I was left speechless.
Of course, I emailed the person back asking if there was any type of return from the interested party, which in that case would be a monetary compensation for all publicity and trafic that would arise from my blog post.
I explained the person that although I would never accept any monetary compensation to review a product (as I think reviews are HONEST opinions based on ACTUAL experience), I firmly believe that any other form of required posts is publicity, and that publicity should be sponsored/paid for.

Why on Earth would such a prestigious magazine want free publicity? Especially considering that they earn a lot of money from advertisement spaces they SELL on their magazine/site.
They weren't even proposing to put a link to my blog on their site, so why would I share my traffic with them, really?!

I just do not understand if they think we're dumb or what?!
This was not a small company that is trying to start their business. It's bigger, well-known companies that do that! I am beyond disappointed in that, am I the only one?

We try our best to be honest, moral, ethic...but we are not dumb! And we don't want to be treated as such, do we?

The thing that confused me the most is that they tell you that they think you might be interested in the thing you are asked to post. Ehm, excuse me?! I think YOU are interested in my blog!

There are plenty of mags that do value bloggers, setting up awards etc (unfortunately, not here in Italy, but I've seen loads of them in the UK), but some others simply leave me like this --> -_- ...

Has this ever happened to you? How did you react? What do you think about it?

*Please note that I do review products that I get sent from companies, and I think it's beautiful that they evaluate bloggers' opinions. I just can't stand people who want publicity for free when they can afford paying. I would understand that from a new company, but...prestigious mags/brands? For crying out loud!*


  1. So 100 more followers and I might get similar email :) Weird how some businesses work. Really disappointing.

  2. Thats Crazy! I am sorry that happened! everyone trying to get showcased including the comment above me with her 3 blog links, lmao

  3. This happens to me several times a day, it's such a joke, I just ignore and delete they do not warrant a reply! :)

  4. Sono sempre più convinta che aziende e riviste del settore abbiano capito che nel mondo dei social network noi ragazze/donne abbiamo scoperto quanto è più utile confrontarci fra noi che non seguire il consiglio di riviste palesemente di parte perché sponsorizzate da questo e quel marchio...quando una cosa ci piace o non ci piace abbiano mille mezzi per farlo sapere e la voce si sparge a macchia d'olio.
    Hai centrato il punto, erano loro ad aver bisogno di te!!
    Non mi è mai capitato, ma avrei reagito nello stesso modo ed educatamente rifiutato

  5. Sì questa storia è pazzesca, semplicemente penso che tu abbia fatto bene a chiedere un ritorno economico o un link, così come concordo assolutamente sul fatto che ci sia una netta differenza fra il fare pubblicità o recensire un prodotto (che sia stato inviato o meno gratuitamente non importa), è ovvio che nel primo caso si tratta di pura pubblicità e non capisco come possano pensare che sia loro dovuta in un qualche modo -.-

  6. no, i'm still pretty unpopular in the blogosphere... but think, a lot of others who got that e-mail probably got side-struck by the thought of having some relation with a big-time magazine company... and bought in it.

    voglio domandare: di dove sei? che parte d'italia?

    (and if that was hard to understand, mi dispiace! devo practicare italiano piu.)

  7. @Aim-eh: I couldn't reply to your profile because I'm unable to access to it. Anyway, yeah a lot of other bloggers did that because they thought it was cool to say they were contacted by prestigious magazines.
    Il tuo Italiano sembra molto buono! Io sono Sarda...sai quella bella isola con delle fantastiche spiagge? :) E tu di dove sei?

    Ragazze, è proprio così. Questa storia mi ha fatta riflettere molto sul modo in cui alcune grandi aziende guardino alle blogger.
    E' vero io preferisco mille volte leggere dei blog che leggere una rivista in cui i prodotti non sono davvero recensiti (ne sono illustrate solo le caratteristiche o lo scopo magari) e in cui su 100 pagine 50 sono di pubblicità.

  8. Sono d'accordo.
    Naturalmente, mi ripeto, sono convinta che certe proposte abbiano luogo perché c'è chi pensa che avere il nome prestigioso di una data rivista sul proprio blog sia un privilegio. Non sto parlando del "fesso", scusate il termine, ma proprio di chi pensa che nel nome ci sia già un certo ritorno. Che poi dal nostro punto di vista sia comunque "fesso", ri-pardon, è un'altra questione.

  9. P.S. Ho scoperto che i widget sono per votare i post da parte dei lettori, se le desideri anche tu basta che le salvi da me. ;)

  10. hai fatto stra bene Lydia... noi Blogger nn siamo alla mercè di nessuno.. e qt dev'essere Chiaro..!!

  11. What a flamin' cheek! I've had a couple of small companies contact me - one sent me the tiniest samples you could imagine and then kept bombarding me with emails to blog about their products when I had never said I would! The sample of body cream was so tiny it would only cover a tiny patch of skin, so how could I give a proper review on it? Needless to say, I won't be bothering!
    I'm surprised that a well known magazine is being so shameless though!

  12. I've had quite a few similar experiences. About 3 times i've been contacted by the same clothing website (which specialises in Jeans which i NEVER wear) and has asked me to write a post on them and link in a sidebar and in return all they would do is put a link to my blog somewhere on their site. But at least that's something! How silly to not offer you ANYTHING in return, what incentive would there be for you?

  13. ciao lidia!
    da economista però publicity è ogni citazione non pagata quelal che intendi tu credo sia advertisment ;)
    cmq si capita di sentire queste cose... tristi...
    e io che pensavo che una marca si facesse fama con i suoi prodotti e la sua professionalità! :D